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    Andi DuBois
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    Partly inspired by this thread and partly by an incident where I shaved an area that isn’t normally shaved and which has itched for the last three days I think a small game of “wax, shave, depilate (using cream)” is in order.

    Given that COVID restrictions are still in place (here in the UK at least) professional waxing services aren’t available. IPL type devices are banned as we can’t expect the dent in the bank account or the device itself to go unnoticed.

    So for each body part (back, sack, crack, legs, arm, chest) is it self-wax, shave or depilatory cream?


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      Jenny Jones
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      I shave my face, use veet on my chest and body (I found nair frequently burns), and then wax my legs. I tried an epilator, but it did literally nothing, but hurt. I swept it up and down my cheek and despite feeling the hair being pulled no hair was removed. So now I just stick to the above methods, always on the lookout for something better though.

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      Regine Rich
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      I know Im late to this, but,
      I have tried everything under the sun, my wife helped me with waxing which worked well, but after a couple times I was able to use my epilator on my whole body except for the hanging bits, and my face, I just keep them trimmed short(the hanging bits)
      I am able to do about halfway up my neck, now, and working slowly higher.
      The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the results are soooo worth it.
      P.S, you do need a good quality epilator, I am on my second one and oh so happy with it

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      Sandy Honey
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      Hair removal creams are too rough on my skin in sensitive areas. I have a home waxing pot and use that in those areas…hurts but not for long and leaves me baby smooth. I read a shaving article about shaving around your bikini area and it said to wash first with warm water then use shaving cream not shaving foam or soap. The use a new razor with 3 or more blades. Shave with the growth of the hair once then go back over it against the growth only once. They said it will start to help reduce a rash over time but to never go over and over the same area when shaving. This summer I hope to start electrolysis on my chest and abdomen. Then when that is done start my back.


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      Dawn Wyvern
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      Hi Andi

      I use creams to remove my hair and it works well, but you have to ensure that you remove all the residual cream other wise it itches after.

      hugs Dawn

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      Rozalyne Richards
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      Hi Andi i would love to have a professional all over body wax, but at the moment i just shave everywhere, it can be a bit labour intensive shaving but you have to keep on top of it,

      Hugs Rozalyne x

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      Jennifer Lynn
      Registered On: August 15, 2020
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      The only places on my body that require hair removal are my underarms which I shave once a week and that nether region which I will be getting a Brazilian waxing again once the salons are open for business again.

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      Emily Violet
      Registered On: August 7, 2020
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      Hi Andi

      I would recommend going to a salon for a wax.

      I also have had bad shaving rashes, waxing is only painful when you’re having it done, and then i didn’t find it too bad, where as a bad shaving rash can irritate for days.

      Here in the UK salons are opening on 12 April so not too long to wait


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      monique slette
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      I shave everywhere. Doesnt seem to leave a rash. I have done it for along time. Monique

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        Andi DuBois
        Registered On: January 7, 2021
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        Given that I’ve had a reaction to shaving certain areas (others being fine) then I think I may try a cream for sensitive skin on some of them and see what happens.


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I’ve gotten accustomed to shaving everywhere other than my back, which i cannot reach in any event, and which my wife will sometimes wax, and my chest and underarms, until today. I’m going slow on changing my grooming, at the request of my wife, she who must be obeyed, as Lisa says (and i have to wonder how many outside the UK get that reference). But tomorrow, she’s taking Bridgette to get a proper bra fitting, and so finally the remainder of hair below the eyebrows goes… and I’m buying an IPL with some of that “stimulus” money before any more turns grey.

      A new cleaner Bridgette

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      Registered On: January 31, 2021
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      Thanks for asking this Andi. I’m ok shaving except for the sensitive area at the top of my legs and pubis where I very easily get shavers rash. Plan B is I’m growing it out now (itchy) and she who must be obeyed has promised not to be too sadistic when waxing.

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