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    Candace Baci
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    So my wife just left a couple of hours ago for an overnight visit with her sister.. so all you girls should know what that means!!!  Yup a full day of and night of Candace!! It’s a beautifully sunny but cold day on the east coast and so my choice of dress today is a nice and soft and warm grey tight fitting sweater dress with with black pantyhose and black heels.

    I have planned my first ever daytime trip outside, been out at night tons of time but never during the day. I am planning about a 30 minute ride out of town, far enough away for me to run into anyone . My goal is to encounter as many people as possible while thoroughly enjoying the experience.

    My agenda as planned upon arrival in town:

    Stop for gas and do the standard girly flirting with the attendant

    Off to variety store to but my lottery tickets and oh yes more flirting

    Off to Starbucks grab a coffee and a chair and relax

    Next stop shopping for clothes want a couple of new dresses ( looking for a nice peplum style dress) a new nightie and bra

    Then a bit of lunch at a diner.. I know a diner but there are usually plenty of blue collar/older men at these establishments to chat with

    Surprise my wife when she comes home with stopping off to do the grocery shopping and a nice bouquet of flowers

    Then of course have to stop to “top” off my gas tank ..wink wink!

    Head for home…

    Tonight I will regroup with a couple of glasses of wine at home then slip into my leopard print bodycon dress with black stockings and heels

    Then off for my usual nighttime drive with stops at your standard flirting locations lol.

    Hoping for a great day and night getting chills/excited as I write this now.. wish me luck especially during the day!!!


    Hugs and Kisses 💋💋


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      Candace Baci
      Registered On: October 19, 2020
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      So overall day was absolutely wonderful, wish I could do everyday !!

      Anyway I digress so it started with a stop at the gas station where a very nice clerk chatted with me for about 10 minutes even during those pesky customer interruptions, simply lovely !

      Next stop was Starbucks which was uneventful in beginning. Order a skim milk vanilla latte ( have to watch my figure lol) sat down for about 15 mins when three 80 somethings came in grabbed coffee and sat down across from me. They said hello and about 10 minutes in asked if I would like to join them? Of course what woman doesn’t want to chat with men . Found out they were all veterans and met every Monday for coffee. They asked about me and I gave them an honest answer of which they didn’t even blink . We talked for about 20 minutes and I said I had to leave they joked and asked if I’ll be back next Monday, what a fun wonderful group of men.

      Next stop variety store to play the big lottery and we’ll you know flirt lol. The clerk was not in the flirting chatting mood kind of just gave me the once over asked what I needed and that was it. Ok I guess every interaction can be successful?

      Next stop dress shopping looking for a nice peplum designed dress to minimize my shoulders and accentuate my hips. Stopped at Marshall’s I’ve always had great luck there and who doesn’t love a deal but no such luck. Did find a cute bra and panty set and of course who doesn’t need another pair of pantyhose. Of to TJ Maxx, lo and behold no peplum designs but found a gorgeous block color dress, red and black which fit perfectly( could probably shed about 5lbs for a more perfect fit) but couldn’t pass up. Also grabbed a cute brownish suede mini skirt as well. I’m not a big skirt person but when I find something that’s really cute and fits I have to get it.  Overall shopping was a success

      Stopped off and did grocery shopping for wife want to save her a trip and surprise her know  she would appreciate it and grabbed a big bunch of roses for her as well, her favorite!!!

      Getting ready to head home and of course need to make sure I have enough gas, so I stopped again at the station I stopped at the first time and sure enough Raj , I think that was his name was still working , just getting off in a few minutes. His replacement came in and he he bought me a coffee and we chatted . I could tell time he was really studying me and then he said can I ask you a question and I said sure. He said you seem like a “special” lady are you ? I knew what he meant so I played along at first and said of course I’m special that’s why you bought me a coffee. He laughed and said no special lady , in his culture Hisdra (that’s how it sounded). I said I don’t understand and he said a in his country a “ lady man” which is common and liked . I said than yes that’s me . We chuckled and I went on my way.

      Got home and made my way to a glass of wine … my night time adventures to follow


      Hugs and Kisses



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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Candace,

      Have fun and good luck.


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Sounds well planned out now Candace and sounds like a glorious day

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      Samantha Roarke
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      Thank you for sharing your day with us!! It sounds like you had an amazing time!

      -Samantha Roarke-

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      Sounds lovely Candace… have fun Luv.

      Gen… ❤

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      Sandy Jayson
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      Candace, Have a great day!!!!


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