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    Mary Jane
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    I’m flicking through the forums and finding many gals are saying how big they are.

    I used to be a chronic asthmatic. Was for over 50 years. I started the keto diet 18 months ago when I hit 118kg. (260 pounds.) 6 months later I was off my asthma meds, and haven’t been on them since. I am now 75kg. (165 pounds)

    I have gone from xxl clothing. Which was size 22 / 24 (australian sizes) female dresses and tops.

    I had to purge my whole wardrobe. Both male and female clothes. I was able to salvage one skirt, and pleat it around the hem, and did a good job. Even if I do say so.

    I’m now a size medium in mens tops, 32 /34 mens jeans. Size 12 / 14 stretchy jeans, skirts and dresses.

    And I no longer have a triple chin.

    I am now wearing a size 16 bra. Previously it was a 20 / 22.

    The diet is particularly good if your diabetic, have autoimmune illnesses, and other inflammatory illnesses.

    That’s my story. If you struggle with your weight, and or other illnesses, check it out.



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      For me the only diet that works is – eat less move more.  I’m down 30 lbs over seven years so am rewarding myself with a tummy tuck next month.  Can’t wait.

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      Amanda Burton
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      Just shows that healthy diet and some light exercise, can change your life dramatically. Always seek professional help before starting anything,so any  health issues you have or may not know you have can be monitored. Congratulations to all those that have so far achieved great strides forward and at the same time improved their health. Brilliant 👏👏👏👏

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      Rei Durden
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      I know a number of people, family, friends and co-workers who’ve had great success with the Keto lifestyle. Loss of weight, pain, reduction in diabetes and blood pressure meds and more.

      On a more personal note, my wife and I have lost more than 50 lbs since adopting a plant based diet 3 years ago (almost vegan, we’re working at it)

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      Mary Jane
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      Thats funny

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      Maggie May
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      I had bariatric surgery and lost 180 lbs. I went from 360 to 180 and changed a bunch of sizes. I laugh and tell my wife that I actually have a figure now and don’t look pregnant in some of the dresses I have LOL

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Mary Jane  Congratulations You must feel great. I went from size 14-16 dress to 18 -20 during this China virus. So many of us have. My hair dresser gained at least 20 pounds mostly in her breast and butt. I felt so bad for her the bra straps were digging into her skin. It not over yet Just keep off the couch and keep moving. I have been eating more salads and try to stay active at least eight hours a day. Thank you for sharing your success  story. We all need support in any way we can get it.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Mary Jane
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      • It does your self esteem, and joints a whole heap of good.
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      Suzette York
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      Mary Jane,

      Thank you for your inspirational story.  i started to change my lifestyle and lost over 40 pounds.  With the COVID fatigue i gained much of that back – i am back on track now and trying to lose some of the weight it is a struggle but i am hopeful that i might be successful as you have been.  i will try and my goal is to get down to something around 175lbs but i know it will take time.  Hearing a success story like yours gives me more hope with a problem i have been struggling with my whole life but i know it is important for my health as well as my self esteem.


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