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Since joining CDH I’ve had a few lows and hoped 2020 would be a better year for me (and Stephanie)
What I wasn’t prepared for was in January I came out fully to my wife and we had “the talk” well a few really, since then I have started to fully shave my body and have moved Stephanie’s clothes into my wardrobe.
Although my wife doesn’t want to meet Stephanie she is giving me more opportunities to be the real me.
My next challenge is to tell my two kids (23 & 21) about Stephanie, I’m sure it will turn out OK but getting nervous just thinking about it!
Love Stephanie xx

New Black Rose Dress
New Black Rose Dresssteffaston
23 10
Black Velvet Dress
Black Velvet Dresssteffaston
25 8
Blue Scuba Dress
Blue Scuba Dresssteffaston
14 10
Floral Dress (my favorite)
Floral Dress (my favorite)steffaston
30 8
Leopard Print Dress
Leopard Print Dresssteffaston
11 6
Leopard Print Dress (from the back)
Leopard Print Dress (from the back)steffaston
12 3
I put my (first) blue Jeans on
I put my (first) blue Jeans onsteffastonCasual
23 4
Stephanie. One big step
Stephanie. One big stepsteffaston
69 16
Blue Velvet Dress
Blue Velvet Dresssteffaston
37 16
2 for the price of 1 (1)
2 for the price of 1 (1)steffaston
18 8
2 for the price of 1 (2)
2 for the price of 1 (2)steffaston
12 8
New Skirt & Top
New Skirt & Topsteffaston
25 16
Red Lace Dress
Red Lace Dresssteffaston
29 12
Another photo from my fab weekend
Another photo from my fab weekendsteffastonOutfit
32 10
New Blue Dress
New Blue Dresssteffaston
30 2
New blue dress
New blue dresssteffaston
16 4
Blue Sparkle dress
Blue Sparkle dresssteffaston
16 4
7 months is a long time
7 months is a long timesteffaston
123 70
Sitting in Black Rose Dress
Sitting in Black Rose Dresssteffaston
6 7
White Lace Dress
White Lace Dresssteffaston
26 7
A kiss from a rose
A kiss from a rosesteffaston
46 10
New Dress 1
New Dress 1steffastonOutfit
36 8
Blue Party Dress
Blue Party DresssteffastonParty Time
17 9
Purple velvet
Purple velvetsteffaston
40 10
Happy New Year : )
Happy New Year : )steffaston
34 9
More Lace! : )
More Lace! : )steffaston
28 9
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