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    Rachel Hayes
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    Wanted to share my weekend with my girlfriends!

    Firstly, I told a GG friend that I like to dress! She was super supportive, asked lots of questions so she could better understand where I was at and told me it was all good. We messaged a fair bit after the conversation discussing clothes and shoes and what would suit me etc. Felt real good.  We did not discuss whether she would go out with me dressed, but since that wouldnt happen for a while anyway due to the pandemic, so got some time before that comes up.

    Secondly, had a few hours on Sunday while wife was out and since I’d not had opportunity on Saturday I couldnt resist getting dressed. Just a black strappy top, leather leggings and some heeled boots, bra and panties obviously. I was walking around the house just feeling really happy and soaking up the moments when I suddenly decided to take the rubbish out to the bins. They are only at the end of my driveway but still outside of the house. I did and got back in with zero events. But, why did I do that? I have a million questions going round in my head as that is sooo far outside of my comfort zone just now. Did I want to get caught? What would have been the fallout? I need to have a think about this. Ultimately, sure I;d love to go out dressed properly with makeup, nails etc just this was very out of character for me.

    Thirdly, I asked wife if I could borrow a pair of her fabric leggings for general wear as they felt so much nicer than drab jeans and she said yes. Happy days! I realise as I’m writing this that it’s a pretty small thing, but for me it is planting a seed of thought to hopefully make the future more palatable.

    Got a hellish day at work today so the come down will be abrupt, but making the happy last as long as I can.

    Love Rachel X


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      Regine Rich
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      That is great,Rachel. It sounds like things are roses😊 I dont recall, does your wife know,at all, or no?

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        Rachel Hayes
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        No she doesn’t.   But I really want to tell her and for her to be part of the experience.  Hence I’m trying to find ways to do it gently and in small steps so I thought the asking to borrow her leggings was a decent start.  I’m a long long way from “hey, I love wearing dresses, skirts, bras and panties and want to do it as much as I can” though.

        Love Rachel

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      Quite simply honey, you had a  ” pink fog” moment…it can’t be explained, it just overcomes you and carries you away. Very often you will do something totally illogical, but you really have no choice….you were just caught up in the moment….enjoy it.

      Huggs, grace x

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      Amanda Burton
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      Sounds like the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in Rachel development, and freedom. Congratulations, but keep small steps at a time it’s much much safer. Once acceptance of Rachel by your SO, it’s only natural to want to push the boundaries further. But I would definitely have a conversation with her about exposure out of the house, just to see how happy she about you out in public, and if she is OK with it maybe find some where not to busy to walk out together for support. Good luck and keep safe xx

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      Thanks for sharing your weekend Rachel…

      Gen… ❤

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      Polly Stewart
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      Rachael… we have all done it… ONE step at a time. I’m sure all the Sisters will support you in this! Walk softly and take your time, play with your SO and take yur time… take your time and maybe, just maybe your whole world will change.
      My SO decided she is in charge of my makeup! She is the one I run my significant clothing choices by andf she is the one who decides on my appearance depending on the outing.
      God, I love her so much for this!

      Hugs Polly

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