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by gemmalovegood

I’ve been planning a getaway for months, and it finally happened. I spent two glorious days, at a lakeside hotel, and I finally saw Gemma eye to eye, and that girl in the mirror, was me!! Also, (drum roll) I stepped outside for the very first time ever. My room had a private balcony, and though my first heeled steps were tenuous, I ended up spending almost two hours enjoying the sun and cool air. I stepped inside when a car drove by, and when folks walked by down by the lake, but I still consider this a HUGE first step towards growing more confident. My first day in makeup was an adventure. I tried contouring, but really wasn’t happy with the outcome, as I think it was a very heavy amount of makeup. But this morning, I made a much better second attempt. Also, for the first time ever, I was complete with wig, nails and jewelry. I had intended to buy perfume, but that will have to wait until next time. I took LOADS of photos in several complete outfits, and will share them over time. Check out my new profile pic too, for a preview of my first look (same outfit as my previous profile pic, but now without a beard and with makeup!! Girls, I’m just overjoyed, and grateful for everyone’s support here!! After almost 40 years of crossdressing, I finally feel comfortable being me. Cheers! -Gemma💋



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Gemma Lovegood

Shy and kind closeted straight crossdresser. I started dressing very young (around 10), wearing my mother’s and sister’s things when I was alone. In my 20s I lived alone, and purchased several things of my own, including makeup. I worked for a gay man, and became a close friend of his, though I was and still am very straight. I went to several gay bars with him, and encountered many CDs, drag queens, and the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. But, I could never find the courage to come out to him as a CD. I’m married for over two decades now and have never revealed my secret to my wife. We have countless gay friends (male and female), but I’ve never revealed myself to any of them. It seems strange, and is one of my biggest regrets. I’ve lived so long with this secret that it feels like I’ve passed a point of no return. Perhaps one day I’ll find the courage. I’m grateful for all of the friends and discussions I’ve had with others like me here at CDH. It truly feels therapeutic, and I’ve grown to accept these desires that I have, and to realize there are so many like me in the world. That gives me great peace.

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    Kerri Smith
    Trusted Member
    4 months ago

    Congradulations on your first

    venture out. May you have many more and grow into the woman you want to be

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