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      I’m in love with high heels “6 – 7” for some reason never had a problem walking in them. I would like to hear from all of you about your experiences in high heels

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      My SO bought me my first pair of high heels a couple of months ago and while I was hesitant to wear them (I didn’t know if I would be able to walk in them) I tried them on and walked around the house for a bit. Now I find myself constantly looking for them in my size, I have three or four pairs now and love to walk around in them. I do find that the chunky heels that she just got me are definitely easier to walk around in. I can’t wait to find a time, outfit and place to wear them out to instead of just around the house.

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        There was a time when I bought my shoes and boots from Fredericks of Hollywood, now just Fredericks. I found the tips on the heels were brittle and would break off. I had to constantly take fairly new shoes to the shoe repair to get new tips put on. Oh the life of a shoe addict. Lol

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          I’m addicted to high heels too, my legs look pretty lol

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            I agree that that is the best part. A few sales clerks have said that my legs look better than a lot of CIS women’s legs. I will go with that any day. 😁

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      Welcome to CDH! I am a confirmed shoe addict and if I could I would own hundreds of pairs of sexy heels of all kinds. As an older lady I tap out at about 4 inches but I love wearing them. You can see a couple of my different shoes in my photos.

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      Chrissie Smith

      I’m going to be dressing for the first time in 35 years in June (I may have mentioned this 😂). I’ve had such fun choosing an outfit but I’m a bit concerned about heels. I’ll need to get everything from Amazon one day delivery and not too expensive as I’ll probably have to dump everything after my week en femme.

      The cheaper Amazon heels seem to be made in China and have questionable quality and size. Also a lot of them have no mention of heel height. Not that I have any idea what size heels I want. I’ll only be tottering around the house.

      Have any ladies bought shoes from Amazon? Any recommendations (a link would be great)?

      Thanks and hugs, Chrissie.

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      Hi to all of you ladies on here. I am a lifelong crossdresser and also fanatical about heels. To date, I own over 60 pairs all between 3 and 6 inches, and have never had any problem walking in them, I do however find that boots are easier to walk in and have several pairs with 5 in stiletto heels. I have in the past bought several pairs of heels from China but have found them to be very narrow so be careful before purchasing from there although the quality has always been good,

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      I’m in love with high heels!! I have over 40 pairs. Mostly 5″ and higher. I have no problem walking in 7″ heels either. One can never have to many heels!!:)

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        Most of my high heels are 6 – 7” no problem to walk in them all day

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      Nothing says sexy like pointy toe stiletto heels with designer hose girls. I have too many pairs because I just love wearing them. I wear a 5 inch stiletto heel to dinner parties and resturants but mostly in three inch pumps for running errands and out and about. If going to museums or malls with a lot of walking I prefer my three inch chunky heels. I have winter boots with a heel and kitten heel sandals for summer dresses. They. push up the butt and force you to walk erect not to mention the longer leg look. Nothing makes a girl feel so feminine as when she puts on heels.

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      Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a wearing a pain of scrappy 4 inch hooch mama shoes with a perfect hooker red pedicure. I an superwoman and can do anything!

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      I love heels and walk in them comfortably.

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      I have a pair of peeptoe platform pumps which i wore for an outing yesterday. They have about a 5 inch heel. I dont think i would ever wear anything higher than that.

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      Patty Phose

      When I was in my teens and in college, I often wore 5 and 6 in stilettos. Once I broke them in, I cold stand, walk or dance in them for hours and my feet didn’t hurt or hurt very little. Now most of my heels are 4 in or shorter. Most of them are quite comfortable to stand or walk in once they are broken in.

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      Wearing high heels is the best feeling ever.

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      Caty Ryan

      I used to be able to walk in circa 4″ heels and loved every minute of it all. But old age and a very creaky and sometimes very sore lower back problem, has made that a “no no” these days.

      So I stick with much lower versions and if I’m “going public”, 2″ tops, block heels at most.






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      While I love high heels and am quite competent in them, man, my feet cramp up later.

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        Take three magnesium citrate capsules before getting dressed and voila, no cramps. The stuff is harmless to the body so no issues there.

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          I have been talking 2 magnesium on a regular basis since you mentioned it before. It also is supposed to help regulate the speed of the heart, which also will help me.

          So far, I still cramp.

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            Are the shoes too tight/small? I wore shoes for years too small/tight.

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            I try to get proper fitting shoes because I have Morton’s Neuroma (pinched radial nerve) in both feet.

            When getting fitted for the first time, my sales clerk pointed out that, if I felt that I needed to grip the shoes with my toes, then the shoe was too big. I don’t do this with any of my shoes.

            With my big feet, I take my time trying to find shoes that are big enough lengthwise. My new Clarks are what I would call the perfect length, it’s just the toe box that needs some work (I am wearing them now) even though they are a wide width and my feet aren’t considered wide.

            I would rather wear rounded toe box shoes, but they are harder to find.

            I will see how they feel later or if I cramp.

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      Most of mine now are 3 or 3.5 inch. The days of five inch heels are over. My go to favorite shoes now are wedges. They are way more comfy and look killer. Of course the patent black pumps are still a staple shoe in any closet.

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      Heels for ever, after 40 years of 4” heels, I am very comfortable in them. Katie.

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      Love love love heels.

      Regular day wear I like a 4″ heel but a little higher when going out for an evening.

      Don’t forget a pair of Cuban seamed stockings.


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      Heels are the clothing item that got me started down this road, or at least opened the door. I have been wearing them for 40 years now. For a time in my 20s and 30s, I had some 5″ and 6″ heels I could easily walk in. Now, with weaker ankles and a developing bunion, I tend to stay around 3 to 4″. My favorite most comfortable heels now are the “Hazel” style by Sam Edelman. I can walk in them for 3 to 4 hours before it becomes an issue.

      When I was about 12 and admiring heels in the Sears Catalog, I found an article somewhere on how to walk in heels. One of the recommendations was to be able to walk with a book balanced on your head, which forces you to walk gracefully. Once i mastered this, I realized I could walk in heels better than many of the girls at school, church, malls, etc.

      I don’t think i will ever lose my love for heels… Although i have been enjoying wearing obviously feminine birkenstocks out and about for the past couple of years in guy mode…

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      When you all talk about wearing 5-7 inch heels, how big is the sole of the shoes? A lot have 5 inch heel with a 3 inch platform which look great, but only elevate the heel 2 inches, just curious.

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        You can go for a 7” high heels with 2” platform if that makes you feel confortable, I personally have no problem wearing a  classic pair of sandals 6-7” heels all day.

        mita all about practice and feel sexy;)

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      The highest heels I’ve ever worn are 4” just because I’m 5’10 already, but reading this has seriously got me wanting to go higher.
      I love shoes, and after reading this, my next pair will definitely be at least 5”, and also never had thigh high boots, so I may go for the double, thanks for the inspiration girls…

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      While I do not consider my dressing a fetish of any kind, I may have a women’s shoe fetish.  I love high heels!  Just this morning I was chatting with my girlfriend online as we chat daily, and I told her about planting some shrubbery yesterday and how my back was sore when I got out of bed.  After 3 minutes in my heels, the soreness was gone!  I think I should wear heels for health reasons.  Don’t you other girls think so?  😉

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        It changes your posture, yes, but I don’t know enough about them as therapy.

        Patient: it hurts when I do this
        Doctor: then don’t do that

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