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      Victoria Femme
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      Microneedling works. I was skeptical, but amazed how much it helped after the first treatment. Been doing it ever since.

      Another thing to try is collagen supplements. I think these made a small improvement for me. Just keep in mind there are different types depending on the part of your body you want to focus on. Read the description and reviews, etc.

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      Carmen Cruz
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      Unfortunately there is really no natural way to do get rid of them, only to reduce the appearance of them. I think we all have a tendency to look at pictures online (typically of women half our age), and wish we could have their skin, etc. It doesn’t help either that beauty product claims are themselves “simulated” in their examples. It’s a bit of a crapshoot really.

      The best that anyone can REALLY do, in real world, without surgery or botox or whatever, is simple to NOT highlight what you have. Matte finishes and foundations etc. reduce them in appearance significantly. Also, technique when applying anything over your skin is probably the most important part. If you watch most YouTube videos, they’ll use blenders or brushes to apply makeup, but what happens if your skin isn’t perfectly smooth? Well, if you look at your foundation under magnification, you’ll see that without proper technique, your foundation skips over the wrinkles, pores and every ridge on your face, which then significantly increases how much you see your pores and wrinkles (since it’s basically a “hole” in the foundation showing a different shade of real skin inside the wrinkles/pore.)

      Needless to say, use one hand to slightly stretch out your skin where you’re applying foundation, then let it go to rest and keep blotting/brushing that spot. That way, your skin is actually covered with the same shade through and through. Think about it this way…. crinkle up a piece of paper and with it all balled up, apply foundation smoothly over it. Now open up and flatten out the piece of paper and look at just how much your smooth application missed. I know, extreme, but hope you get the idea. 🙂

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      HI girls  its jackie with the wrinkels i tryed the secret lift it helped a little but was not impressed i read a comment by one woman she uses nu 64 rubber bands and nexcare flexible clear tape 1 in (720 in cost about 3 bucks)i tryed it but could not get rubber bands adjusted  right so i taped in front of right ear pulled roll of tape tight and over my head and tight to my left ear then taped under my right ear and pulled roll of tape tight around the back of my neck and pulled it tight under my left ear .i apply some foundation on tape then my luminess air brush .i took a before and after photo and it made a big difference .one day when i am with my girlfriend she can take some photos and i will post them under my private photos (the photos that are there now are from a make over a couple yrs ago)remember to wipe area with alcohol where tpe has to stick.                                                                                                                     sometimes its so hard to be a girl but i love trying   . i hope this helps   HUGS JACKIE

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      Michelle Pepper
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      Secret Lift Pro

      I just watched a video on this. And of course the woman doing the vid has flawless wrinkle free skin to start with. So I wasn’t able to see much chance. But it does look very difficult to put on.
      A couple of things come to mind.
      1. Stretching your skin will cause more wrinkles. That’s how we get wrinkles.
      2. It looks very difficult to put on.
      3. If the shape of the back of your head isn’t right, you’re likely to not be able to place the sticky pads in the right direction.

      But, the idea of this makes perfect sense. And if you get them placed right, could make you’re face look years younger.

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      Stephanie Hayes
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      Korean Face Masks. My wife loves them and has made her crows feet disappear with them.

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      Elise Michelle
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      I’d also be interested to hear how it works for you. I would love to show a bit less “experience.” I’m really regretting all the years I spent under the hot Florida sun with no sunscreen (in fact, often with just baby oil on).


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      Trish White
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      Hi Jackie,
      Please let us know how it works out. I’d really be interested in knowing.


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      Easy. Just find the Fountain of Youth. Sorted.

      Seriously, I’ll be interested in your results with Secret Lift Pro.


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      Interesting looking product, I use a 3m medical tape now to achieve what this product does, but it has a tendency to leave some glue residue and slides a bit. I mainly use to lift my man forehead up to open my eyes up somewhat. Reviews seem to be pretty good. I’m interested to know how this works for you.  Also as Carolyne mentioned, a good skin care regimen is best long term

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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Jackie I don’t know that it particularly gets rid of wrinkles but a good skin care regimen and plenty of water are the best things you can do. I use a mixture of retinol cream, sun screen, moisturizer and lotion at least twice a day. My assessment is mother nature giveth and taketh away over time. Good luck and I will watch to see if anyone else has a better idea.
      Cheers C

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