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I am a late-blooming transgender woman, a 68 years old scientist who retired two years,ago but who is keeping busy with new research projects. In terms of origins, I was born and raised in France, and came to the United States in my late teens when my parents moved here. I am married with two grown children, and although consciousness of my transgender state has pervaded my life since childhood, over the last couple of years it has become more acute, leading me to be more involved socially and publicly as a crossdresser. This has led to considerable stress for my spouse, but I believe that we are coping and on the right track for regaining stability. I live in the Boston area.

About the backdrop picture in my home page: The pictures in the collage are all by Gerda Wegener, the wife of the painter Einar Wegener, a transgender woman who transitioned in the late 1920s to become Lili Elbe (aka “the Danish Girl”, in the movie of the same name which came out a few years ago).

En noir
En noirstephaniegoldCasual
2 2
Makeover FemmeFever
Makeover FemmeFeverstephaniegoldCasual
6 4
In my green dress
In my green dressstephaniegold
3 2
FemmeFever #2
FemmeFever #2stephaniegold
4 3
Black dress day this time around
Black dress day this time aroundstephaniegoldCasual
0 2
Why doesn’t this work?
Why doesn’t this work?stephaniegoldCasual
3 1
More about the black dress
More about the black dressstephaniegold
2 2
Me as a blonde?
Me as a blonde?stephaniegoldCasual
5 4
With dark hair
With dark hairstephaniegoldCasual
1 3
My dark hair again
My dark hair againstephaniegoldCasual
1 2
3 4
I love you all!!!
I love you all!!!stephaniegoldCasual
0 1
Pink I
Pink IstephaniegoldCasual
1 1
FemmeFever Makeover by Karen (earlier 2023)
FemmeFever Makeover by Karen (earlier 2023)stephaniegoldCasual
10 2
Short dress, back
Short dress, backstephaniegoldCasual
1 1
Short dress, front
Short dress, frontstephaniegoldCasual
3 2
Friday evening relaxation
Friday evening relaxationstephaniegoldCasual
3 2
At the Neighborhood Cafe
At the Neighborhood CafestephaniegoldCasual
2 3
My favorite flowery dress
My favorite flowery dressstephaniegoldCasual
5 2
and the red dress (again?)
and the red dress (again?)stephaniegold
2 2
My new summer hat
My new summer hatstephaniegoldCasual
4 4
In Charlestown
In CharlestownstephaniegoldCasual
0 2
Charlestown with cool glasses
Charlestown with cool glassesstephaniegoldCasual
1 1
Summer gown IV
Summer gown IVstephaniegoldCasual
1 1
Summer gown II
Summer gown IIstephaniegoldCasual
0 1
Summer gown I
Summer gown IstephaniegoldCasual
1 2
In the wig shop
In the wig shopstephaniegold
4 3
Looking up, red on red
Looking up, red on redstephaniegoldCasual
0 1
Melding into the art work
Melding into the art workstephaniegoldCasual
3 2
At the computer
At the computerstephaniegoldCasual
0 1
Gray dress this time
Gray dress this timestephaniegold
3 3
My favorite dress for lounging II
My favorite dress for lounging IIstephaniegoldCasual
1 2
My favorite dress for lounging I
My favorite dress for lounging IstephaniegoldCasual
7 1
At the beach
At the beachstephaniegoldCasual
1 3
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