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      Hi ladies!

      Being a crossdresser is wonderful, especially getting to choose and wear all of those lovely styles, cuts and colors of lingerie!

      Lingerie typically comes in black, white, beige, pink and red as fairly standard colors, but of course it is also available in lots of other colors.

      Which got me wondering…, do you have a favorite color of lingerie to wear?

      For me, I typically go to beige or white, like a lot of women do, because it goes with everything and doesn’t show through a dress, blouse or top that I’m wearing. However, for those special times, black, red or something else isn’t out of the question!

      So how about you? Do you have a favorite, or go-to color of lingerie that you typically wear?




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      I love them all black and pink is my favorite

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      Black is timeless but I like blues, purples, and pinks too!

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      Pink is my favorite. I like satin lingerie and dresses in a two-tone pink. I think a light baby pink with hot or shocking pink accents is the cutest.

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      Almost all of my bra’s are beige, but my panties are quite a mix of colors and patterns, and I have two white camisoles.

      Lauren M

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        I like all real colorful colors pink and black are my favorite with matching lace bras

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      Liara Wolfe

      It depends on what I am wearing and if my bra or panties would show through.  But if that’s not the case I like to wear something colorful. It brightens my spirit knowing I have bright colored panties on. My over all favorite color is green. I have a emerald green nightie that I simply love.

      Hugs, Liara

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        Ilove all colors pink blue black with lace

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        Carolyn Kay
        Baroness - Annual

        Your emerald green is wonderful!!

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      Cassie Jayson

      I voted other. Actually it would be anything but white, although I am keeping a couple of whites on hand. When I went in for hernia surgery earlier this year I wore the white with a little lace and another white at my daughters where I spent one night.
      I love my blues and pinks and one lovely coral colored one.

      . Cassie

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      Evening Holly

      That Poll was a no-brainer as my choice has to be Pink!
      It’s such a femenine Colour and i have and wear most items based typically on that Colour!
      Won’t go in to gross detail about it as it could put girls of their Lunches haha!
      You get the idea though bras,garter belts,panties and stockings and hey,i even have kItten heels in that colour!
      Second to that(and i know that wasn’t an option)but black of all undergarments!
      Anyway,that was a pretty good poll and it didn’t surprise me after i voted that PINK Was numero uno!!
      Hugs & Kisses
      Anna M xxx

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        Pink is my favorite also black lace and bright colors

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      Half my underwear is black as I tend to go for black and dark coloured dresses, skirts, and tops. White underwear for the lighter coloured outerwear (I like pink dresses too). I’m more into styles of undergarments though, retro fifties and burlesque, because I love the coverage and looks of them. And I will never have enough baby dolls…in all colours. x

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      Most of my underwear is white but I’ve got a couple of black bras, a red one and a simply gorgeous electric blue bra with matching knickers. I’ve also got a couple of pale blue bras. I always wear matching underwear.

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      Most of my unmentionables are white, black or beige.  I usually coordinate with what dress, hose and shoes I’m wearing.  Some pink, purple, blue and fuchsia for variety.

      I have to say I think navy blue is very underrated for lingerie.  It’s elegant and a nice alternative to black.

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      Oh Holly,  We are so similar!  Utilitarian beige most of the time but black for party nights.

      Thanks,   Marg


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      I agree that the fairly standard range of black, white and beige (or nude) have unquestionable utilitarian value (and red for a break from the ordinary).
      However, over the years I have found this all too ordinary and generally seek out more exquisite and unambiguously feminine colours, for instance: burgundy/rust, lilac, teal, copper, gold, indigo, royal blue … and so on.
      There are innumerable variations in shade or intensity in all these broad colour definitions and some items contain combinations of colours.
      In addition to this, I am a stickler for some lace, whether as insets or as trim around the waist band or leg openings.

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        Hello Katherine pink Panties and or black Panties and black bra with stockings to go with it

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        Stevie Steiner
        Managing Ambassador

        Katherine it’s funny – and sad – how society has deemed that only women appreciate and deserve the colours of the world.  There are soooo many pretty shades out there.  Men seem to be relegated to mostly mundane colours, especially when it comes to pants!



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      Holly, I’m very partial to purple.


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        Hello Diane I like pink and black and any color that matches my dress

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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador

      Hi Holly!  I will always think of red as the classic color for hot n’ sexy lingerie.  But my favorite?  I love green, always have.  NOT lime green, but more of an emerald or forest green.   Very romantic, and it looks good on me!

      …and plum.  Love that colour.


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        I always go to pink maroon and black I always like to match the colors with what I wear for the day

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      Hi Holly my favourite colour of undies is white ,I would say 70% are white ,next is black and after that a hoist of colours all with bra and matching panties ,don’t like to wear different coloured undies .

      Michelle xx

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      I voted white as my favourite but my panty drawer contradicts that because it is full of colour, and white. 😀

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        Hello machaela I like pink and black with a pretty bra and to look more sexy a garter belt with matching stockings

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          Trish White

          Ooohhh, Katrina, I love stocking and a garter belt. Nothing is more feminine.

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            I love them too!along with panties and pretty bra in lace

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      I had to vote for ‘other’ even though I have quite a few whites and pinks. I often buy white so I can custom dye them, usually various shades of blue or purple … aquamarine, hyacinth, petrol, periwinkle … besides shades of pink, grey and green.
      I initially started dyeing my wife’s lingerie her favorite shade of periwinkle blue and then the creative demon in me took flight!

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        Hello Samantha I really like pink and black with a bra and matching bra as well

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      I like black lace panties which go well with a black over bust corset.


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        Hello Keri I really like pink panties and black panties as well they look real sexy to me

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      Can I say floral, regardless of color?

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      Trish White

      Hi Holly, that is not an easy question for me. I have a lot of black, pink and red and don’t really favour a single colour. I think it depends on my mood, if I am feeling sexy then probably black or red or being a girly girl then definitely pink.


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      Black is the most easiest one, but a lot of red and blue too.

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        Don’t forget the pink And and black bra too!!that’s my favorite

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      Mostly black……goes with everything.  Occasionally I’ll go with some blue or green matching bras and panties, just for fun and variety.

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        Yup,  got my blue b and p on right now.  Never tried green, dark green looks interesting.

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      Black for the skimpys, bra, garter belt or girdle.  Gotta be pink for camisole and slip.

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        Hello Lorraine I wear almost any thing that will look pretty for me for that day

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Mostly black.  Occasionally nude/skin tone.  On rarer occasions red, pink or blue.  I never wear white.


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        Hi Emily lately I have really been enjoying printed patterns roses all kinds of colors matching bra and panties and a pretty nightgown to go over that to really look prettier stockings and garter belt

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          Emily Alt
          Managing Ambassador

          I’ve seen many patterned bits of lingerie that Iove.  For whatever reason I never bought any.  Some day.

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            • Hi Emily you should try the patterned lingerie on I have found that they look pretty good on me
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      All of my lingerie is either red or black.. or red AND black lol. I’d like to add more color, just haven’t done so yet.

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        Hello rilee I love pink and black panties and bras and a real cute nightgown

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      I have always loved wearing white lingerie. I just adore how it looks on me and how it shows off all the pretty details like lace and bows better than the darker colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing my pink and black panties as well.



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        Hello Emily it’s great wearing all the soft loungearey is it not

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          Yes, Katrina, I definitely love my lingerie!

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      Through the years beige has been my favorite color for bra’s , slips and camisoles. One of the many things I enjoy about panties is the variety of colors and prints available to suit this girls fancy!
      my favorite lingerie set is a white with pink trim bra, garter belt and pantie set.
      I’ve  never been partial to red or black lingerie. I do prefer my nighties and sleep sets to be pink. I voted beige but I don’t think I have just one favorite.

      Natalie 💋💋

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        Hello Natalie I really enjoy a long burgundy night gown with black panties and black bra under it

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      I voted white Holly, but I so love pink and the pretty delicate colors that were popular in the 50’s to 70’s and these are the colors of the panties, bras, slips and nighties you will find in my lingerie drawers and hanging in my closet. I just love lingerie that is soft and silky to the touch and a little lace here and there adds such a lovely feminine touch that I simply adore. Wearing lovely lingerie under a pretty dress just adds to that wonderful fulfillment of being the woman I so LOVE to be!

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        I love wearing a pink dress with big sleeves on it and black and pink bra and black and pink panties under it

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      I voted other Holly because my selection of colors covers most all of them and I wear them all, from bright red to white, black and in between. So I really can’t pick a favorite, just being honest.


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        Hello Sherri I think I really love all woman’s lingerie

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      Caty Ryan

      All the “regulars” nude, some pink, pale and dark blue and of course black, cos it screams “sexy”.. Lacy bras and panties are a must and this time of the year in “OZ” silk nightwear.

      For me, white is boring . So I only own a couple of pieces in bras and panties. The bra was on sale, the panties a gift from one of my “lingerie ladies”. IE the owner of an on line  site I purchase from.

      Never liked red or for that matter green.



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        Hello catyI also enjoy Lacey lingerie and black lace stockings with a pink garter belt on and of course a pink bra

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      Lola Caprice

      Beige if under something.  Black if wearing lingerie only.


      • #714446

        Hi Lola I have allot of colors I just pick ought what inspires me to wear for the day to wear I do like pink panties and a pink bra as well as pantyhose to go with my lingerie

    • #714450

      Let’s see – I have black, pink, red, navy blue, lime green and patterned panties; black embroidered, teal blue, gray, lavender, and red bras and a black bralette; black and tan pantyhose, tan, white and black tights – amazingly I don’t have any white lingerie, guess I need to fix that


      • #714455

        hi Suzanne it sounds like you have a really nice wardrobe of lingerie like me I don’t care for white much too it’s bland to me

    • #714534

      Exactly! There are so many more choices out there for women. I have all kinds of colors, fabrics, textures, cuts, and styles of lingerie. I especially love florals, satin, and very soft spandex microfibers. Many laces are nice, but some are just too scratchy and uncomfortable. I accidentally bought a pair of Lazer cut seamless panties, with no elastic at the legs. They are so uncomfortable, and don’t hold a tuck at ALL! Big mistake.

      In drab I wear boxer briefs. For Christmas one year, my wife (who doesn’t know I’m a CD) bought me several pairs in different colors (burgundy, blues, red, etc.) and in a very soft spandex fabric. I now exclusively wear those, when I can’t underdress. The fabric feels as soft as my favorite panties, and in bed at night, I have found I can even stay tucked in them for a few hours while I sleep. They make my drab wear so much more tolerable.

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        Hello Gemma I wear mostly burgundy pink and blue panties and a bra to match them

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      Hiya Holly (still a great name!)  No girl could not love pink – I just love purple as well.  Decisions, decisions…… how ever is a girl going to choose?…  (The other) Holly  XXX

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        Howdy do holly there is really allot of beautiful colors to pick from I really like all colors I picked any thing thing that inspires me for the day

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      Wendie Cross

      P I N K

      • #714750

        Hello window I really enjoy black and pink panties and bra

    • #714606

      I choose other because I simply enjoy various colours. White, pink, blue, red, purple, and even yellow if im feeling more naughty than usual 😉.
      I do have to say I seem to have more traditional black though.
      Black I also find the most sexual looking and whenever fully dressed or underdressed, if I feel its the right combo I always enjoy the thrill and excitement that bit more and for longer.
      On a really down day I will go for a white or pink lace bra, panties, suspender belt (all matching of course) with lace top stockings. Prim and sexy with a naughty flare.

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        Hello aisling you mentioned beautiful lingerie to wear for the day burgundy is really pretty to all in all I love all colors I guess pink and black is my favorite along with a pretty matching garter belt and stockings to match

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