What do you enjoy most about crossdressing?

This poll asks you what you enjoy most about crossdressing.

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  • I love looking like, acting like, and passing as a woman in public
  • I love being treated like a woman
  • I love wearing lingerie
  • I love wearing women's clothing
  • I love wearing makeup and doing my nails
  • I love being soft and smooth all over
  • I love being able to express that softer, more feminine side of me
  • I love being able to change my look by changing my wig
  • I love being seen as a sensual, sexual woman
  • I enjoy the artistry of transforming from male to female
  • I plan to transition at some point, so this allows me to move one step closer to my goal
  • I'll never be able to transition, so this allows me to come as close as I can
  • All of the above
  • Other
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    Holly Morris
    Registered On: April 15, 2022
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    Hi ladies!

    As crossdressers, we come to our feminine sides from many different backgrounds, so that means we also have many different crossdressing interests. For some of us, we like to portray a woman as convincingly as possible so that we can pass as women in public, while for others, you may just enjoy wearing lingerie around the house. Some like the sensual or sexual aspects of crossdressing, while others love the more matronly aspects. Some enjoy the artistic component of transforming from male to female, while others like the drag queen look. Some of us feel like women and this is a way to express that femininity, while others just enjoy crossdressing as a stepping stone to transition. And on and on and on…

    So as you can te;;, there are lots and lots of different reasons to enjoy crossdressing, which is one of the reasons that crossdressing is so wonderful and so much fun!

    So this poll asks, what do you enjoy most about crossdressing?

    I know that I didn’t list every possible interest (and there is no way that I can), so if I didn’t provide an option that is close, please add more detail in the comments.

    And as always, enjoy being a crossdresser! It’s absolutely wonderful to be a woman!



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      Jess Secret
      Registered On: February 18, 2021
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      It’s a combo for me, I absolutely love lingerie and how it makes me look & feel, I love getting in touch with my softer & fem side and I *love* being sensual and sexy by wearing lingerie. It’s heaven.

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      Jenny Liu
      Registered On: January 27, 2022
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      Crossdressing allows me to get as close to being a female as I can get, since I don’t have plans to transition.  The feeling of me being portrayed as a woman (and a slutty one I might add) makes me really excited and aroused.  I also enjoy the process of MTF: selecting my outfits (dress, skirts, blouse, bra, panty, garter belt, stockings, heels, wig, etc.) and then putting them on.  Piece by piece onto my body, ah!  The feeling!

      After all the dressing up, I’ll take pics/vids (for self-enjoyment & self-critique).  If I have time, I’ll chat/cam with others.



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      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      Trying to act like and “within the inner me”be the mature elegant lady” I perceive Caty to be..

      And that encompasses all that we CD’s strive to look and feel female Clothes, (especially upscale silk lingerie),shoes, jewellery. make up/hair,

      Once in Caty mode all my other “troubles and woes” just fade away

      Happy dressing


      PS I forgot one of the most important things… Breast Forms in a lacy underwire bra

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      Jocelyn Beyoody
      Registered On: May 4, 2022
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      I never felt comfortable in my male skin. I kept to myself. I would watch my mom and the lady’s from our street like I was on a stakeout. Though I was older, I would sneak around to spy on my sister and her friends. What they were talking about, mostly boys. Even for the adults. I was fascinated by the clothes. When I discovered my mom’s lingerie. I found my Holy Grail.
      I had more than a few indidents with other boys, but I wasn’t interested. While in High School, my girlfriend, wore the hottest, sexiest panties and bras. I was hooked. I only dated girls same size as me to wear their clothes. I would take, or they left behind.
      The sex, now became a major part. Some would run away, other’s enjoyed my kinky side.
      I don’t know what exactly happened. My mom dying? Now, I feel I must persue this to my fullest. All my life, I half-assed everything. My heart wasn’t in it. When I’m Jocelyn, I fianally see myself. I’m safe. And as you can see I can’t shut up. I had no voice, so I yelled at everyone.
      That’s not how I feel today. I hear me, my mom hears me as she is watching over me. For first time in my life, I can honestly say I love myself. I’m sorry girls I’m rambling on. I’m so happy I found this place. It truly is heaven to me!!!! Thank you all!!! Love Jocelyn

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      Michelle Brown
      Registered On: August 23, 2015
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      For me,Its the sense of completeness.Ever since I was 10 years of age{back in prehistoric age when we had carburators on engines and the spark plugs were visible}I have known something was different about me.That something was and is crossdressing.The feel of the clothing ,the taste of the lipstick and fragrance of the perfume gives me a sense of peace and contentment that makes me whole.My apologies ladies in case I rambled tooo much.I love being a crossdresser. Michelle.

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      Registered On: January 24, 2017
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      Hi Holly, When I was younger I had a distinct “male” self and a “female” self.  The boundaries were pretty clear.  Since retiring over five years ago, the distinction between male and female has gone away.  So the sense of crossdressing has also gone away.  Now I just wear my clothes, the majority of which would be considered female clothing (the brand, style, material, and the fact the tag says “Ladies”).  I no longer need to wear a wig as my hair has grown past my bra strap.  While my friends still see me as male (who just happens to dress a bit different), most strangers see me as female. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I’m probably more of a Trans than a CD (though I think there are many CDs who are also Trans).  My being seen as female would make my Mom very happy.  She always told me I should have been a girl.  And she gave me my female name – as soon as she said Krista, I loved it. I wish she was still alive to see me now.  If there is a heaven, and she is watching over me, I’m sure she is very happy, finally getting the daughter she always wanted to have.  Have a lovey rest of the week, Hugs, Krista🐶

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: August 25, 2016
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      I think what I enjoy most about crossdressing is that I can just be myself. Sure, all those things listed are parts of it but just being able to dress and relax as the real me, is the most rewarding.

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      Suzanne Martin
      Registered On: January 8, 2020
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      I have always enjoyed the feel of the clothes, especially the lingerie.  I find it very calming to be able to dress.  I’ll never pass and have only been out in public twice dressed.  The first time was in college for Halloween which was fun, but at the time I didn’t realize how much crossdressing was part of me. The other was recently at a support group meeting which was nice. I wish I had as it could have been the start of an interesting life.  I also feel sexy when I dress, to be able to sashay around the house and primp in front of the mirror is an enjoyable way for me to spend time when dressed.  It makes me feel sexy.  When I was younger there was a sexual aspect to my dressing, which only occurred on a very infrequent basis (like years apart and then only briefly).  Now there are occasions that there is a sexual aspect as well as questioning my sexuality, which I think is only natural.

      We all have our reasons for why we dress but in the end it is the enjoyment we get from being able to express our feminine side.


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      Katherine Boesemann
      Registered On: October 6, 2019
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      I hovered over many of the options as most of them apply (or nearly apply) to me with only one exception, namely the “transitioning” option, as I neither can nor want to be permanently a woman.
      I would, however, like to be a woman for half (or perhaps, only a third) of the time.
      Generally, I am comfortable with being a male and really like being male, but there are times when it feels good to have a break from being a man with all its tedium and peculiar stress.
      At times like these, it is incredibly relaxing and refreshing to assume a female persona and although I usually only indulge in this “therapy” when home alone, I have grown increasingly bolder since acquiring a wig (and mastering the art of creating “breasts”) and have begun more often to venture out onto my driveway while en femme.
      Delightfully, not one passerby has ever given me a second glance (and I have noticed that women passing by are more relaxed towards me than if I were out in front as a man – which I find wonderful).
      At some point in the not too distant future, I hope to stroll up my street to the corner shop while presenting as a woman.

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      Barbie Satin
      Registered On: May 15, 2022
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      As a fetish girl it was 90% sexual for me. That will never change.


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      Registered On: June 8, 2022
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      In the beginning there was definitely a sexual aspect to it then as I started to understand it better and started getting older it just started to become normal for me and that’s how I was supposed to be and I embraced it and went on with it

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      Brenda-Leigh Doucette
      Registered On: April 5, 2022
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      For me, it is entirely sexual… I crave to be in 3/4 sleeve dresses, robes or gowns, and a long veil. i have been this way most of my life.. crossdressing excites me like nothing else does. I love it, i crave it and i desire it always.

      Some consider it a “disorder;” i consider it a gift that i will treasure throughout my life. I love being veiledbrenda and always will.

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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      I was always drawn to women’s clothes from a young age.  There was never a sexual feeling or connection, it just felt right when I had them on, in later years whenever I was dressed I would have a sense of inner calm and peace. This past year I finally realized and accepted that I am and have always been transgender and I now live as a woman and enjoy the knowledge that these are my clothes.


      Lauren M

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      Amy Catrelle
      Registered On: January 2, 2022
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      It’s fun, exciting, It makes me feel sexy (sometimes sexual). And it makes me happy. I love it.

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      Alison Anderson
      Registered On: October 15, 2018
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      My primary reason when I started is that I like wearing women’s clothes.  Looking, acting and passing as a woman and being treated as a woman are more learned behaviors.  Even very young it is apparent that a boy can’t just put on women’s clothes without being ridiculed or at least be an attention getter.  If I want to be able to wear women’s clothes in public, I have to learn to look and act as a woman, which leads to being treated as a woman.

      I didn’t add makeup and nails, although that’s not exactly true.  I like some aspects of makeup (and knowing how to cover up a black eye I gave myself once was pretty useful), particularly eye shadows.  I occasionally like to put on nail polish, but I often don’t have the time to put it on and let it cure (not just surface dry). I usually have to be male in the morning before going out in the evening, and need to be male again early next morning.  Without enough time for the polish to really dry, it’s usually not worth it to me.

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