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I understand where you are coming from, though how I dealt with my early years of someone broken was to rage against the world and everything else and everyone, but in my case I had blocked a lot of the reason why until I hit 50…needless to say things went pear shaped big time. I know this isn t about me, its about you and Im getting there if thats ok. I don t trust anything but the natural world as she was my sanctuary and so to her is where I ran to gather my thoughts and you know what, the result was this. All that happened both destroyed and shaped me into who I am now. It would be easy to wish those years of destruction back so as to alter them but if that was possible I wouldn t be the ME I am right here and now. My heart is now soft and squishy, I cry at movies and yes the shrinks would have all sorts of theories but I love that empathy, that huge range of feelings of love and sympathy, of knowing the greater picture is so much greater and that my decade or so left here are to be lived in the manner that is me. And all I suffered? well, it taught me to be more than strong, it taught me ego was a waste of energy and time and that if it doesn t make me ill or its not going to kill me then all I should think about is how I feel about it….we, as individuals should live for who we are not what society expects or instructs…to be different is so beautiful and though we age with time so does everyone, and we can age with the dignity that we live as our true selves and why should the sexyness disappear, it may have to be adjusted but some of the most beautiful people alive are those that are truly themselves and they give life all they can. Please don t create your own “what ifs” live life as you want and hell I ve seen some people in the over 50s wearing those daisy dukes and minis and wearing them well….how we are perceived often depends on our own demeanor and outlook upon life…stand proud and if you want your daisy then wear them…I don t ever remember an age limit on clothes, just size. Sorry about the length of this essay but I just wanted to say. Take care xx

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