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by jrvv8379

White skater dress and shrug jean jacket top. Having so much fun dressing Jessica. Hope you like it.


En Femme Style

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Jessica-Renee Delorme

Hi everyone, I’m Jessica-Renee I discovered this wonderful website a little over a month ago, while shopping at The Breast Form Store’s site. I’ve been a customer of theirs for several years but had never seen the CDH site. I was absolutely fascinated that there was such a site and cautiously went on to look around anonymously. I was pleasantly surprised at the content and was instantly put at ease by the openness and honesty of the letters, forums, advice and pictures of the members. It is such a pleasure to know that I am not alone in my journey and that our stories all seem to share varied, but similar backgrounds. I have decided to join the CDH family and look forward to sharing stories and pictures. A little about me. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I began my journey when I was very young. Raised in the 50’s in a home of wonderful women (my mother and great Aunt), I was surrounded by their love and affection. My father was around from time to time, but I found his ways to be harsh and uncompromising, whereas my greater influence was from the “estrogen side”. (lol) Of course, I had plenty of male friends and we did all the things little boys do, but I always felt the pull towards a more feminine way of looking at things. As I grew into adulthood and went through life’s ups and downs many of the members have described, (marriage/divorce, girlfriends etc), the feelings of my feminine side, though suppressed, never went away. I would always think back to how elegant my mother was whenever she dressed to go to work or had a social event and wonder if I would ever dare to dress in such a way. Fast forward to today and as of 7 years ago, my women’s wardrobe has surpassed my “everyday male clothes” by at least 200% or more. I live alone and have the privacy to dress as Jessica day or night. As one of the members said in her posts, I to always feel a little let down when I have to redress myself as a male and go out in public. So far, I have not gotten up the courage to go out en femme as I live in a mostly conservative neighborhood. However, I do go out on my rather secluded deck in the summer months and love the feel the warmth of the outside air on my skin as a woman. I don't see myself as making a complete physical change into a woman as I am a little old for that, but I applaud and admire those who make that choice. Makeup is still a challenge as I am still trying to find the right combinations for my skin tone, and so far, am still experimenting but can’t wait to get a look good enough to post pictures. I'm better at the easier part of body shaping for the most part, though it wouldn’t hurt to lose about 10 or 15 pounds. (Right girls ??) lol. I am very excited to be coming out on this site and so look forward sharing thoughts and ideas. The pictures I have seen of the members has really given me confidence in advancing my own style. Thank you!

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    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    9 months ago

    I love skater dresses. They’re so cute — and this white one is super cute. The Jean jacket presents a nice contrast: stylish and cute vs. basic and casual. Yes, dressing up in nice outfits IS fun, Jessica-Renee. I enjoy being a girl, and the smile in your face shows that you enjoy it too.

    Patty Phose
    Famed Member
    9 months ago

    Pretty dress and pretty you.

    Linda mm Magliore
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago

    A beautiful dress that you styled and modeled so beautifully. Love your hair.

    Corinna Courage
    Active Member
    3 months ago

    Very, very cute styled!! I like it!!!

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