Gemma, hi and thanks so much for your thoughtful and candid reply.  Like the message from Sherri, I identify, so much.  Like I wrote to Sherri, part of my difficulty is that I think I look better as a man with my beard. Another major difficulty for me is I feel like I’m losing the image of this guy – who I’ve tried so hard to be, in an effort to shore up my insecurity of wanting to dress and of my fear of perhaps wanting to be a woman. I feel vulnerable without my beard out in the “real world”.

In addition to this reason and there are many, I have a longtime male friend who knows I CD who isn’t very accepting and who judges me in terms it’s not manly to CD.  So that’s another factor in the battle to keep my beard.

I too have a goal of losing some weight, which I’ve been successful with.  I really like your strategy, which I’m going to adopt, as well, in an effort to quell my anxiety and insecurity,

I know this has gotten longwinded, however I wanted to share more of my story, in appreciation to you,

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for sharing!

Kisses and hugs!



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