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      Hi everyone

      For all of my 60 plus years – well maybe not the first ten! – I have wanted to dress and feel like a woman. Thats pretty much the same for all of us I guess.

      And for all of that time, I have considered myself 100% heterosexual. I’ve never been physically or sexually attracted to men, only women. Especially ones who know how to dress.

      But then over the past couple of days, whilst actually searching for something else, I stumbled across a load of photos of two CDs kissing (I mean snogging), and other sexual activity. I thought this would not have any effect on me, but surprisingly it has. I’ve become very aroused by these pictures, and am now wondering “is this something I should try and have I missed out?”. I’ve always been fairly adventurous sexually, but so far only with women!

      So now I’m totally confused by how I feel. It’s not something I’d even considered before, but here it is. I may be bi-sexual I suppose. I’m not about to start hitting on anyone on here, there are lots of other sites for that sort of thing if its a road I decide to go down, so please don’t worry or stop talking to me!!

      I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. Help!!!

      Much love

      Helen xxx

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      I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. Help!!!

      Yes, My expression of gender and sexuality has changed/evolved over the years. I find this just natural for me.  I stopped worrying about what or who I am as far as categorizing myself and am happier for it to be honest. I won’t go into details here since it seems to be taboo (which is fine) but am pretty open about these things and have no issue discussing them in private especially if it would help you feel less alone in that.

      -Big Hugs

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      Samantha R

      Yes, I have experienced it as well. For me, it was in college when hanging out with a friend, he suddenly kissed me right on the lips.
      It startled me and our night quickly ended.
      After a pondering it for awhile, I invited him back over to my house to hang out.
      I must say, it was a delightful experience.
      If I was not married, I would explore it again….

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      J J

      We are all curious, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. As we explore alternatives, such as dressing options it opens us to our own curiosities.

      Habe I had similar feels? Yes, but have never acted on them, nor am I likely too. I have been i. a monogamous relationship for over forty years, and have never been in more then one relatiinship at a time my whole life, so I doubt that will ever change…but who knows, I am always curious.

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        Hi JJ I think curiousity is absolutely the right word. At this moment I don’t know whether I would, or not, if given the chance. But I guess, if the right person came along, I just might.

        Much love

        Helen xx

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      Robin Snow

      Yes, it happens and it’s not the end of the world.   Personally, I think it has to do with being attracted to the female form.


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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I think this happens often enough.  I discovered I’m attracted to females regardless of what’s between their legs.  And yes, I’ve acted on that IRL.


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        Hi Emily I think that may be it. Were these people dressed in drab I know I wouldn’t be attracted to them.

        But en femme it may be a different story, as you say regardless of what is between their legs. Everyone I’ve met so far has been lovely as a friend, but not got me revved up so to speak. And for now, its only photographs. But maybe one day I’ll meet someone and think, well, maybe….

        Much love

        Helen xx

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      Whatever you do should depend on your relationship and feelings between you and the other person.

      For example, when young, as I described earlier here, I had the chance to do more with a friend. I was not attracted to him sexually and part of that was his body smell. He was clean but had an odor that irritated me.

      There are many things to take into account with any relationship. Don’t rush.

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        Well said, Robyn!

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      Life is for living.

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      Davina H

      I can relate to the confusion. While in high school, I had a romantic interlude with a neighborhood boy. We were both raging with hormones and not that lucky with the girls. One thing led to an other and we started having sexual encounters. I really began questioning my sexuality for the remainder of high school and well into college. I ultimately suppressed my feelings towards men and soon fell in love with a wonderful woman who is now my wife. It wasn’t until my mid 40s that I finally accepted the position I have bisexual tendencies, especially while dressed. I have not acted on these tendencies, but do discuss the desires with my wife. I too do not know where this path will take me. I just know it is going to be one very small baby step at a time.

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      On this journey we are on many of us discover something new about ourselves.

      For some it is exploring your sexuality.

      I am bi and I am single but do go out on dates with men. And I can tell you there is nothing more girly more feminine that walking down the street holding your dates hand.





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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I’ve met CD’s who are straight, who are bisexual and who are gay. And there are a lot of subsets within each group so people’s interests are all over the map. You are one among many who have that particular interest, it’s very common.

      As Emily said, some just like the feminine form no matter who’s presenting it. There’s no reason to rush and act on it. Just go with it for a while, see if your interest continues and enjoy!

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      Hi Helen,

      I have always been straight and do not find men attractive at all and have only had relationships with women, but sometimes I find some crossdressers really attractive. I put it down to the way they’re dressed as there’s so much effort put in to looking as feminine as possible. As we all know crossdressing is a progressive journey for most starting with maybe wearing one thing and before you know it you are head to toe woman.

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      I suspect that for a small number of crossdressers the act can break down some barriers for us. It allows us to consider ourselves and our sexuality from a different perspective. There isn’t a set way that this happens, but sometimes it does, and it can really freak people out.

      I acted on my sexuality about 10 years before I realized that I was transgender. In a way, it was a precursor in that I didn’t feel that I was doing didn’t feel odd or distressing in any way. I was doing something that felt completely natural to me. Years later when I first went out dressed, similarly it didn’t feel strange to me either.

      However, since I have been dressed for a very high percentage of the time over the last 7 years, I have not had any encounters with anyone. But, I will admit if a physically interesting person came along (male, female, trans, whatever), I might be sorely tempted.

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      Not as much CDs, but I’ve noticed a certain fascination with trans girls ever since I started dressing more frequently (about a year and a half). It feels like it comes from the same place as AGP — attraction but at the same time the desire to be like them.

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      Caty Ryan

      I have had a “little” experience in this matter, but it’s very confidential between myself and the “other person” Suffice to say we both very much enjoyed our private five or six hour “soiree”. When time and place permits, we still have a coffee or a lunch together, but in full public view. So nothing that could relate back to the “soiree”.




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      Janet Woodham
      Duchess - Annual

      Hi Helen,

      I have felt confused in a similar in that as I spend a lot of time dressed I am becoming more attracted to men. I have discussed this with several ladies here and I suspect it is not unusual. I have chosen not pursue this at present as I don’t feel conformable doing so for many reasons but that may change in the future.

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      Hi Helen, this is something that I have been wondering about myself for years now. I just don’t know where all of this is leading me too and the curiosity factor for exploring this avenue is getting stronger and stronger as time goes by. I’ve had a couple of conversations with some of the girls here about this topic and it is great to get perspective from others. Life certainly is an adventure and so much easier when you have others to talk with. I really love reading the comments from others and hopefully chatting about where this will lead.

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        Janet Woodham
        Duchess - Annual

        Hi Chrystal this has been my experience too and I have certainly found chatting with others helpful.

        • #742509

          I’m sure that is true Janet. I certainly would be more than willing to chat with anyone who feels the same way.

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      It appears a number of us have this confusion.

      A few things you can look at it is:  Would you look at the pics if they were dressed like men?  Are you the same mindset in drab as in femme?  Do you have two different mindsets in drab and in femme?

      Does labeling it “bisexual” cause you to see it differently, than if we just viewed it as two crossdressers?

      If there was no label, could your mind break a barrier to help subside the feeling of confusion?

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        Janet Woodham
        Duchess - Annual

        That is very true Bekke-Renee. I think of myself as being in the female role when I am dressed and  prefer to be that way. This is totally separate from the male role which I adopt when necessary. For me, in the female role, some interest in and attraction to men is becoming normal. That does not mean I feel I have to do anything about it.

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      Hi Helen,

      I found out in my 20’s that i was bisexual when i met a Gay guy, that was some time after i had got married i started to question my sexuality and thought i was Gay, but i liked being with my wife so i came to the conclusion that I’m Bi,

      I’m more into crossdresser’s than beefy boys though, but I’ve only ever met one other crossdresser face to face and it was nice to be able to dress up with someone like me,

      Only you can act on your feelings don’t be pressured into doing something you are not comfortable with, after all this is not one of those pick up sites it’s a site where we come and chat about all things about crossdressing and how it affects our daily lives X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      As several persons have pointed out, we heterosexual men are pretty much hardwired to be attracted to the female form. I know for me that is one of the things I enjoy about crossdressing in the first place, to be able to take on that form myself. That might also lead to fantasy about what it would be like to take on the female role in all its entirety – yes, regarding sexual roles too if I may be so bold to state.  Such images allow me to explore that fantasy vicariously, and does not cause me to question my sexuality. it is highly unlikely that anything like that would happen in real life, but I guess the possibility is there. Should it occur, would I want to live out the fantasy? Likely not, but I cannot say with certainty,


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      I honestly am not sure it has anything with ‘who” we are attracted to, but “what” we are attracted to.

      I am attracted to “people” being “intimate” with one another. Could be a hetero couple, or some other mix. But the act they are engaging in is very arousing, aside from the gender. If I has to put a name to it, I would say I’m “open” to any activity.

      I do love, love a very well dressed woman. 🙂

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      That which we call a rose by any other name t’would smell as sweet.

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      Chrissie Smith

      Hi Helen. Look I’m strictly old school, and more than a little embarrassed that I have a penchant for slipping into a cute dress. But I came across these on a Facebook forum and can’t deny that they turned me on. Who knows, even at my age perhaps there are horizons out there I hadn’t imagined. Certainly tickled my imagination.

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