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    Sometimes life gets busy. That is me right now. I don’t mean to sound like I am complain or whining. A week ago my stepdaughter got married, it was a small beautiful wedding and I walked her down the aisle. We were so busy with helping her and getting things ready. We have relatives from out of town who came in for the wedding and are staying in our house. They are here for most of October. Last week, I came down with a nasty head cold. I missed a few days of work. I went to the doctor and was tested for Covid, thankfully it was negative. I have been on the phone with my cousin who is in the hospital with Covid. Yesterday my stepdaughter and her new hubby stopped by for a visit. Also a neighbor stopped by. It turned into an impromptu football party and everyone stayed for dinner and late into the evening. Tuesday I have an appointment with my oncologist, this is weighing on my mind. I am back at work this morning and I work 10 hour days. I have not had makeup on for several weeks. I have not had time to myself. Some friends have sent me PM’s. Please understand that I have not had time to send you a thoughtful and meaningful answer. My time on CDH has been limited. In a few days my relatives will leave. I hope to be feeling better from my head cold and get my life back to normal. I am doing the best that I can with my self care.

    Hugs to all my sisters here!


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      I want to thank everyone who responded here or just in thought. A big thank you hug to everyone! YOU are all wonderful!!!❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹

      My life seems to be getting back to normal now. October just seemed to be a tsunami of events. One at a time, sometimes I can manage. But all at once? Crazy! Yes, an important lesson that was mentioned here and for all of us to remember is take care of yourself. I guess with all going on, my oncology appointment started to worry me more than normal. All went well. See him again for blood test and visit in 4 months. The wedding went well, and our relatives who stayed with us left for home. I have recovered from my head cold. Last night I got my epilator out and removed body and leg hair. Right now I put on a little lip plumper and polishing toenails with my favorite color, Sally Hansen Diamonds. Maybe tweeze my eyebrows after the polish dries.


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      Amanda Burton
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      Kay sweetie sometimes in life you just have to pause and refill the tank. Sort out you health first sweetie, that the most important thing in life.

      Sounds like you have an amazing family that’s the second important thing in life, those that love you and those you love.

      We all miss things when we are ill and it’s is frustrating, but sweetie the good vibes will be back, and your friends on here all love you and miss your input , and wish you well, but we understand that everyone needs a break or rest sometimes.

      Get well priority Kay, best wishes Amanda xx

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      The most significant thing is to take care of yourself. That means managing work/life balance, doing things that make you feel good and trying to always have to for yourself. The thing is, if you are in less than good shape, it effects everyone around you…

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      Dana “Jennifer” Banton
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      Hope you feel better soon Kay!


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      Hi Kay, Congrats on the wedding.  My daughter got married on a beach with only close family attending so I never got to walk her down the aisle.  Not sure if I could handle all the relatives for that length of time. Good on you.  Sorry to hear about your cold but it’s good it wasn’t covid.  Take care, stay safe, stay healthy, All the very Best, Hugs, Krista.

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      Hope you feel better Kay, I know how life can get in the way of things. Just remember, there’s always an end.

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      Lady Michelle
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      Feel better honey ❤💋

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      Rei Durden
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      After all that I give you credit finding the time to be here at all!
      Sending you good thoughts and feelings.

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      Kay darling…

      Golly girl, I had to sit down halfway through your post…just reading it tired me out!!

      Joking apart, I do feel for you, my goodness, what a scramble your life is at the moment, everything has decided to come at once!!..poor you.

      but one thing is certain, it will settle down and the good news will be….you get more Kay time and we get our gorgeous sister back !!

      big socially distanced huggs, grace ❤️❤️

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Take care Kay, hope you are feeling better soon, and get a break from hosting  to recharge the batteries and get some time to let the Kay in you out.


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      patty williams
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      Hi Kay,

      I totally understand where you coming from.

      Life can get so busy and working 40 hrs a week the weekends fly by before I get a chance to get any girl time.

      I have not been effected by your businesss but I just wanted to say I can totally relate.

      I sure hope you get good news from your oncologist sweetie.

      Hugs Patty

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      Ria Freichuk
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      Hi Kay

      As one who has been through the cancer treatments I could not dress for 7 months. Things did not look positive at the beginning and I purged everything. Thankfully I survived a near death experience and while recuperating wondered if I was still one body but 2people.

      The amazing thing is that my female side not only survived but is more determined to get out. Hang in there girl, I am cheering you on.

      Hugs Ria

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      Hang in there girl, hopefully you can get some Kay time soon

      sending hugs and chocolate

      Seren xx

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