Truth in CD images in advertising

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    Are you girls as suspicious as I am about the true gender of “females” in photos on many crossdressing sites, resources, fashion & makeup sites. On sites like this one, and Lucille Sorella or Fiona Dobson or Strapped in Silk-Teresa Bowers the photos are clearly of true gender women.

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     Cynthia Dubois 
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    It’s like when they use glue instead of milk when they advertise cereal- advertisers are about selling an image, not about reality.  Some of the women you see on those sites are cisgendered.  I think we have plenty of beautiful women where they don’t need to do that, but I’m not in advertising, so what do I know?

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    Hi Harietta………..truth in advertising???????  No such thing……did you ever get a McDonalds burger that looks like the one on media or sales board?  I would hope that firms who advertise our “female needs” would use real CD/TS/ people, but………who knows. I have met several CD/TS folk and believe me……they look 100 %, even speech and mannerisms!  You have to be realistic with yourself…..sometimes even surgery is not going to do it…….just be the best you can. Pleasure chatting with you….hope to hear more from you.

    Lady Veronica

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