Wife found out.

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    Melissa S
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    My wife found out and kicked me out. She has totally refused to ask any questions. She absolutely refuses to even talk to me ..what do I do .

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    I’m in the same situation. My wife of 38 years knew about my dressing 15 months ago and finally decided that she couldn’t live with or be married to a man who Crossdresses. This happened a month h ago after being kicked out of the house in early January. My suggestions are to reach out to your trusted friends for help and pray!

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    All I can say is that my fiance nearly walked away from me because I was hiding something from her. It wasn’t about the dresses, just saying. I got a counselor to work on my communication with my wife and to make sure our trust was built back up, and I’m committed to no more hiding, and that includes some rather uncomfortable-but-healthy self-realizations and acceptance.

    Again it had little to nothing to do with the dresses.

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     Khloe West 
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    Roll with it – be honest – and be your best!

    I went through similar after nearly 3 decades of marriage in a situation the I didn’t even know that I had the “affliction”.

    After the then near 30 years of marriage? How lucky am I that she buys or suggests “cute things” for me to wear?

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     eleanor holborn 
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    Hi hun

    As a SO it is a difficult situation when you find out your whole world collapses round you glad you have started. Time paitence  are the key

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     Melissa S 
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    Here is an update.  We are starting to talk.she agrees that we do need to sit down together before anything permanent happens so here is hoping things work out.  To answer your girls questions I just like wearing girl clothes I have no desire to do anything other than that.  Honestly I don’t think I could fool anyone even if I tried but I’m ok with that.  Honestly if I had to choose either to dress or keep her I would choose her in a heartbeat. Not going to lie it would be hard to give this side of me up though.

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      I just want to say I’m 100% in your camp. Let’s be real here I’m 6’4″ and 220lbs I’m not a small human.

      I have no desire to pass, I feel like a man, and I love wearing women’s clothes in my own private time.

      I am not saying this to project onto anyone else, we all are who we are, I’m just saying that so you know it can absolutely be a thing. You’re not alone! I don’t even like wigs or makeup. It’s fun but like, just give me a dress please thank you.

      Glad to hear the two of you are talking. Seriously I hope it works out, you’ll probably confront some internal stuff like you never have before, but if you love her, fight for her, but don’t sacrifice yourself or who you are. Dressing is what I do and what I will do, but I am a husband first. Ya dig?

      Good luck and I mean that I wish you the best! I can message you my own story there too it’s like… whoa almost had my life collapse around me don’t want to get into specifics but I’m still working through it all just saying you should not feel alone and that talking about it can help a lot.

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     sandra louise saunders 
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    I agree with Veronica her reaction was a bit extreme but it probably came as a big shock to her. When the dust has settled she may relent and if she does reassure her you do not want to transition but would like to dress occasionally if she agrees. Again though it does sound like it is final. Best of luck. Sandra Louise xx

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    Found out.

    I went through this a few months ago. If you can get her to talk, be honest with her and yourself. Explain to her how you feel and what your true intentions are for the future should you get back together. Now that you have been exposed let your lite shine.


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     rebekka moore 
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    Sorry to hear that, Melissa.

    Good time for both of you to reflect and determine where you want things to go.  She obviously has things to work out but hard as it can be, so do you.

    You need to consider where you want to go with dressing.  It is something you want to do often, in the privacy of your own surroundings?  Do you have long term plans or desires to transition, in even the least?  Lots to think about in the midst of everything else.

    Gurls life is never easy!

    Love and hugs,


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     Davida Mae 
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    “Peace is Prefered – Prepared is Prudent” as a Crossdresser/ Closet Gurl your circumstances are constantly on my mind. Forgive me if this comes across Flipiant, “I hope for the Best, expect the Worst and live the Result” I find weighing the potential cost hasn’t quieted DAVIDA’s Desire to “Be” in the slightest. My Very Best to YOU during this time. “ Stay Sweet, Stay Stylish for the WIN!

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     Olivia Livin 
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    Hi Mellissa,

    I tend to agree with Mandy, when confronted with this kind of thing. They can be completely overwhelmed, lash out, and require the necessary time to try and process things. I do hope that there is someone, family member or friend who can be there for both of you, and build a bridge for at least some conversation.

    Hoping things can work out, best of luck

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     Mandy Cross 
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    Is there someone who could speak to her on your behalf? Even if it’s to just mediate as far as getting you both to a marriage guidance counselor?

    I think if you can’t open some form of dialogue there isn’t much you can do. She may also just need some time to digest things, calm down etc. If she didn’t know at all this has probably been a huge shock to her.

    Before you were caught were you ok together or were there other troubles?


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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 
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    Sounds to me like she wanted to get rid of you and was looking for any excuse. Guess you know now that you should go out on your own…..get a good lawyer right away.

    Dame Veronica

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