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by phoebepink

I took this while on a shopping excursion to Sephora and other shops at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. It was such an enjoyable experience. More about it another time. I love the casual look of this outfit, dressed up with just the right accessories. And no wig, instead a summer hat and a pair of cute shades. I do need help remembering to smile and I am not an accomplished poser for photos. Hugs Y'all



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Phoebe Rose

I posted this bio two years ago. I really should update as I have come long way in this journey. Phoebe has been out several times and has quite refined her wardrobe. I'll update soon! I have had a lifelong attraction to all things femme. In my early adolescence, I found my mother's clothing and lingerie and just knew I would much prefer to dress as a girl then, woman now. The interest waxed and waned over the decades, but has in the last two years surfaced in a strong way. About 15 months ago I had a makeover w Regina in Atlanta and did not like the resulting look. So I started caring for my skin and my weight. Of late I have had many opportunities to dress while working from home and so I am getting more confident every day. Over the last few months (since start of 2020) have been dropping into chat fairly often and learning, learning! I am now going out semi dressed and shopping with confidence at my favorite Lady's shops and makeup shops. I have acquired a nice wardrobe and all the important figure enhancing padding! Soon, I hope to debut Phoebe to the public. If you have read this far, just so you know, I do post leave my recent photos in the public folder for long. I have quite the private gallery and my girlfriends can see all of those photos.

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    Jill Edina
    Active Member
    11 months ago

    That’s really a cute outfit and your accessories are perfect!

    Noble Member
    11 months ago

    Fantastic outfit – you look great, Phoebe.

    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    11 months ago

    I think “stylish” is a better descriptor for this outfit than “casual”. A dazzling interplay of black and white! You’ve really put together a terrific ensemble, Phoebe. It looks great on you and you look great wearing it.

    Kris Burton
    Trusted Member
    11 months ago

    A great look for you Phoebe – right down to the hat! A perfect ensemble!

    Megan Kelly
    Trusted Member
    11 months ago

    So very, very tasteful Phoebe. Love it.

    Michelle Trott
    Trusted Member
    11 months ago

    Very pretty.

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