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    Samantha Joan
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    Hi All!

    I have been meaning to ask this question for a while, so here goes…

    Lockdown has not been the best for dressing time, however the odd opportunities have presented themselves lately, which is always good.

    During my time working at home, I started thinking about identity. Not overly deeply but what would Samantha’s signature look like if she had one? So between emails, calls, meetings and the twice weekly online quiz, I started writing a signature to see what it would look like on paper.

    I am very happy with what I have so far, whilst it may never be used other that to add as a digital signature on a picture, it got me thinking, does anyone else have a signature for their fem self..?

    Would love to know.


    Samantha x x

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      Paula F
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      I have a signature that I think is pretty feminine in execution. It took me forever in my teens to get it right and then I learned from a girl in school to just write a bit slower than I normally did.  Once I mastered slowing down, my feminine name began to take shape and look quite good, IMHO.  I do prefer using a fine point pen (.5 mm) when I write now.  It just makes the few flourishes I sometimes use look better.


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      Registered On: December 21, 2017
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      What a great question, in answer, I do have a female signature, but don’t in truth use it that often. I have to say since I came to terms with who I am my pretty poor handwriting has improved enormously and now almost has a ‘female’  touch to it, mach, much neater and worthy of a lady I think. Why is it that females tend to write neater than men do? Possibly because they see it as expressing themselves where as men see it as a necessary evil.

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Sam It is interesting that you brought this subject up. My secretary always would let me know that I write like a girl. I never knew there was a feminine and masculine way of writing at the time. It  further supports my theory that we cannot really hide our identity no matter how much we try. There is always something that will show to those who are looking and paying attention. It a good thing for those of us who want to continue to hide, that computers have arrived and E signatures are acceptable and even legal. I am not trying to bring concern to those who remain in the closet but you really cannot hide who you most identify with forever. You can let her out slowly over time. Those who are paying attention will see that special part of you that only wants to be accepted. The coming and going only confuses you and those who love you.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Stephanie Roberts
      Registered On: May 20, 2020
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      Great question Samantha. I haven’t thought of a signature for Stephanie yet. Haven’t needed one yet, but I might put one together for the future.

      Love, Stephanie ❤️

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      Hi Samantha!!  Yes, I do likewise, using the feminine version of my legal name…or situationally I scrawl something totally illegible.  But i never sign my male legal name anymore.

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Samantha,

      A great question to ask!  After my male self added Alice as a user of the credit cards I needed a signature.  So I used the best penmanship I could muster and a clear signature appeared.  Back in the day when the credit card slip needed a signature one could practice.  Now it’s insert the chip card or swipe and we’re done.


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      Kay Anderson
      Registered On: June 1, 2020
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      I have almost typed “Kay” at the bottom of emails meant for someone who doesn’t know. In fact, I have gone back to check the sent email to double check. Especially at work!

      I haven’t tried my handwriting yet as Kay yet. In male mode, I tend to print neatly from all the drafting classes I took in school.



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      Laura Lovett
      Registered On: March 26, 2020
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      The first time I arrived at a hotel en femme, I was asked to sign in literally.

      I was thrown for about a second, while I quickly imagined what my signature might look like.

      Then I just thought “Let Laura do it!”, and I was very pleased with the result.

      Not even vaguely like my male signature, a beautifully balanced hand, with a mysteriously feminine look.

      It came so naturally that I have had no issues with having to write it again without thinking about it.

      Of course, if it had been a mess, I would have worked on it – just lucky, I guess!

      Love Laura

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      Grace Scarlett
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Hello girls..I have never considered this either, but one drawback may be if I started signing things ” Grace” while at work…could get a tad embarrassing….love Grace xx

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      Stevie Steiner
      Registered On: June 11, 2020
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      Hmm, must say I had never thought of this.  But I’m glad you mentioned it Samantha because I’ve noticed that recently when dressed ” properly “, I find myself picking up my old hobby of doodling and drawing.  I  think Stevie should develop her own signature to sign these drawings.  Only right, since I never get the urge to draw when in drab….


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      Hello Samantha. Great question.

      I can say most definitely. When I am male me. Honestly my penmanship is just horrible. When I am Natasha ME, my penmanship is beautiful. I was born left handed. My mother forced me to used my right hand. But I developed an ability to use both hands to write. My right hand is male me. My left hand is Natasha ME’s hand.

      Have a wonderful day Samantha.


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      Sandy Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
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      Interesting Question Samantha.  I have gone out of my way when I am in Sandy mode or even just trying to think like her I take my time to write in a neat clear clean hand writing.  When Randy goes at it his signature is very sloppy almost unreadable.


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