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31/01/2022 update

I’ve been crossdressing on and off most of my life but in 2018 finally came to my senses and accepted that there is a very special part of me that could no longer be restrained, that year Stephanie was born, gained an identity and joined CDH. Since then I have grown as a person and blossomed as a woman.
In 2020 I finally came out to my wife, at the time it was very stressful but she has accepted that Stephanie is a real part of me.
Both of my children (25 & 22) also know about Stephanie and took the news very well.

Unfortunately COVID cost me my job so I now class myself as early retired but the up side of this is that I now have more opportunities to be Stephanie.

During COVID I managed to lose over 45lbs in weight which has really made a difference to my (and Stephanie’s) health and well-being though over the last few months I’ve put a few pounds back on so have now joined a gym to rectify that ASAP.

In 2021 I took my first ever steps out into the world with a walk in a park (please read my article) and I’m planning on more adventures this year gently expanding my horizon’s and building my confidence.

4th Feb 2022 update….
Went out shopping as Stephanie for the fist time and it was glorious…….

13th March update……
Today my wife and children met Stephanie in person for the very first time. Everything went brilliantly and they had nothing but love and praise for Stephanie. It has truly been a monumental day : )

April update……
I have now told my Mum and Dad all about Stephanie and they took the news well, if anything they were more curious than shocked.
I’ve also told an ex work colleague and close friend, he was surprised but is also very supportive. He has said he would like to met Stephanie some day!
May 1st. Today I told my two brothers about Stephanie! and all went well and both have offered love and support. Also today my wife told her mum about Stephanie. I’m pleased to announce that All went very well .
27th May. Today I met up with my long term CDH friend Andrea who I have know since joining here 4 years ago. There were so many firsts achieved this weekend such as the first time I have met another CD’r as Stephanie, the first time I’ve been on an overnight stay as Stephanie, the first time I’ve sat in a bar and had drinks as Stephanie, the first time I’ve eaten in a restaurant as Stephanie, the first time I’ve had photos taken with another CD’r, the first time someone else has taken a photo of Stephanie.
Thank you Andrea for a lovely weekend.

I love all styles and fashions but the more feminine the better, my preference’s are dresses but I’m starting to love skirts as much and I love both midi or mini lengths. I’m told by some of my girlfriends here that I have a fabulous eye for fashion and style which is very flattering.

I’m always happy to chat but prefer messages as I’m rubbish at the chat rooms due to my dyslexia lol.
Please feel free to PM me a msg anytime.

Love you All, take care and wishing you a very happy 2022

Stephanie xx

Summer Dress with Nude D’Orsay Heels
Summer Dress with Nude D’Orsay HeelssteffastonModeling/Posing
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New dress and heels
New dress and heelssteffastonModeling/Posing
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It’s been a long time
It’s been a long timesteffastonModeling/Posing
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COVID Therapy
COVID TherapysteffastonModeling/Posing
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7 months is a long time
7 months is a long timesteffaston
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