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Sounds like you already have it figured out!… nothing wrong, just a potential turn-off. There are lots of benefits to couples who can accept what it is and find ways to enjoy those benefits. To name a few,
– many women appreciate knowing the sensitive feminine side of their partners (probably one reason for your attraction to him) and it is greatly freeing to a man who can accept and express them rather than suppress what is truly part of his nature
– many women have told me that they’d rather have a shopping partner than be a golf widow, and many realize tangible benefits when shopping with a CD… if the CD buys a dress, chances are good he will reciprocate with a gift you enjoy
– while it is a crossdresser and partner’s bill of rights not to share clothes, many couples find that this is convenient and desirable, especially when it comes to articles like jewelry;
– a CD usually greatly appreciates a supportive, accepting mate; you should find much greater appreciation from him than from most men
– a CD will be less inclined to get upset if you need more time to prepare for an outing; he will understand what efforts you have to go through to look your feminine best and will notice and appreciate in detail everything you do and wear; you no doubt will be quicker than him to get ready, and should you ever get separated, he will be able to identify you to authorities in great detail!
– if you ever want to attend events geared toward or including women, he will be more likely than most to want to join you.
– CD partnerships tend to be much more lasting; most men I know talk lovingly about their partners, realizing how special they are to be accepting;
– you can both feel free to accept and express your true selves… both the masculine and feminine sides which we all have; honest, truer, relationships, expressing both personalities, tend to be deeper and longer-lasting than those where we try to mold ourselves into unrealistic images expected by society;
– there is far more to share together when we can accept both the feminine and masculine sides of our being.
– most women I know speaking very lovingly of their CD partners, having come to grips with the fact that personality and actions are more important than presentation… presentation need not be a deal-breaker and seldom is; on the flip side, most CDs speak lovingly of their partners… male conversations often center more on their loving partners than on locker-room talk.
– CD partners are typically very defensive of each other, quickly attacking anyone who speaks unkindly toward the other and protecting them in other ways.
I could go on. Hopefully you will discover all this for yourself. Good luck! You have probably found someone unusually gifted and special.

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