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Emily Dohar

12-06-2023 I have now been a CDH member for about a year and I cannot fully express the gratitude and love to all of my sisters that have made this experience so wonderful. I thought that I would update my Bio a bit and reflect on this past year. Prior to joining, Emily didn't have a name even though she has been part of my life for over 60 years. Choosing a name has become a defining moment in the development of her. She has become a good friend who shares her enthusiasm and brings joy and happiness to life. It is exciting to watch her gain confidence, poise, a sense of fashion (even if her wardrobe is limited), and understanding of the desire to express her essence. I gained courage over the past year to tell my wife which eliminates the fear of being caught, and even though my wife doesn't understand and chooses not to participate is this side of my life, I am glad I told her. I do not dress in her presence. Once she got over the shock and a bit of anger, I understand, she has on occasion made comments that leads me to believe she is processing this information and I may be seeing a softening of her position. As far as Emily's progress, she is making strides with her presentation and compared to early photos she has grown leaps and bounds. You all have helped Emily with so many aspects, especially with makeup. Although there is still work to be done with that. Maybe a makeover is in the cards. Thanks to all. Love and peace to all, Emily P.S. I am leaving my initial bio as a marker of the beginning. 12-21-2022 Well, I love taking time to be me at every moment. Most of the time I am thought of as a man in society. Well all of the time because only two people know about Emily, and they would rather not know anything about her, which means I cannot share her with anyone, lonely. I am now retired and have more opportunities to dress. Still working on getting it "right". Knowing that I am a man, creates challenges when going to the other side, but I am getting the mind set right. Yes I am a man but you might not know it if you ever saw me on the street.

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    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    6 months ago

    Wow, it’s great seeing so many photos today of our members having fun dressing up. Today’s theme should be The Joy of Crossdressing! You look lovely, Emily, and you are clearly enjoying your time en femme. That smile says it all.

    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    6 months ago
    Reply to  Emily Dohar

    Thank you so much, Emily. But guess what?! I see that this photo has been selected as one of the featured photos for the day. Congratulations!

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