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      John Nice

      hi all

      beginner here.

      need to find the best garter belt to wear…most i’ve picked up keep falling down.  I’m slim but have a bit of a gut (size 34 waist).

      obvious issue is that I have no hips.

      suggestions?   Or links to wear to buy?

      I guess a shaping one ?  or a waspie with garter straps?   or a waspie with separate garter belt?

      (sorry so needy…I just can’t find anything on the web…which is remarkable considering everything is there).   suggested links to products or site would be appreciated.


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      Hi John,

      Welcome to CDH.

      I’d suggest visiting a CD friendly store and trying on a garter belt.  Torrid and Soma both have locations in Toronto as does Victoria Secret.  The stores carry lingerie and the associates are trained to assist crossdressers.  I’ve found that garter belts will stretch so won’t always stay in place.  The associates can assist with other options and offer suggestions as well as help with sizing.


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      I like Torrid’s strappy ones where the stocking top is cinched by a strap rather than a snap. There’s less dependence on tension at the waist to keep up the stockings. Others make this style as well but mine is from Torrid.

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      Twilla Thompson
      Baroness - Annual

      I highly suggest a belt with 6 or 8 straps.  It holds up your stockings better which in turn causes less pulling down of the  belt.  YMMV



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      Caty Ryan

      I like and wear uk brands ie what Katy did and kiss me deadly as for holding it all up I use safety pins into my control panty as part of my gaffing routine nb I can punctuate and use caps but I’m a newbie on this site with a smart phone lol



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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Have you considered hip pads or a padded panty?  That will help prevent garter belt slide.

      The best garter belts have at least 6 wide straps with metal fasteners.  Plastic fasteners break.  3 straps on each leg prevents your stockings from sliding around and they will stay up better.  You also want to get a belt that has limited stretch so it’ll hug your hips and stay put.  I don’t know about Torrid’s belts.  The ones VS sells are more for bedroom fun….kinda flimsy.  If you want a good belt that can withstand regular use, the best sources are any of the many tights/stockings retailers in the UK.  In the US try Secrets In Lace.


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      I have started getting a little bit of a gut as well so started looking for a shaping garter belt. I found some really nice ones with a company called Rago. They are a shapewear company that offers everything from corsets and girdles to shaping panties, waist cinchers, and garter belts. I went with a six-strap garter belt that has some terrific shaping around the tummy. I am wearing it now as a matter of fact. I agree with the others that four-strap garter belts should be reserved for bedroom fun as they do not do as good a job for normal everyday wear as a six or eight strap garter.



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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Rago is a really good brand.  Especially if you like vintage shape wear.  I have several items myself.

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      Hi John,

      I second the notion that Rago is a good product and that metal fasteners are a sign of quality that you should look for.  Secrets is lace (SIL) is a great site but sometimes pricey.  Anytime there is not free shipping I tend to balk at completing the order.  SIL is the best place I have found so far for nylons without stay up bands.  Bare Necessities is a good site also but they are more bra focused.

      There used to be some garter belts that had hook and loop closure like a bra but I haven’t run across them in a while.  They allowed for some variation in size.  If you need a little shaping help Rago is also a good choice their OBG with six straps is excellent at doing the job and never pulls down it even has a tendency to ride up if you are doing a lot of vigorous movement.  If you need some tucking assist then their panty girdle with six straps is great but long leg panty girdles often come with a split crotch which might require some kind of gaff underneath so that you don’t fall through.   They have some firm control briefs that also have some removable suspenders but I have found that the gusset (piece between the legs) is too narrow and often pulls up one side or the other making for uncomfortable wardrobe adjustments.  My gaffing technique is still evolving so it might be my fault.   Best of luck.


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        You are on the money with SIL and Rago. Agree with SIL shipping charges and cost issues but they do have all the stuff.

        I get lots of stockings for the young lady and I from an Ebay seller,

        This place is very efficient, well priced and ships free and rapidly. The downside is he (?) runs out of stock of Gio stockings quickly, largely (I’d imagine) because of people such as me and the young lady.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Check out UK Tights and Mayfair (also UK) for belts that have hook & eye closures.

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      I know what you mean about having a gut , no hips and having it slip down. Had that problem all the time and have to keep reaching underneath the panties to pull them back up.                   I have found two ways to solve that problem. 1) first and easiest is to buy a corsetlet or an All-in-one body shaper that encompasses a bra, midsection waist cincher and 4 to 6 ( preferred) garters all in one garment. They are also known as a basque, Merry Widow. You can find them on line at Amazon or Rago. 2) use home made or bought  hip pads to give you fake hips that won’t slip down. That should take care of the problem. So happy you joined our retro girls in going with garter belt and stockings 😉👍


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      A garter or suspender belt has one job…… not move, and that way your stockings stay where they should. I know a decent amount about both garter belts and stockings and so, what works and what doesn’t.

      The traditional style of ‘no lycra’ stockings work very well as long as you have a non-moving garter belt. One brand I’d swear by are GIO RHT stockings. All you have to do is work out what size you need according to your feet and also where they will sit on your legs.

      You don’t want them stretching, but if you have everything working properly the guideline is you will feel the tops of your stocking tops sliding up and down your legs as long as your legs are shaved……

      There are two types (IMO). Garter belts that don’t move and can be worn all day, and ‘bedroom’ garter belts, ie, suitable only for hanky panky.

      This site sells far more than just garter belts but here is the link for them….

      Have a wander around that site….it’s lots of fun and you will find what you want/need.

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      I have never worn one and I’m not likely to start now but the issue seems similar to one I’ve had in another part of life.


      You might like to try hollywood tape (fashion tape) or ‘bum glue’ (body glue). Gymnasts, among others, use them to keep their costumes in place. None are waterproof but most have enough stick to hold well enough.  Could be a solution until you find something you like.




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      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      Rago is your best bet, I would order 2 different sizes. One by size guide and on size down, I have 2 Rago garter belts and love the fit and 6 straps. Using Amazon easy to return one that dove not fit. My next purchase will be an open bottom girdle from Rago. And would love to have a corselette with shoulder straps. I find the ones without shoulder straps have a hard time staying up.

      Ps the Rago Shapewear Waist Cincher with Garter Belt Style 21 would do the job and hold in every thing, I also have 2 and love the fit and they stay in place.

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        John Nice

        thanks…a follow up:

        if somewhat slim with a 33 or 34 waist, do I get XL or XL2

        big thanks for your responses!

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          Way too big- go with a large. Oh to yearn for the days of a 33 waist 😥 Been over 25 years.

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          John Nice

          really?  too large?

          all charts i see point a 33/34 to a XL or 2 or even 4.

          just double checking


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            Lynda Jones
            Baroness - Annual

            Women have HIPS for the garterbelt to stay up needs to be tight.v Goood Luck

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          Lynda Jones
          Baroness - Annual

          I would order the L and xo from Amazon and return one, I have XL with 36in waist.

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        John Nice

        thanks…nabbed a 6 strap garter…so far so good.

        can I bother you again?

        looking at a waist trainer…really like the 2107.

        are these too “high waist” for men?

        (and can you wear a garter belt with a waist cincher or nipper?)


        thanks for your patience!

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          Lynda Jones
          Baroness - Annual

          I have a Black, and Pink 2107, with garter straps look and fit great. A
          garterbelt would not fit correct with waist cincher as Garterbelts sit above the hips.

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      For me the best garter belt is a wide belted type (preferably lacy or nylon or fishnet). The wide belt gives more contact to prevent the belt from slipping.
      Another preference is that the suspenders belt matches my panties and bra…it looks so much better.

      I find that if the stockings are stay ups they don’t pull on the suspenders belt so much and everything stays where it should.

      Finally, in my experience stockings that reach higher on the thigh (as opposed to mid thigh or worse just able the knee) tend to pull down less and so keep the suspender belt in place more easily.

      Hope this helps darling.


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        This girl so agrees, loves finding a wide, deep , pretty, susi belt like the ones her London friend sends – the one she’s checking out now, so sensual and equisite.

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          Six to eight straps are the best with metal garter clips👍

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      I normally wear fully fashioned stockings and have had the best luck with an 8-strap garter belt. I have been wearing the same one for about five years and is beginning to wear out. Finding a good garter belt is always a challenge. Earlier this month I discovered a company called Swanky Pins They can be found here:
      They have an excellent selection of quality garter belts I have ordered a 10-strap plain panel that should be arriving any day now. As the company is in the UK you have to expect shipping and the exchange on the dollar. By the time it lands on my doorstep here in St. Catharines Ontario, my credit card says it will cost me $106 CDN. To me, it’s worth every penny to find something you want. I have found that just about everything I have bought from the UK is always high quality. You will find that on the cheaper garter belts, the clasps are always coming undone. That can be quite uncomfortable if the back clasp holding the welt up comes undone and now you are sitting on a loose clasp and you have to wait to go to a washroom to hook it back up. My old 8 strap was a Rago which had good clasps and never came unhooked in well over a thousand uses.
      Secrets in Lace used to be my go-to place for stockings and garter belts but they are slowly pricing themselves right out of business I just received my last two pairs last week which cost my credit card $90 for two pairs of RHT stockings. I have since found a Company in Canada called who have more reasonable prices and they have Cervin stockings.

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        My go to  for years now is called,

        like yours, their prices are getting out of reach unless you can catch a sale. Belts run about fifty dollars.

        Ill check out Shapings. We take such a hit on our dollar.

        • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Jill Lacey.
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          Hi Jill

          Nice to hear you are still around and kicking.

          Michelle 💋💋💋

          PS No longer in Ottawa now in ST. Catharines.

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        Checked out Shapings. Great site, thanks.


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        Great Michelle… Now I’m going to spend all day shopping around online.


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      Stay away from any belt that does not have metal clips. They may be more delicate and alluring, but they slip off, break, just about anything you don’t want them to do. I have both six and eight strap ones with wide body coverage. They will only roll when I sit or bend down, due to the food sack they have to compete with. One piece body suits with garters are also nice , but hot but do eliminate the rolling issue.  Good luck.

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        Twilla Thompson
        Baroness - Annual

        Six or eight straps with metal clips is the only way to go.  The additional straps help spread the top welt tension better around the leg to keep them up.  Which means the stockings aren’t trying to pull the belt down.


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      Well I had a interesting experience on Easter Saturday with one of the garters on my Rago 6109 Girdle, the materiel between the two metal sections parted company, I never even felt it part, I never noticed until the end of the day when I was getting changed back into my male attire, I know it was there went I went to the Bathroom heading back south some hours before.  Now I only have 3 garters, so I am back to pantyhose under my girdle until I get a replacement garter strap.

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        Easy fix! Before you spend any money on  a new garter strap do what I have done on several occasions , pull the separated material  and use Super Glue gel to wrap through the garter or pinch the whole piece of fabric together on bottom of girdle or belt. Let it dry holding firmly, then cover the out side with surgical, adhesive, or better yet white sports tape that sports trainers wrap around their players ankles or feet, That always Works!👍

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          Problem is I don’t know what happened to the piece of material!

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      I bought one garter belt with plastic loops and threw it away after one try with it. Unless they start making the hoops out of graphene, forget them.

      Metal hooks come in two general types: stamps with sharp right-angled edges; and rounded ones. The sharp edges can quickly ruin the stocking tops. The rounded ones are less likely to do that so quickly.

      The only issue that I have with so many tabs is broken fingernails and the amount of effort needed to do them up being my legs. I could end up dripping in sweat! Ugh!

      Any dressing tips?

      P.S. wear cotton gloves to protect your fragile stockings when you touch them.

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