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    Hi ladies,

    First up, any reading of this post should revert back to here.


    Secondly, this topic assumes you are somewhere between an advanced four and a six as detailed in the above. Also, you are in my home situation, where it’s all “DADT” and you sleep in separate rooms to your SO.


     1/. You have all your femme finery safely tucked away and the thought of having any of it anywhere out where someone will find it, fills you with dread and guilt, so you simply don’t do it.  Tho’ in my case back in the “4 days” there were a couple of “accidents”. Got my then wife’s own knickers in quite a knot, especially since it was one of my daughters whom found the “offending” black bra!!!

    Perhaps, as in my later years, with a new and loving SO in your life, you “sign the pledge” and don’t dress at all for a few years. But even, a/.as a result of this new and happy turn in your life, and b/, if you ”purged”, there are still a few “femme” bits and pieces laying around hidden somewhere.

    2/. But, as we all know sooner or later, “it all comes back” and the separate room and bed breeds “temptation”. So somewhere in your room you begin to secrete a bra and panties and maybe in latter stages of this increment, if you are really daring, a set of breast forms.

    When you “hit the sack” at night, the lovely and sensual femme things go on under your male pj’s and you doze off thinking lots of lovely femme things.

    3/. Inevitably and eventually, the nighttime dressing expands to full sleepwear Winter, cosy thermal camis, panties, pj’s and heavy duty tights and fleecy pj’s over the top. A wig would be nice, but they never stay in place and would be too hot in the summer

     Summer, silky lacy cami’s, French knickers and nightie over the top. All seasons are spent with bra and forms, (preferably self adhesive), worn underneath the above. Climate suitable dressing gowns are a good addition to your by now, almost overflowing with both genders, clothing in your closet.

    Matching bra and panty sets are a given and anything put on over these must match/tone in. If you can afford it, upscale brands are “given number 2”

    If after a couple of hours, the forms adhere properly, you can remove your bra and enjoy the ultimate femme feelings of sleeping braless and should nature call, toddle off to the “little house” and feel “your breasts” hanging loose, as you remove the necessary clothing to “attend to business” (“Silken summers” just blow this old girl’s brain, love ‘em to bits).

    4/. By now, you detest all that ‘orrible male body hair, so in simple terms it comes off and you take steps to keep it thus. (Silk on freshly shaven and moisturized legs and arms….. SWWWWOOOOOONNN!!)

    5/. Contrary to the earlier days, the vast majority of your femme things as detailed above, now are “hidden in plain sight” in your room. Dresser drawers are chock a block full of panties, bras and cami’s and your sleepwear hangs up one end, next to all that yukky male stuff in your wardrobe. Breast forms and wigs etc are in place on the top shelf of the above.

    6/. Of course by this stage, you have the problem of how to keep all these lovely frillies, nice and clean and laundered. So you have to revert to “quickie wash sessions” in the laundry basin, when your beloved is not home. Getting them dry is the next conundrum. I hand wring mine as much as possible and then either a/. push all my clothes to one side in the wardrobe and hang it all on hangers, with an old towel or sheet to catch the drips. (Cant wring out silk tho, will damage the fabric).

    Or given I have a 10ft sq, storage unit with light and power about 30mins from home, it all goes down there to be left to dry on a collapsible dryer for a couple of days. Can also do any necessary ironing down there as well. The best times are if and when The Boss goes away for the day or even overnight and the weather is warm enough to do “all of the above” at home on our normal outside clothes line. Even better if I can do it as “Caty”

    7/. Come morning, you try to be up before “the Boss”, pack everything away and emerge in male “clobber” either pj’s or dressed for the day with a big smile on your face and a “good morning” kiss and cuddle for “she who must be obeyed”.

    I find moisturizing my “pecs” each morning is a must, they dont ‘arf itch during the day if I dont do so

    Whether or not you are already underdressed for the day, probably depends on the season and if you are a 5 or 6, as per my original post.

    8/. This is personal and climate dependent. (Again?… no still). It’s been a hot couple of weeks in this Australian summer, restricting any outdoor activities. So you/I spend far too much of my/your time on this “infernal machine” writing long posts for Cross Dresser Heaven. LOL!!

    Happy dressing

    Caty Ryan.



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      Caty –

      I can relate to what you’re saying.

      I have a study with a closet.  I keep all my things in the closet and on a desk I have in the room, my wig is on a stand on top of it along with my jewlery boxes.  I have some shoe boxes there as well and have a pair of heels and a pair of sandals I keep on the floor.  My wife is aware of this and doesn’t say anything about it.  If the grandkids come over I simply lock the door to the room.  I do underdress with panties when at home and as far as I know my wife is unaware that I do, if she does know she hasn’t said anything.  When I get ready for bed at night it is a bit tricky taking them off but I manage.  I would love to be ablet o sleep in my nighties but that isn’t going to happen.  I do have a couple hours in the morning when I am awake by myself and I will dress at that time.  Depending on my mood will depend on what I wear.  My dressing is always evolving and I have come a long way since I came out to my wife a few years ago, I don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure it will be fun finding out.


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