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    Rachael Rogers
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    This is something I’ve started doing now I seem to be spending a lot of the day in short skirts and high heels – not got to the hair, make up and boobs part yet. I keep a pair of jeans and a pair of socks ( to cover my painted toes ) by the front door in case I need to answer it. I’m sure the sight of me in a t shirt, mini skirt and heels would impress the delivery guy. So I can slip my heels off, slip my jeans and socks on and no one would suspect. Does any one else have emergency clothes by the door ?

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Rachael Its amazing how many little things we have in common. Like you I have my go to jeans and sweat shirt. My wife has asked me several times why she keeps finding my jeans hanged on coat rack near the front door. I used to be worried about her finding my fem clothes now I am worried about her finding my male clothes in places they should not be. The crazy world of a CD.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Celeste Jo
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      I keep sweat pants and a T-shirt nearby, more for taking the dog out then answering the door, delivery people just leave stuff on our porch.

      I do think what eventually gets a lot of people to out themselves is just getting fed up with changing just to do something simple and just saying screw it.

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      MacKenzie Alexandra
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      I do not. I have answered the door in a multitude of outfits without issue. I would have love to know what the missionaries were thinking when I greeted them wearing a maxi denim skirt. The best, however, was the court officer delivering my subpoena. He was actually much more surprised that I knew the subpoena was coming compared to the gingham dress I was wearing.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Sandy Honey
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      I have answered the door with a skirt or short shorts on when it was the mail lady. She has seen me quite a few times in these and it is now no big deal. Amazon delivery people have seen me in short shorts but not a dress or skirt and they just drop the package off or hand it to me without batting an eye. So I don’t keep emergency clothes by the door.


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      Charlotte Walker
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      I have track suit bottoms and T shirt. Still have my flat shoes on showing feet in stockings they may notice.

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      Ashley Konners
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      I like to put on some pantyhose and my jean skirt every morning for what I call a quick morning fix and keep my Jammie pants close by just in case. Oh and my slippers to hide my feet.  But in saying that I’ve thought about answering the door while dressed if it a delivery person.

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        Kelli Marlowe
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        Being deeply closeted, I have emergency stashes in several rooms in the house, in case of unexpected knocks on the door.I have coveralls for work, the extra pairs come in very handy for this.


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      Jin Crocker
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      We keep a sarong near the door as we are often naked. However, we usually forget it until after the door is open and we see the wide eyes of the delivery person!

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