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    Jessica Wilde
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    I’m going to try to keep this fairly concise so you all will be getting a condensed version hopefully lol.

    So those who have read my posts and know me also know my situation. Since we are working on acceptance we have fairly frequent discussions about my dressing. This weekend was no exception. We had a pretty good talk on Thursday night which ended a little bit heated but nothing huge. This prompted a very good talk Friday night which led to some bit of understanding which was appreciated and then something went a wry and we ended up in quite possibly the worst fight we’ve ever had. She called me names which hurt bad. I’ve never called her names and never will. I did things to hurt her during the fight (not physically, I would never hurt her physically) which I’m not proud of. We went to bed mad. I was so hurt that I put my nightgown on because I needed my “blanky”. (I bought she and I some nightgowns right after coming out. She helped me pick mine.) She doesn’t like seeing me in feminine attire spare my panties and leggings.

    Saturday I received some books I ordered that had been recommended to me by one of the wives here. I was excited to get them and started reading them immediately trying to gain some understanding of myself so I could better explain to her about me. She arrived home later than myself and just so happened my parents were to bring her a birthday card as they had missed her birthday accidentally.

    The evening and night went on and we had another discussion obout my dressing that didn’t end up heated but in a little more understanding. I asked her as we were getting ready for bed if I could wear my nightie and she said yes. We went to bed and she asked me to snuggle with her and I did. I held her tight and we fell asleep. She in my arms and me loving her and every second of holding her and getting to be close to her.

    Sunday morning came and it was overcast and kind of crappy. I had yard work to do but took a moment to drink my coffee and read a little in my book. When I got ready to walk out the door to do my yard work it started raining. She was still asleep and I let her remain asleep due to the fact we’re both exhausted from all of this I brought down on us. I continued to read my book. She woke up middle of the afternoon and I needed to run a couple of errands and did so. I came back and did some of the yard work as the sun had come out and I really needed to get things done.

    As the nightbwore on we fixed supper and had more discussion about things. We sat for a while and watched TV. She decided to make some brownies and I told her I wanted to read my book for a minute and she was fine with that. My book brought me to tears and she heard my crying and came to comfort me. I was in a weird state of mind as that book speaks my feelings almost to the letter. She could see I was in pain and continued to console me.

    As I was crying and confiding in her my fears she said “go put your gown on and let’s go do our facials “. She had got out some facial masks of different varieties at some point in the evening. We’ve done facials before but this was different. I put my gown on and came out for her to see. At this point I had to admitbsome things to her. I was scared, embarrassed and excited and very apprehensive all at the same time and told her a of those things. This was the first time I had ever let anyone see me in feminine clothing without it being by accident. She had seen me in my gown for the 2 seconds it took me to jump in bed and throw the covers on me. I was standing before her in my gown and nothing else for her to see every bit of me. Not hiding, just me, in a nightgown, lacy one at that. Very scary to me.

    We then proceeded to the bathroom to do our facials and I was giddy as a schoolgirl. She saw it I know. By the time we got both masks on (mine was this gold sparkly peel off deal and hers was this weird cloth charcoal mask thing and she had a lip mask to use too) and started to let them work i got tickled looking at us because we looked like Hannibal lechter and goldmember doing facials. It was absolutely hysterical to me ! She and I laughed about for probably 20 minutes or so. We took selfies and sent them to people and just had a wonderful time bonding as girls. I told her how much fun it was to me to have girl time with her and she said she was enjoying it too.

    As stressful as the weekend had been this moment was absolutely wonderful! I love these moments with her! We had so much fun and both of relaxed and just enjoyed each other’s company. I hope there are many,many more moments like this to come. I love my fiancé more than I can tell her and there’s no way I could purvey to any of you just how much I love her. She’s absolutely incredible and this moment I just described to you was much more than incredible! Just wanted to tell the story in hopes someone would find joy in it as I found complete and total bliss in our moment of bonding.

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      Cindy Lou
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      I’m so happy things are going better for you and your wife Jessica.

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      Jessica wonderful to hear such a touching story . A beautiful moment one I’m sure you will always remember. 🌷

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      Mika Malone
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      Thanks, Jessica. That was a beautiful story. I’m so happy that things ultimately ended on a high note. Perhaps, being girls together and bonding that way was the catalyst she needed to feel comfortable with your dressing. I hope so. Keep us posted.


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      Regine Rich
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      Beautiful, Jessica

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      Rei Durden
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      This is a beautiful story Jessica.

      The memories you both created that weekend should help to ease you through those inevitable rough patches.

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      Jessica Wilde
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      Wow…. beautiful from A to Z…I think I had grit in my eyes too!!…. definitely watered…..

      you are so obviously smitten with each other, and I can only see a happy ending here…please please please….the mask picture????

      best wishes, grace xx

      I will say this. The mask picture is freaking hilarious! It’s on her phone so maybe I’ll have her send it to me so you can see it.

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Wow…. beautiful from A to Z…I think I had grit in my eyes too!!…. definitely watered…..

      you are so obviously smitten with each other, and I can only see a happy ending here…please please please….the mask picture????

      best wishes, grace xx

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      Hey Jessica,

      Nice to hear your story and happy to see some positive things happening for you. I can remember these circumstances on my journey too. I took a lot of “baby” steps before I felt my wife could accept who I am inside. I’d try  to feel her emotions and sometimes I’d need to back off and let her catch her breath for a while. Grow together, give her enough of “her” time too. Still today I don’t over do it, I know her/my limits.

      Hugs, Polly

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      Sandy Jayson
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      Your story makes me so happy for you I could cry.  Woops, I am crying .  Hoping the 2 of you continue in this ‘ blissful’? way

      XOX  Sandy  XOX

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      Rachel Cross
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      that was a nice story. it brought tears to my eyes. i love to see people in love and care so much about each other. hopefully she can see you really care and you can have more adventures like that. my dream would be to be a boyfriend / girlfriend to someone like that. hope she can see your a keeper. it doesnt sounds like shes ready to give up.

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      Thanks for sharing this lovely and personal story. By your openness and honesty, you are giving hope and courage to many of the ladies here.


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      Mandy Wife
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      Glad your weekend went so well – keep talking and sharing with your fiance and asking her what she’s thinking and feeling as well – so glad the books are helping xx

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      Jessica, thank you for sharing your nice story! I am happy for you!



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