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    I have recently bought myself some breast forms and am now the proud owner of a 36C chest.

    Now my question is, Do I really need a pocket bra to keep them in/on or will they sit just as comfortably in a “Normal” bra.

    I do have a pocket bra (Flame Red)  but I find the selection of colours (Red, Black or White) very limited, I am trying to lean my outfit/style in Lilac to Purple but the selections are few and far between. Also it would be nice to have matching bra and panties.





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      Terri Anne Greene
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      No you don’t really need one but a pocket bra is nice if its really hot outside.

      A reg bra is fine but get ready to sweat and have your forms move around.

      You can use medical adhesive but sweat will break that down somewhat and is very hard to get off the forms and the skin.



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      Wendy Swift
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      I’ve used both.

      When I first used breastforms, I couldn’t afford a pocketed bra and just used a normal bra.  It kinda worked but just doing daily activities I found the breastform would shift so my boobs would look misaligned.

      I finally bought a pocketed bra, and never looked back.  I do agree the lack of colour is a turn off, but the fact that it keeps the breastform in place is a big bonus for me.

      I recently purchased a pair of new breastforms, and with the pocketed bra, I just love the way it looks and feels.  The new breastforms are also attachable with adhesives, so maybe one day I may try it and go braless.

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      Dee Nash
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      Hi wilma i just put mine in a normal bra,they fit comfy xx

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      Lacy Satin
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      I have no problems with any of my bras holding my breast forms. My forms are a 36-D. Just make sure your bras are the right size. Before I got my forms I had a lot of nice bras that I couldn’t wear with my forms after I got them because they were not the right size

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      Regine Kelly
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      I have several pocket bra’s, on which I have never used the pockets and I have A,B,C,and D cups.
      I find my forms do not shift much, if my bra fits properly, and with the self adhesive ones they never move.
      Hugs, Regi👸💖

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      Diane Rakers
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      Normal bra should work just fine.


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      Chloé Rian
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      I think it depends on the forms. If you have silicone forms that are made to stick to skin or that you can use adhesive with, then a regular bra should work just fine. Make sure to get the correct sizing though so there’s enough pressure from the bra to hold it all in place. If the bra is too loose or the cup size too big then things will move around.

      I tried out a pocket bra for a bit and didn’t like it. Switched to self-adhesive forms, which I love, and now I can match my bra & panties!


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      Chrissie Cross
      Duchess - Annual
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      Thanks for asking this question Wilma. I have B cup silicone breast forms (non-adhesive) and I do NOT have a pocket bra. However, I often think that I should try one. I do find that my forms sometimes get out of position in my regular bras and Im self conscious about that. I must deffinately would recommend a full coverage bra as opposed to say a demi cup. But I’m certainly no expert!

      Good luck! And I’d love your opinion and insight if you try a regular bra.



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        I shall definitely post any developments, would love a full cover bra with matching panties, Definitely would not consider a half cup .

        Hugs X


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      Trisha Smith
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      I don’t use pocket bras. I have forms that go from b to dd and no problems. I like variety 😃

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      depending on forms some do others don’t  When I use to use forms always had my divine creation breast plate. was self adhesive. still had to wear a bra for little till the plate adhered better. then could wear anything or nothing..  If your forms are self adhesvive could do that too. Pocket bras are just a extra security measure so the forms will not slide out.


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      Connie Twirl
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      I think the pocket bras are intended for the old foam forms. Modern sticky-back silicon jobs will stay put in a normal bra. In fact, my smallest forms (code name Fiona) will hold position bra-less under a tightish tee.



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        Cece X
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        Connie, thanks for making me laugh when you mentioned the old foam forms. I might be the last person still using them. I keep thinking about buying silicone forms but just have not gotten around to it. The foam forms are working fine in a regular bra, but I suppose once I invest in silicone forms I will never go backwards to foam again.
        I am bidding now on eBay for forms that seem to come strapped to a thin transparent bra. I am not sure I understand that, but I guess I will find out if I am the lucky bidder.
        Thanks for posting this question, Wilma. I would have asked the same question upon purchasing my first silicone boobs.

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      Thanks for the heads up, shall defo give Jo a look.

      Hugs x


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