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    Coffee enjoyed – well, it was a nice, slightly nutty, rich, dark (just how many like their men, lol) roast, with overtones of earth.

    Well, it was fresh ground. Badoom Pish!

    Although I am a naturist, I didn’t think it appropriate to use the spa facilities without a swimming costume, so I went out to the car, and rummaged around for my cossie.


    One of the straps had become detached from one end, on my darling pink skirted swimsuit. There’s a story behind my love of pink skirted swimsuits – isn’t there behind everything CD related?

    Oh well, glad I brought backups – but was it going to be the blue one piece, or the Floozy French 50’s style skirted bikini with padded top?

    I wish, I just wish it could have been the bikini, and I had real reservations about the one piece – as I don’t tuck, it would make things a bit more obvious than I would really like – but I hadn’t shaved my stomach area.

    My wife has repeatedly said that she likes that bit to be hairy, although I hate it – and she’s always kicked up a fuss in the past when I’ve shaved all over – well before I came out.

    But that hair dies today! Never again will it spoil my choice!

    I already shave my chest around the top of the bra line so the little cleavage I normally show isn’t spoilt.

    Not because there’s anything at all wrong with body hair on either sex – but because I, personally do not want it there – it’s not the look I want or am comfortable with. No analysis please, it’s not for moi.

    I popped swimsuit, skirt and fresh vest into a swimbag (with sequins on, of course!), and headed back to reception for my key and towel.

    To my absolute delight, Kat had turned up for work – and you’ll have to revisit my earlier Portsmouth stories to find out more about Kat, but she is special. She’s an absolute darling, and one of the reasons why I feel so comfortable in Portsmouth specifically.

    See. It’s all about the people. I’m not brave at all. People who accept me for who I am give me something approaching a super power – something that doesn’t come from within as much as externally – via feedback or osmosis or something else I didn’t pay attention to in Science classes.

    Dear Kat handed me my key, and took me over to the spa reception, where the seat was vacant.

    She handed me the clipboard, and I proudly signed in: Laura Lovett.

    Once I had my towel, she said – “You remember where to go? Downstairs, through the doors, first right is the ladies.”

    Laura levels increase exponentially!!!

    “Thank you so much, my darling – see you later!”

    And down I went, pausing only for the cleaner, who said “Careful how you go in there – I just mopped.”

    After thanking her, I quickly changed and took my clothing bag to the lockers, feeling a little exposed, but actually, rather heavenly in my blue one-piece, with a nice, high neckline, no cleavage to speak of, my forms held reasonably well in place in the padded area, sufficient flesh exposed at the back to look feminine, but not the pulled right up in between look – it doesn’t suit my temperament at all, although it’s a lovely look on GG’s, in my opinion.

    “You’ll need a pound coin” said the cleaning lady helpfully, and I remembered that I had put one in my bag just in case, pulledit out and she smiled broadly – “Oh, you came prepared!”

    “Yes, I used to be a girl scout!” I joked – and she laughed with me.

    I could see her watching me in the reflection in the doors as I went into the spa, and I felt warm and tingly. How wonderful to be accepted even here!

    No questions asked – all the right assumptions made, and not only no discomfort, but a deep feeling of relaxation and satisfaction with life in general.

    You cannot pay for an experience like this… well, I guess I am really, as hotels are not free – it’s just the “unpaid for add-ons” that make the real difference, and your own ability to throw yourself in and just be truly you, without any concerns about perceptions. Creating your own feedback loop – how’s that?

    A woman attendant watched me go in (she didn’t watch me change – this isn’t that kind of story!), but apart from that, there was no-one there.

    No-one else in the entire suite.

    What a lovely, long, solo swim I had!

    The warm water lapped like syrup around me as I breast-stroked many lengths, the dolphin pictures on the wall inspiring me to feel free and almost wild. Unleashed is a good word.

    It’s great to report that, in a swimsuit with suitable cup areas, and the correct fit, forms not only stay put, but give extra weight to the chest and good movement to notice the presence, in a really good, femme way, but not be impeded by them.

    The hydro pool, bubble tub, or Jacuzzi was at full strength, and pummelled me into submission – again, no problems for the forms, although I did doze off, and came to thoroughly massaged, and grateful I’d packed a dry wig.

    Top tip: Wigs take ages to dry – even when you think they’re dry, stray, icy drips will tumble down your back behind the bra strap and make life suddenly, albeit briefly uncomfortable and damp.

    I surfaced from Below Decks, as the spa is helpfully named, and returned key and card.

    “Here’s your room key!!” Said Kat.

    But it’s 11.30am and check-in is 2pm!

    “Oh wow, thank you so much!!!” I gushed.

    “Not at all my darling, now, go and put some makeup on!!”

    “Cheeky!!” I retorted, and popped back to the car to drag out my makeup bags.

    (See what I did there? Drag out? Oh, suit yourselves!)

    The room was on the second floor, the nearest room to the lifts – but separated by a corridor, and I noticed no noise at all.

    Unhurriedly, I shaved for the 2nd time that day, applied moisturiser, and made a cup of tea, to allow the moisturiser time to “set”.

    Next came the primer – tiny dabs in strategic places around my face, then stroke well in. Finally with a firm, broad brush, circular movements to get at all the crevices, creases and craters for a fine finish.

    I then drank my tea and caught up with the emails while that set.

    A critical inspection for gaps found a couple, and so the very tiniest of dabs smeared and brushed over brought this phase to a close, and I applied concealer generously to eyebags and 5 o’clock shadow.

    Some very dark contour was then applied to my forehead, lower cheeks, from right under the ears – a veritable red Indian stripe – sorry, of course, I mean traditional Native American stripe associated with specific tribal meanings – it’s just a metaphor – and the sides of my nose.

    You really can’t make those areas too dark, under foundation.

    Blend the edges roughly and minimally, and we’re done.

    Pop the wig on and already I can see the feminine effects – exaggerated now, of course, but that will sort itself out with blending. These will guide later layers.

    Now the lip plumper.

    I love these things – they really seem to work, with no injections or over-Botoxed fish lips in sight.

    Generously paint it on – over paint the lower lip – really dab it on – you want that nice and plump.

    Over draw the Cupid’s bow – those edges need extra gloop, but be careful with the shape you’re making- easy now – nice and steady as she goes.

    At last! The foundation!

    It’s winter, so a lighter shade than I would use in summer – I don’t get out much, so sympathy for the studio tan – and tip onto the back of the hand. Yep.

    Then, with a nice, big brush, paint it evenly and quickly all over, including ears, neck, upper chest, keeping it thin, but the emphasis is on even. Another, softer big brush to fine tune and get a smooth finish – if your canvas is bad, it will show in your art.

    Back to the lips, with a liner pencil. Take your time, draw a shape slightly smaller than you want and add to it, bit by bit.

    More of Laura’s makeup lessons cam be found on YouTube (no, they can’t, lol).

    I do get carried away, but these stories go the way they they go – and if you got something useful out of it or want me to expand on the issues or techniques I raise, please leave a question in the comments – oh, and hit subscribe… wait… this isn’t YouTube…

    Well, the finished product is in my photo with the red dress – but I am getting to that…

    I was so happy with the results – when I finally put the wig on, my tears almost ruined my mascara.

    It’s that transformation moment – a moment of sheer magic, when the face staring back at you from the mirror is the face you actually want to see staring back at you – and it’s YOU!!!

    How can it be me?

    Oh – she looks puzzled too.

    Like a little kid.

    I waggle my fingers.

    She waggles her fingers back, in perfect synchronisation.

    I smile.

    She smiles.

    I am ecstatic – the Laura levels have leapt about a zillion miles up.

    I jump into my clothes, my red jumper this time, including a black skirt with ice motifs (very wintry) and my brown knee boots.

    I am ready.

    I feel like I was born ready.

    Ready to do this…


    …and what “this” is remains to be uncovered in the next part.

    Thank you for accompanying me to the ladies restroom, chamging room and this lady’s boudoir.

    Now you know what happens in a boudoir.

    Exciting, isn’t it 😁

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      Angela Booth
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      Great experience Laura. No ‘Pomp’ or ceremony just a glamorous lady having a swim. I have a vision of you ‘breast stroking’ up and down the pool. Good job no one was there to watch!! Still if it feels good and is the stroke you enjoy……….

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Laura a wonderful Part two keep the story going girlfriend sounds like a lot of fun ..


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      Mary Jane
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      Sounds like a real drag.  (I loved your pun.)

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        Laura Lovett
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        DRess As a Girl, honey – nothing better!

        Love Laura

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      Michelle Skylar
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      Yay’ Part two. All I can say is..WOW, sounds like Heaven!

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      Lara Tucker
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      Who’s having a good time? Looks good on ya Laura!



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        Laura Lovett
        Registered On: March 26, 2020
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        Thanks, Lara!

        I just can’t think of anything better than simply doing ordinary things en femme!

        Love Laura

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