Since I have read all the opinions from the fellow girls I would like to add a couple of things that could be very uncomfortable to some girls here. But I have the moral obligation and it’s my right to tell my story too without offending anyone. I believe in love and not hate.

I’m still consider myself catholic. I love and respect my God. As a child i was very active in the church and for some time considered the path to become a priest.  My whole aducation including university has been catholic private schools.

When i was a teenager I was molested. Almost raped by a priest who would show me ” the pure love of god” since i was a little bit rebellious at that point in life. My mother sent me for an spiritual weekend with him in which we went to a bday party and got drunk. Then we had to sleep in the same bedroom. Rest of the story you can imagine.

A good friend of mine was beaten to death by his stepfather because he was gay.  Mother did nothing to stop the beating since my friend was a sinner.

Then all the scandals about sex abuse all over the world by catholic priest, condoned or hidden by pope ratzinger or benedict xvi made me loose my faith in the catholic religion as an institution.

Pope Francis has returned my faith back when he acknowledged being gay is not a sin and recognized marital status of people of the same gender.

I’m not an active catholic. I don’t go to church because I still don’t believe catholicism as a religion but as an colonizer, dictatorship institution that has indoctrinated unfairly their faithful followers.

I believe in everything good what the church represents. I love and fear God.  I consider myself a good person but I don’t believe in the church per se as how it is this days. I hope pope Francis fix it.

So if someone gets uncomfortable hearing that religion played a significant role in my mental health I’m sorry for it. But I was molested, church made me feel ashamed of my feelings, Stigmatized and on top of that my friend was murdered because his only sin was being gay.

Love to all. One God. One love. Same loving supreme power for all of us. Peace.


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