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      For the taller ladies…

      how many times have you seen a nice blouse that you would love to wear, but you either passed on it because you knew it would ultimately be to short on your taller frame? Or you order it in plus size hoping it would add an inch or two to the length only to receive a top that is wider than it is long?

      I’ve found a partial solution. I was browsing the endless aisles of Amazon and did a search for Tshirt dresses. These are basically the same casual tops that look cute and comfortable, but with an extra 6 to 8 inches of length. So a ‘dress’ that comes down just past mid-thigh on the cute young model now becomes a shirt that actually fits like a shirt on our longer, larger frames.

      I’ve struggled with this for so long, and have several cute blouses in my closet that are just too short to look good. Now I have something that I can feel comfortable wearing without looking like a big guy in a crop top.

      what other solutions have you girls found?

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      I am a 4-5x and when I buy clothes online, I look for sites that state whether it fits to size or fits small or fits big. Rarely does it fit big. Most of the time I have to buy one size up. Shein you have to buy 1-3 sizes up.

      I also buy used clothing on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji. There are a lot of plus sizes for clothes bought online that fit small.

      The really nice clothes are online exclusives and it is a flip of the coin whether it will fit right. I do prefer buying clothes in-store but the selection is limited.

      Even if you are not particularly tall, short tops don’t cover down far enough when you are sitting.

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      Hi Jamie,

      Try a tunic.  They run longer through the torso.  Look for the length measurement in the description.  If not specified ask the on line customer agent.

      Some stores carry tall sizes.  If you find a style you like that might be an option.


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      Another tip that I’m getting  some mileage out of is ‘athletic bras’. I’m on a work trip where wearing a bra during the day really isn’t practical, but a basic athletic bra is is much easier to wear under my work clothes without suspicion. I still enjoy the feeling of a bra around my chest, but without worrying if a strap or clasp is visible. I wish I could have more freedom in work environments such as this. But alas, I have to be ‘professional’.

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        I only own two “real” bras and one is in the mail. My others are sports bras for this reason.  I’ll sometimes wear bra pads pilfered from my wife for a small breast look and feel while fitness walking in areas where there is very minimal traffic.

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      Haven’t had a fit issue with any of the lingerie I’ve bought over the years, I know my size when shopping in stores, and online I’ve found it helpful when in the description it says “runs small” or “fits to size” etc. I usually go a size up when it comes to some of my PJ sets but I know my exact size in bedtime lingerie.

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      Very good tip my problem is most blouses have wonderful patterns but so do most of my skirts. The pattern is different in both. Would you wear two different patterns together or just forgo buying patterned blouses.

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        For the most part, no. Don’t mix two (probably) clashing patterns together.

        If your skirt has the pattern, for example, then make the top a solid colour. The pattern will help draw attention to that area.

        If you underdress, then the right pattern will help camouflage your breasts. Match the top with a plain bottom. This takes some experimentation.

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      Beware of blouses with button sleeve cuffs, my wrists are usually too large to be able to button them up. I am probably slightly smaller than average for a guy and in fairly good shape.

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      I buy a lot of clothes on E-Bay and when I see cute tops I always check if the seller has put the  measurements for the item I am looking at I prefer to have my tops 30″ or longer.  Other sites don’t tend to put the length of the top or dress in the descriptions. Tunic’s are a good bet to be sure that they are longer. I like wearing leggings and with a shorter top it gives a better look for your tush!!!!!!!  LOL

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      As a tall girl I struggle with this all the time. I’ll have to try this heck. Thanks for sharing.

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      great idea and tip!  I buy a number of things off Amazon as well, but you have to look at the size charts as they are different for each supplier

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      I have had a difficult time with sizing blouses.

      Just have to try things on and that can be difficult

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      I stumbled across long tee shirts years ago and have worn them as dresses since. A string belt does wonders to emphasize the bustling too.

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      Look for long or tall items. I am 6’2 with a long back.

      In Old Navy, for example, I bring a tape measure and look for a minimum 32″ inseam. Lots are up to 31″. I am really happy to find a 33″ inseam, usually a “long”. I just bought my first skinny jeans this way. Tops are a different matter.

      As an aside, today I saw a relatively short young woman waiting for a bus. Her nice, white pants were so long that she should have cut 4″ off of the pant legs. As they were, the bottom hem is going to get dirty, ground to shreds, and maybe trip her. I have never seen such a thing before. 😉

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