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by lori_stark

Well, Lori has been "locked down" now for what...? five months? OMG, I am sooo tired of Covid-19 and not being able to go anywhere! I needed THERAPY, so I thought "How 'bout a new dress?" Yes! That's EXACTLY what I need! So I went online and ordered this cute red dress, of course making sure that it would be dangerously too short for me, and then I heard a little voice in my head say "Maybe some fake diamond dangly earrings (since almost everything else about me is fake, LOL), and how about a leather choker? I've always liked the way a choker looks, and I've never had one so why not?" Then I went and sat by the mailbox, waiting for my stuff to be delivered. This is another BIG problem with being quarantined, don't you think? You don't get instant gratification, something that Lori wants and needs. You have to be patient, because those handsome delivery guys (and OK, girls) WILL take their sweet time bringing your medicine, and you can track it on the computer, but that just tantalizes you even more. By the time my order arrived (two WEEKS!) I was a such a bundle of anticipation I'm sure there must have been a vibrating electric field around me that others could SEE! And when it DID finally arrive I tore open the package in a girly animal frenzy and put on all my new finery like IMMEDIATELY! Oh, the glory! The Fog of Pinkness lifted as I tried on the earrings, the choker, and finally the dress. The dress! I didn't realize the dress was ruched, but I was completely charmed by the feminine pleats as I pulled it on. It felt so delightfully GIRLY. It was then I noticed the zipper in the back! How in the heck can a gurl grab that tiny, feminine little handle and yank it up all the way to the neck? I won't disclose how I finally accomplished this, but let's just say that I'm now looking for an opportunity to say those three sexiest words in the English language: "Unzip me, honey?" With shaky hands, I quickly botched yet another makeup job and set about taking some pictures to post here. So far I have botched ALL my makeup jobs, but I'm not going to worry about it because I know none of you will say anything bad about it -- no matter WHAT you think, haha! On second thought, one silver lining to the pandemic is that I can wear a mask when I go out, so as not to horrify the public! Love you all! Don't catch the virus! Lori



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Lori Stark

Crossdresser since childhood, when I found my sister's panties. Closeted these days. Went out dressed several times years ago when I was prettier. Past my sell-by now, but shyly beginning to venture out again.

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    Roberta Broussard
    Noble Member
    3 years ago

    Hi Lori, I think you look fabulous.

    Try using a paperclip hooked to the zipper pull, with 4 ft string threaded thru the other end. It works up or down.

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