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      Hey folks,

      I enjoy crossdressing to express my femininity. I”m into high street fashion and have incorporated feminine clothing into my outfits, so i’m relatively comfortable expressing that side of myself in public.

      I’m thinking of using OnlyFans to support myself through university. A postgraduate is very expensive and unfortunately i don’t have the luxury of living at home so the bills come in thick and fast and i work full-time.

      Just wondering if there is much demand for content from crossdressers. Not sure how raunchy i would go but just wondering what peoples thoughts are?

      All the best, Olly.

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      Hi Olly
      Welcome to CdH from another UK girl living in Somerset.
      Mature secret crossdresser my wife doesn’t know.
      Enjoy the site

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      Hi Olly,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Hi Olly

      Welcome to the site.

      What is OnlyFans?

      B x

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        Hey Bianca,

        Thanks for welcoming me. Onlyfans is an adult site for sharing content. There is alot of different kinds of content, but most is of a sexual or flirty nature.


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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I’m not on OnlyFans and have no desire to start an account.  However, I know of several CD’s and transwomen that are on it.  Based on what they say on other social media (Instagram, Flickr, Reddit), it sounds like their pages are highly trafficked and a source of significant income.  I know at least one of these girls is always fully clothed and is quite the fashionista.

      So in a nutshell, I think OF could be a source of income and you wouldn’t necessary need to post any adult content.  Of course it’ll take significant effort to build a base of followers and make some money.  You’ll likely need to use other social media to get the word out.  The biggest downside to sites like this is you’re going to get a lot of unwanted attention.

      Best of luck to you!


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        Hi Emily.

        Thanks for you considerate response! I’ll keep everything you’ve said in mind going forward.

        All the best,


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          Olly, take Emily’s advice very seriously.  She know of what she speaks.

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      Hi Olly! Lately, I find that I am very eager for new content. I’m surprised that I like things to get rather intimate and appreciate quality writing. Good luck!


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        Hey Arora,

        Do you use OF as a creator or subscriber at all?


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          Hi Olly … not yet. I’m still on a rather steep learning curve. I will have to take a moment to find Only Fans!


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      Hi Olly, welcome.
      I’m curious to see what you mean by high fashion if you could share some pics on here before you go on Only Fans. Best of luck with that, I have never looked at it but if you can get a following I wish you well

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        Hey Krystyna,

        High street fashion is basically a combination of casual and smart wear that looks good in a variety of occasions.

        I work in store that sells a variety of styles of clothing but i love combining these with “women’s” clothes, pushing the envelope slightly for whats acceptable to wear as a cis-gender male, but most of this stays behind closed doors so it would be great to use OF as a means of expressing myself while also generating extra income.

        An example would be a loose-knit Stone Island cardigan which due to the brand has connotations of football hooliganism, male aggression, etc, but would like really cool worn with clothing typically worn by women.

        Hope that helps clears things up.

        All the best,


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      Olly, I don’t know much about onlyfans, but I do know that anything you put on the internet, is likely to stay there. I would suggest not doing anything you wouldn’t be ashamed of doing in front of your grandma.

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        Hey Danielle. Solid advice and very true. I’ve heard a few stories of content being taken by other accounts who have then sold it onto other sites or used it on other sites for likes/views.

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      J J

      With the advent off facial recognition software it is, or will be, easy to find anybody on the internet, so I would be very careful about posting anything you would not want friends and family to see.

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        Yael Lyons

        I just heard about this as well. Ava in the Blue Belles group in South Florida posted this a couple of weeks ago. Be careful about what you post.

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        Its honestly crazy how little control their is over what you post online.

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      Stephanie Flowers

      Olly welcome to Cdh

      Stephanie 🌷

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      I know of some bloggers and instagram posters that do accept gratuities from admirers. Its not my thing, but may be able to find a clientele through more tame posts on Reddit or instagram. I don’t think you would find many admirers on this or other sites intended for cross dressers… most of us are really not interested in attracting such attention.

      Good luck to you.

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