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    Cerys Burton
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    So spurred on by my great walk tonight, I took my dog for a walk.He was pestering me. It was 10PM. My dog is a strong dog and is always at “full pull” on his lead. A get the lead on the dog, put my coat on. We go out the front door. My dog is pulling. I turn around and lock the front door. We have a light in our porch. Door locked, I turn around and there is my neighbour’s son coming home from work. I looked at him. He looked at me. Ladies coat. Red jumper. Big dangly necklace. Hair and make up. He won’t have seen the skirt and boots due to my car on the drive.
    Nothing said. He just walked into his house. They know that my wife is away as the mother saw me loading my wife’s case in the car Monday morning.

    I’m not certain, but I think I might have just outed myself to my neighbours πŸ™‚


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      Lacy Satin
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      I find it quite amusing how self-conscious so many of us get when we are out dressed. We think everyone is looking at us and might see beyond the skirt or dress we are wearing. Reality is, people are more in thought about their daily life than looking for a man walking around in a dress.

      I often go for walks in a dress and wearing a wig. I don’t even go threw the trouble of putting on make-up and trying to fully pass.

      I’ve been seen by neighbors and I don’t look anything like my wife.Β  Yes they see a woman walking out my driveway but I really don’t think they look across the street or next door at me and say to themselves, “That’s my neighbor wearing a dress!”Β  For most people other than other gurls like us, seeing what they suspect is a female walking out the drive is the end of it and they don’t think anything else about it.

      If you don’t acknowledge them and wave or walk over to say Hi! your fine.

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        Cerys Burton
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        Why would a woman other than my wife be walking my dog at 10PM? πŸ™‚ The son was less that 15 feet away. We don’t have big houses in this part of the world :-).


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      Barb Wire
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      That’s Excellent!!

      “They know that my wife is away as the mother saw me loading my wife’s case in the car Monday morning.”

      I just lost it right then and there!! 😂🤣

      Thanks, Cerys!

      Hugs, Barb :B

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      Bobbisue Jones
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      Hi Cerys,Β Β I am widowed and live alone. I have a very nice couple that lives behind me. They have been very kind, watch out for me , and send diners to me around holidays . I did not them to be shocked be seeing me going out en femme. I finally saw the wife out alone and started talking and I told her that I was a cross dresser and I respect them for all the do for me and I didn’t want to shock them. Her answer to me was she knows how much I miss wife and good for you and thanks for heads up, appreciate it. Wow is all I could think of another weight off my shoulder. Hugs Bobbisue J

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        Bobbiesue, saw your post, if I told my neighbours I like to crossdress, I think it would go down like a lead balloon.


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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Cerys it dosent sound like a big thing just be cool and when you see them dont act like anything wrong just be your self and when the question comes about be honust and have fun being you ..

      Stephanie bass

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      Hi Cerys, Oops! it happens. Β Next time you see them, just don’t act all weird. Β Carry on as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Β If they want to talk about it with you, they will and if they don’t, assume everything is ok. Β I’m pretty sure my neighbours have seen me. Β Their laundry room window is across from my kitchen window. Β So when I’m washing dishes and dressed en femme with the kitchen lights on above the sink so I’m clearly lit, they can’t help see me if they go into their laundry room. Β I can see them quite clearly Β so the view has to be the same both directions. Β And they’ve never said anything to me about it, we still talk across the back fence or in the front yard while doing yard work and everything is quite normal. They see me walking my dog quite often and I’m wearing a ladies bright red puffer jacket, stylish scarf and pink mittens and my long hair hangs down past my bra strap (this morning’s outfit) and it’s quite fine. Β Hope it works out well for You. Β All the Best, Have a lovely rest of the week, Hugs, Krista.

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        Cerys Burton
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        I live in a terraced house with very thin walls. TBH we don’t have many secrets because of this. My wife and I have had a few arguments/raised voice discussions about my crossdressing. If they haven’t heard, they must be deaf πŸ™‚

        I don’t care if they do know. It would solve a lot of hassle sometimes. No hiding etc.

        They are lovely people. If they do know, it won’t really matter to them. They won’t start throwing stones of throwing paint at the house πŸ™‚


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