My bargain dress! 9 bucks!


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  1. Dawn Judson 3 days ago

    Beautiful! I try to spend no more than $10 on a dress when possible. Went to Sears, last night, & got two clearance skirts for $3 each. I’m jealous, Scarlett. I want to be where you are. You seem so comfortable with yourself. How does your wife handle all this? What % of the time are you Scarlett? Are your nails painted or are those press on?

  2. Heather Stevens 5 months ago

    Just darling! What a pretty photo. Just adore your cute smile in this and all other photos as well. You do have an eye for pretty dresses..and obviously Calvin is a close friend. hehe

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 months ago

      Hi Heather, I love your smile too. You’ve got that sexy and cute thing going on at the same time! XOXO Scarlett

  3. Author
    Scarlett398 5 months ago

    Hi Elise…You may have gotten my answer by now but if you didn’t, here are my favorite shops and where I get most all of my clothes: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, The Ross Stores, and The Burlington Coat Factory and don’t let that name fool you! I’ve gotten a pile of nice Calvin Klein dresses and other dresses from that shop. Lots to choose from. The most I’ve ever paid for a Calvin Klein dress is $34 and the least is $20. The other dresses I buy go for between 9 and 12 bucks!
    Let me know if you have any additional questions for me, Elise…XOXO Scarlett

  4. Elise Michelle 5 months ago

    Where do you shop? I love your sense of style. So classy and sophisticated!

    • Author
      Scarlett398 5 months ago

      Hi Elise, little miss gorgeous! I have probably sent you the answer to this question already but if I didn’t, here’s all my favorite places to shop and where I purchase what I need to make Scarlett as pretty, cute, sexy, and classy which are my goals with each photo I take of her.

      For dresses, I go to TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, The Ross Stores, The Burlington Coat Factory, and my favorite consignment shop – Plato’s Closet.

      For my skater skirts and rather snug fitting tops that I pair up with the skater skirts, opaque tights, and booties or boots, I end up at Khol’s and usually only shop there in the fall and winter because most of my skater skirts and tops have a predominant wool blend to them.

      My heels, wedges, boots, and booties I only get two places – on line at JC or and have them delivered to the brick and mortar stores close to our home. I don’t want them delivered to my front door and have my wife open a box up and find a five inch heeled pink pair of pumps in the box if ya know what I mean!

      Most all of my makeup needs come from Walmart, Walgreens, or on a rare occasion, Sally’s Beauty Supplies shops. My makeup brushes of which I have many, come from the same shops I get my clothing from.

      I’ve never had a makeup job done on me by a pro at Sephora’s or the pros in the anchor stores of the malls. All of my makeup skills came from watching a lot of videos done by girls on You Tube videos and my main take away from those videos was this – No two girls put on their makeup the same way using the same application brushes or sponges. And all of them have a different order or way they apply their makeup.

      You, from the look of you profile photo, do an absolutely perfect job with the application of your makeup. You’re gorgeous with a capital “G”!

      By the way, Elise, I’m curious as to where you purchase your Elise clothing, footwear, shape wear, wigs, makeup, and accessories?
      I would love to hear your input on this subject and thanks for asking the question as well.

      Love ya Elise…XOXOXO Scarlett

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