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      Being Born Aussie myself (I left in the 90s), I was going to say something about the Aussie tolerance for this sort of thing (non-existent) and realized that I’ve been gone for a very long time and really don’t have a good idea what Australians actually think anymore.

      That stuck me as both a little sad and very hopeful at the same time.  Sad in that I just don’t know and if they are better with it, I’m disappointed that I never got to see it, and hopeful that it is that much better and anyone like me would have a better time of it.

      My parents and siblings are now living there again, but I’ve settled in the great white north and have no intention of moving back, but the idea of just being laughed at rather than physically beaten is somewhat hopeful.

      Oh yeah, and if the comment on North America was going to be accurate it would be that North Americans tend to be much more prudish in my experience.


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        Mary Jane
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        Molly. It’s my experience that Australians would fit the criteria of “vicars and tarts” is a great lark.

        I don’t go about in public enfemme, so I can’t comment on that regard as an expert.

        I have been to a number of fancy dress / opposite sex parties over the years, and was made to wear a dress on my bucks party, as we played 18 holes of golf.  The reception in the clubhouse afterwards was good fun.

        I’m not sure if it would have been the same good natured atmosphere for a crossdresser.

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      Jennifer Wishes
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      As much as I understand the frivolity of this subject and this show, i’m not offended by it. But it does go to show that transvestism seems to be the last personal trait (for want of a better phrase) that is still allowed to be derided and laughed at. Other gender related issues would be taken much more seriously.
      I try not to take myself too seriously, and it lets me enjoy my dressing. I love the days when i am my wifes maid!! It makes us both laugh!! I love the days when I’m allowed to wear something nice and just sit and chat. It’s not always a performance, like Mr Ball
      Jenny x x

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        Mary Jane
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        The show was aired in 2009. Have things changed in 12 years?

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      Mandy Wife
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      Well that was a lovely surprise – I bloody loves Michael Ball and wasn’t expecting to see him on the clip lol!

      I ended up getting put in a “time out” from the fan club Facebook group a while ago because I called someone trabsphobic or narrow-minded because she said it was offensive that he was wearing a dress in a show – the amount of people that said they didn’t want to go and see him in a dress really got my back up and I let rip so now whenever they comment I just put and angry face emoji – the kids thought it was hilarious that I had been put on a time out!!

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      Autumn Valiant
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      Hi Mary Jane,

      I enjoyed this clip. Obviously a light hearted puff piece which seems to be the format of this program. While it does kind of make fun of us, it seems they make fun of themselves too so it wasn’t mean spirited. I won’t say it portrayed any of us in a positive light really but I will say a program like this does help a bit with awareness which could lead to hopefully meaningful conversations and acceptance by some.

      Anyone reading this who hasn’t watched the video, should watch the video. If for no other reason than to hear what “we women sometimes wake up looking like……” I got a good laugh out of that one.




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        Mary Jane
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        Like you, i didn’t think it was malicious.

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      Val’sheril Starsong
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      This really resonated with me (only British in the sense of being a dirty colonial and enjoying Douglas Adams and Red Dwarf).

      As an amateur biologist I’ve often pondered the very point they bring up in the video, that almost unilaterally in nature it is the males that put on the bright colors and the fancy plumage to attract mates and yet in humans (the only species to my knowledge with the ability to pick their plumage) it’s the inverse.  There’s even a species of fish in Africa whose scientific name is Nanochromis transvestitus because it’s the females who have the brighter colors.  Food for thought.

      My proverbial hat is off to all those men of antiquity who so accurately portrayed Shakespeare’s leading ladies.  You lucky bastards. 😉

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      Holly Goodrich
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      if you can’t take it,  don’t  dish it out.

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      Raquel Smith
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      Interesting. I wouldn’t call it anything else. But it did feel like, to me, that they only addressed crossdressing for “Vicars and Tarts” parties (which, even as an American, I am aware of, but I am probably more well-read than average), or celebs on a lark, or actors in a role.

      Kind of a fluff piece, but it would seem that is the kind of show it is.

      Regardless, I would say that Britain seems to be a little more liberal in its attitude than the States. After all, it was the Puritans who were some of our first colonists.

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        Mary Jane
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        It certainly wasn’t a serious news show. But it did have some interesting titbits.

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      Baroness - Annual
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      hi MJ,

      For sure aussies have a great sense of humour and laugh about themselves, but they make it a badge of honour to wind up us Poms (Poms are UK people if you need the explanation in america).

      I travelled around there for the best part of a year in the early nineties. I was already too old to qualify for australian citizenship, but I would have been sorely tempted in other circumstances.

      The way I survived the humour? Well sometimes I’d give it right back at you, other times I’d say “whatever!” which was quite often a match winner.

      Loved it though !

      Marti xxx

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        Mary Jane
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        We expect it back. Glad you had a great time.

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      Amber Scott
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      If you can’t laugh at yourself you shouldn’t laugh at anybody else.

      Be safe. Love and Peace.


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      Angela Booth
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      A lighthearted piece and no one was cancelled…

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      At least those boys got to do it.

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      Jennifer Eccles
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      I do love the point about how historically it was the men who were the peacocks, and in many other species it’s the male that’s the colorful, showy one and the female that’s the brown drab one.  Somehow it all got turned around in modern society, and it’s demanded of us to be bland.

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      Bobbisue Jones
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      Hi Mary, thanks for posting. I agree with your assessment. They were having a bit of fun with it, but at least it was out and open. I do wish they would have let the woman finish her remark about American CD’s though. Hugs Bobbisue J

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