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      Hi Everyone,

      I am super excited that it may almost be time for me to start HRT.  My doctor has advised against it until this point because of some pre-existing conditions, but after some lifestyle changes I may be ready.  I’m so excited becuase this feels like the next step from being a closeted crossdresser for years to living as the woman that I am.  Every step I’ve taken has felt huge like coming out to people and getting rid of my male clothing, but this is something new.  I can’t wait to see how my body responds and changes.  I’ve dreamed for years about my male parts shrinking (I wish they could disappear completely) and growing my own pair of breasts.

      It’s not a done deal yet, but it feels closer then ever!

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      Im excited for you starting HRT.  I’ve often thought about it for myself but I know my family would not accept it.  How does your family feel about you transitioning?

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      Thats so great! I hope it fulfills your life and you accomplish your dream!  Keep us updated 🙂

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      How exciting for you Michelle.

      Another step to becoming your true self.

      B x

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      Great news!!! I hope you get average or below average on you HRT test score…C or D cup.😁




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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      OMG Michelle HRT is such a wild ride!  I’ve been on it for almost 21 months.  Best decision ever.  I really hope you’re able to start soon.  DM me if you ever want to chat.


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      Congrats Michelle.

      I wish I could do the same.


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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I wish you the best on this next phase of your journey Michelle!

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      Hi Michelle
      I so hope for you that it can manage to happen. Would dearly like to follow the same path but being in the closet from wife and family it is something that can not even be on the horizon for me. I do get tempted from time to time to try and get on some hrt unofficially and try to do things at a very slow pace so that the change is so gradual that the wife does not notice as although we still share the same bed there has not been any intimate contact for a long time.

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      Very excited for you in your next chapter in life. Hope all goes well.

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