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      Terri Anne


      Has the requirement for wearing a facial mask affected your use of makeup or not being  outside and dressed?

      Terri Anne


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      Terri Anne

      Thanks Dr, T.J.,

      Excellent answer.


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      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      Wearing  a mask will hide my facial hair. I could also hide with dark glasses.  This could finally get me out of the closet  for a short while.

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      I don’t wear a mask as they offer dubious benefits and indicate a state of paranoia for most people.

      A consultant I work with has said the best thing to do with masks is give them to people who are symptomatic. That way the mask would catch most of the virus infected droplets when they sneeze.

      As for makeup. Wear that as normal.

      Happy Easter girls.


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      Most of the time when I go out, I’m not near enough to people to have to worry about wearing a mask.  The two times I did wear one while out en femme, I didn’t put makeup under the mask, but did put a touch of foundation on my cheeks outside the mask just to make sure there is no facial hair showing.

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      I have a beard, and like to keep it. I plan to shave it to a shape that will fit under a mask and allow for it to seal properly.  This will allow me to go enfemme and keep my beard and go out in public without looking like a bearded lady.

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      No, I will be presenting as Don. The mask would just make a mess, so there’s no point…

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      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      Maybe wear a pretty  scarf  or bandana over the mask to look more girly………..and keeping distance so they don’t see too much!!!

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      [postquote quote=333509][/postquote]
      Anne-Marie – Surgical masks or homemade cloth masks are not perfect, but they do have at least some benefits in slowing the spread of the virus, just as social distancing isn’t perfect, but it helps. Further, you don’t have to show symptoms to spread coronavirus — you can be asymptomatic and still infect others. Please consider wearing a mask when interacting with the public, for the sake of all of us.

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      Since it’s been explained that the virus is contagious within an aerosol expelled in the form of a sneeze or cough within six feet of someone, I choose to maintain as normal of a life as possible.  I will not wear a mask (it’s not been mandated) and I will exercise proper protocol and keep a minimum of six feet from others.  I always covered my sneeze or cough going back to what I was taught as a child.  If you sneeze or cough without covering up, you’re just a senseless moronic pig!!

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      There’s research articles online showing results from monitoring sneeze clouds with high speed cameras. The larger, heavier droplets fall to the floor, but the really tiny ones respond to the prevailing air currents in the room. They can stay suspended in the room for long periods of time…

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      I live and work in the country in Maine. Today was Easter my wife and her sister have horses and this Easter morning while they where cleaning the barn I dressed all up nice tight jeans and fully made up and went to the barn . I had a bandana on over my makeup it was the first time my sister in – law has ever seen me dressed . She thought it was a neighbor I took my bandana off and she was some impressed and than I helped out with the barn . This will be a Easter to remember.  Yes if I wear a mask I would have makeup on if going out dressed up and I do stay six feet away . I hope you all had a good Easter and I hope every one is safe thanks



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      [postquote quote=334060][/postquote]
      It’s normal to cover your sneeze or cough, and I trust all the gurls here would do that in normal times. But we are living in abnormal times. There is evidence that the coronavirus can go airborne and infect others much farther away than six feet. I consider a mask the least I can do to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

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      I will wear a mask while out mainly as a extra precaution against bringing home the virus since my wife has a compromised immune system from her cancer. So far as makeup I would certainly do full face just simply because I like to see Stephanie looking fab in the mirror! After all I will be in my car most of the time. Beauty is nothing though without health! Be smart not vain.

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      So given that is appears to be possible to carry the virus and be asymptomatic my self sewn masks may be of some help in protecting others from myself. With the mask in place I am far less likely to touch my face. Especially because I’m wearing bright yellow rubber gloves. I’ve also made a face shield by stapling some acetate sheeting to the outer edge of the brim of a sailing hat. That worked out incredibly well this weekend and I got lots of thumbs up. I’ve also seen people wearing a mask and swimming or ski goggles…..

      My first masks were simply cotton fabric from one of my favorite worn out dress shirts machine sewn over dust masks I use doing sanding or sweeping in my woodshop.

      But here’s an interesting and maybe perverse development…

      I have long blonde hair, and with my hair out and wearing one of my first masks I was addressed in the feminine case over and over.  So I sewed some new masks with some pretty floral cotton print from one of my kerchiefs. I did up my eyes only and wore a bra and forms at the grocery store and got once again addressed in the feminine case over and over.

      So it seems odd, but El Covido is giving us an open door to present easily enfemme….a door we should walk through.

      Be careful boys…it’s a jungle out there!

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      If I was going out dressed yes I would have makeup on but I don’t wear a mask anyway, you’re waisting your time. You would have to wear a space suit to avoid this thing, don’t say that too loud or that will be next. lol

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      Lori Stark wrote:

      It’s normal to cover your sneeze or cough, and I trust all the gurls here would do that in normal times. But we are living in abnormal times. There is evidence that the coronavirus can go airborne and infect others much farther away than six feet. I consider a mask the least I can do to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

      Lori, I respect your right to wear a mask if you wish.  I believe my methodology is just as effective as yours.  You and I are more likely to die in a car crash tomorrow than die from Coronovirus.  I will not subject myself to the fears perpetrated upon us by the mass media and big government.

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        [postquote quote=334530][/postquote]

        For perspective, US automobile fatalities are just under 40,000 per year. Coronavirus fatalities are at about 23,000 so far and we’re about at mid-April…

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      People who do NOT wear a mask are being inconsiderate of there friends and love ones. You can be an Asymptomatic  carrier and you or no one else knows.


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      This ties in nicely with the post about pantsuits. Good idea in the face of El Covido.

      So…any ideas where I can get a shapely, form fitted space suit, in a nice roses or daffodils print? It is spring after all.

      We are are own masters ….and our own fools.

      My lovely aquamarine and pink face mask might just protect…you! from me.

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      I do wear a mask whenever I know I might be in close proximity to other people. These days that’s just once or twice a week when I shop for groceries or medicine. The mask-wearing has discouraged me from dressing, since I can’t see Lori. Indeed, I haven’t seen her since the “lockdown” began and I’m really starting to miss her. 🙂

      Where I live (California) compliance has been very good. We know you can shed the virus just by breathing or talking, never mind sneezing or coughing. So we’re all staying in, keeping our distance and covering our faces. And the results are clear: We have twice as many people as New York, and just a tenth as many cases of Covid-19. To put it another way, our behavior may have saved 50,000 lives so far.

      So it’s disheartening to think there are many who do not or will not go along with the minimal inconvenience of wearing a mask in public. It’s not a matter of politics, “paranoia” or “big government.” It’s a matter of science and public health. Perhaps the personal protective gear we as civilians have access to isn’t designed 100% to keep us from becoming infected, but a simple mask will go a long way to slow the spread of this deadly, contagious virus. And that’s all we have right now, because there’s no immunity, no vaccine, no treatment, and no cure.

      Voluntary or not, inconvenient or not, count me among the millions complying with CDC and White House guidelines, for all my sisters — and brothers.

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      Oops! There’s a typo in my comment. It should say “To put it another way, our behavior may have saved 30,000 lives so far.” Still worth it, I think.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes, I put on makeup as usual except for lipstick. I find that can smear if the mask touches it. I can apply some if I am somewhere that doesn’t require a mask, then blot most of it off before putting the mask back on.</p>

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      I’m just not Bettylou without my makeup; and since I found a way to look presentable, I always put my face on to go out. But it only the past two weeks or so that I put a mask in the car to wear every time I go.

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      I wore a mask yesterday at the grocery store not because I was worried about covid-19 but it made me harder to recognize in my first time out in public dressed had gloves on to help hide the masculinity of my hands which have been getting the crap beat out of them lately by my work. But I was fully made up as that’s how I like to be red lipstick on under the mask and freshly painted red nails on under my gloves

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      Dawn Judson

      Haven’t had to do that yet, but if I did, I’d just do my eyes. My wife says that a lot of the women, at her store, are complaining that all their makeup comes off on the mask.


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        Carolyn Kay
        Baroness - Annual

        Your wife is right, I have tried twice just to wear lipstick under my mask only to have it get all over the mask and smear some around my lips. Not a great look when you take it off, lol.

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      How stubborn and so self-minded some of us are! The infection gate swings both ways girls, this is not about “personal” rights or convenience. It is about keeping whatever virus or bacteria you might be incubating,be it could be Covid-19, but t it could also be about keeping the common cold, regular flu, tuberculosis, peridontitus…..TO YOURSELF….Or don’t you care about..me?

      Plus, trust me as I’ve done this now a dozen times or so, it gives us a chance to dress in public with an added sense of security. Do you know how uplifting it can be to be addressed in the feminine case ten or twelve times on a shopping outing?

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      A look at the countries who have flattened the curve shows almost universal public  mask use. It keeps ones’germs to oneselves. Listen to the news around the world and you’ll see that mask use in being mandated as economies creak back to life. It only makes sense to deal with both ends of the horse in this crisis.

      In this case “50,000 flies CAN be right!”

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      Oh honey, I never leave home without my makeup, mask or no mask.  That is the one truly good thing about this whole nonsense.  That little mask makes me that much more passable and acts like one of those comic hero “invisibility cloaks”!

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      Everyday I wear lip plumping lip gloss, lip shimmer or nude lipstick even to work. It is covered by a mask most of the time, but we have taken our masks off in meetings if we are distancing. So I voted yes.

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      I wear a face mask when I go into a building where there are other human beings, with the exception of a restaurant, or makeup artist.

      Outside, I only wear the mask in crowds, where the 2m distancing can’t be guaranteed.

      Much better safe than sorry.

      COVID-19 is not just another cold – you cannot predict the effects it will have on you.

      Your call, but for pity’s sake, don’t pass it on, especially to someone more vulnerable than you. You could kill them, or their grandmother, or…

      Love Laura


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      Girlfriends, if I am out as Annie I always wear makeup.   Might take the mask off to get a drink or eat a bite.  I don’t wear it in the car so if nothing else my makeup must be perfect for me.

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      This is a difficult question for me to answer  for a couple of reasons. I did select no as it was the most accurate answer.  However, given that I don’t wear makeup and don’t wear a mask, was I really answering the question? I’m not sure.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Terri Anne

      Hi Mac,

      Very late answer,  I had worded the question for answers.  However, my selecting ‘pole’  made it into a binary choice.

      I have edited the 1st word in the question from How to Has.


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      If I’m going outside I’m definitely wearing makeup 💄

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        You and me both Jazz….girls must be girls xxx

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      The mask allows for easier passing, simple as that. At first I just did my eye makeup…but the feeling was missing. So now I do some light foundation and lip tint so that it doesn’t soil the mask and I feel more feminine.

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      Hi Terri Anne, I’m one of those lucky people who don’t have to wear makeup to usually pass. I get called Ma’am at the grocery store every week and a female pronoun by servers in restaurants.  One of my grocery stores have implemented a “must wear mask” rule starting next week. So I’ll wear a mask but won’t need to wear makeup to pass. I usually only wear makeup when I get glammed up in a LBD and high heels (which obviously I don’t wear shopping, LOL).  Stay healthy, stay safe, All the Best, Hugs, Krista.

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      I always put on my makeup. The mask isn’t worn at all times, such as while driving or filling up with gas.

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      I think that the wearing of masks is a shame myself, but maybe it just might give some girls the confidence to actually get out and relieve their frustrations…just a thought xx

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      I’m exactly like our member Jazz Fem: if I’m going out, I’m wearing make-up.
      I have a transparent plastic mask intended for court staff whose lips need to be visible to deaf lip readers, although I’m not so employed. In my current local climate this mask has fogged my sunglasses and eyeglasses, which I functionally need more than I need to show off my lipstick. Experiment ms continue.

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      Amy Myers

      I have gone out a few times, and I’ve always worn makeup under my mask. With that and the big sunglasses I have, I could get away with any, but I do eye makeup as well. I have got fairly good at my face, and really like the look more then without make up, but my eye makeup skills are still lacking somewhat.


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      Hi Amy

      I went to a fantastic demo of eye makeup and, while I am nowhere near perfect, I got some great takeouts:

      The smoky eye look is really easy to make a decent fist of.

      Have some brushes to hand, and make dots of eyeliner on the top and bottom lids.

      Then brush, with a fine brush. Doesn’t matter if it’s slightly smudgy. You can over brush a little white makeup to make your eyes pop.

      Then the top lids. Go for 3 graded colours – dark to light, working from the bridge of your nose. Again, smudgy works, you want it all to blend. You can go beyond the lid a little for effect.

      Use a bigger, softer brush to get a nice, natural, smoky blend.

      Finally, mascara.

      Use sparingly, brush the lashes the “wrong” way (top down, bottom up) first, to volumise, then the “right way” to shape. Use a little lash comb before and after mascara for max volume.

      Admire your smoking eyes!

      Love Laura

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