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      Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that reached out, gave me thanks for my msgs and offered some amazing advice.

      I want to share where I am so far and hopefully get some thoughts from everyone.

      You might know that I am new to this, had some thoughts and minor experiences growing up but only really started exploring recently and trying to figure where I am.

      My first action was to talk to my wife and she is very understanding and support, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that 🤗.

      My next step was to get some basic items to see how I felt. I got a cute purple pajama top, some coloured kip balm and a really cute necklace. I am also trying to keep it simple so my wife has time to adjust.

      Let me tell you, I cannot describe how amazing (and natural) it felt wearing my stuff, applying my “lipstick” and exploring my feminine side.

      I want to add that I have my first therapy session in a few days and I cannot wait to unpack everything that has happened so far.

      As always, thank you to everyone for you love and support.

      💖 Deedee

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      So happy for you – your life seems to be working out quite well. Keep us posted.
      Big Hugs and Kisses,
      Fredrika Jones

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      DeeDee –

      Thank you for sharing.  It is exciting when we start on our journey.  Good luck with your therapy, the only suggestion I have is to be open and honest as that is the only way it will help.  Good luck and enjoy your journey.  It’s great that your wife is so accepting.


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      Angela Booth

      You seem to have everything mapped for your future Deedee, starting with your wife and gaining acceptance there leading to the next steps. I hope that it progresses further. Expect a few bumps in the road and don’t rush, enjoy every moment.

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      Yes indeed, things look good for you. Be careful to go slowly so as not to get caught up in the, “ pink fog”.

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      Lucky you! I hope you will share your journey with us. A couple who embraces this lifestyle is a rare but wonderful thing. Good luck and happy dressing!

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      J J

      Going slow and giving you SO time to adjust will pay dividends in the end. It so tempting to go all in, but be patient and enjoy each new experience.

      For me the best part of dressing was to try new things and explore all of the new world open to me. Each new piece of clothing, or new experience like buying a wig or wearing a skirt in public was fun in and of itself. Had I done it all at once, it would have been fun, then it would be over. This way I got to experience new firsts many, many times.

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      Well Deedee your over the hardest part girl and there is no turning back. So thrilling and addictive so enjoy what we have all learned from it

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual


      Having your wife understand and be supportive is truly a blessing. Just take it slow, keep the lines of communication open and be cognizant of your wife’s feelings. You are embarking on a wonderful, thrilling and interesting journey. Enjoy!


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