A Solid White Calvin Klein Classic!

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by scarlett398

I found this solid white Calvin Klein Classic at The Ross Store for $29! The dress still had it's original Calvin Klein tags on it and originally sold for $134! Couldn't pass this one up. I could put this dress on 30 years from now and it would still be in style! Don't ya think!


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    1. lyla james 4 weeks ago

      Yes , that dress is timeless ,and you look great wearing it.

    2. Mitzi May 4 weeks ago

      That’s a classic dress. A LWD (little white dress) to go with your LBD.

    3. Michelle Liefde 4 weeks ago

      Absolutely, Scarlett! Loving the dress!

    4. Jennifer Acevedo 4 weeks ago

      Very nice Scarlett

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