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      Good day Sister Girls,

      As many of you know over time there have been many questions on Cit-Chat as to our personal preference to wearing ( or not) Hosiery, Well’ being an older CD ( in my 70’s) and raised in the 50’s and 60’s as a youth that was the Golden era of wearing gartered nylon Stockings, which I continue to wear exclusively, There is no greater feminine feeling as a woman than feeling the taunt tug of the  garters pulling on your stocking tops with every glorious step you take. I own over 40+ pairs and 15 pairs of Thigh Highs which get worn rare.I do not and will not own pantyhose as to me they make you into a unsanitary sweaty stinky stuffed sausage that is binding and confining,

      So, with that being said about my preference I’d like to create this Hosiery Poll and get the wearing habits of other CD’s (being nonjudgmental-it’s your choice)

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      Gartered Nylon Stockings or Pantyhose was my vote.

      The only time Bare Legs would be applicable was if it was a warm to hot day.

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      Gartered nylons for me too. The bare leg thing is OK if you are wearing shorts or a very casual skirt, but with few exceptions, your legs look like hell without either nylons, thigh highs or pantyhose. I see a lot of women out there running around in nicely accessorized skirts and dresses, perfect hair, great pair of heels and they have bare legs that look like they are on loan from a corpse. That’s just one ladies’ opinion. It would have to be hotter than hell to get me to leave off the nylons if I am wearing a skirt or dress. XO – Julia

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        Hi Julia. “corpse legs”…. LOL… I agree

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          Yeah LoL second for me! ‘

          ‘Walking Dead Legs in High heels-Fear Them!’ – coming this fall on your cable networks

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        I feel exactly your sentiments on the trendy bare legged rage that defeminized a woman’s legs. Shows these ugly white pasty sinewy legs showing every bone ,  muscle, tendon, knee cap and every scab , blemish, nick, follicle, pimple, veins, discoloration .

        Look at the morning talk show hosts, or late night guest on talk shows come out with their open toes, bare legs and look like crap. Nylons were made to smooth out and cover all those imperfections.

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      Hi Meghan I’m with you on this i was born in the 50’s and grew up with my mum and sister wearing stockings, so it’s stockings and thigh highs for me, i don’t like pantyhose , I always start my Roz time by putting on my stockings and when i pull that first one on then i know Roz is on her way X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      Pantyhose girl all the way. Yes I agree stocking have a place but for everyday I wear pantyhose.

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      I prefer garter and stockings but do wear pantyhose – I also grew up with Mom and sisters wearing garters and stockings changing over to pantythose – I feel more feminine putting on stockings and attaching them to the garters – it also makes life easier at potty time – I hate trying to get pantyhose back on properly


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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      I voted pantyhose, but I do enjoy a nice pair of stockings with a garter belt on occasion. There are those times where stockings are just nice.

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      I voted for gartered nylon stockings and thigh highs. I couldn’t just vote for one, I love them both. I have worn pantyhose just because I had to try them but I’m a gartered nylon, thigh high girl. Having crossdressed for over 60 years my early memories of stockings were gartered nylons. I love to attach mine to a garter belt and simply love the feeling and look of my legs covered by lovely nylons stockings. I really love wearing thigh highs as well but have had a few issues of them wanting to come down while wearing…so I often add a garter belt while wearing thigh highs as well.

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      Just a note on pantyhose:  Was out hiking on a cold winter day and thought since I was underdressing with panties and bra that I should put on a pair of pantyhose under my wind shell pants. The result was not good.  my nylon wind pants would not stay up and kept slipping down over the slippery pantyhouse and I had to walk with one hand holding the shell up.  Was with my wife and she she just chuckled and said “told ya those things suck”.

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      Patty Phose

      Most of the time I wear pantyhose. Usually sheer to waist. But occasionally I get the urge and desire to put on a garter belt and hook up some stockings. Sliding the silky stockings up my legs is such an amazing thrill. I literally tremble when I’m hooking them up to the garters.

      Then when I go walking around, feeling the stockings pulling on the garters is such a euphoric and wonderful feeling and experience. I’m truly a pantyhose girl, but I think everyone should try stockings and garters if you want to expand and enhance you femme experience.

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      I’ve taken to wearing leggings with no hosiery. If I’m not wearing leggings then no hosiery, just tanned legs. Best Marlene.

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      For me it’s pantyhose or a garter belt with stockings.  Although to be honest any form of nylon stockings is awesome. I love thigh highs and pretty shimmer socks too.  I frankly loathe any of my drab boy socks.

      Yesterday I was trying on some high heel sandals to use with an evening gown   My fiancée commented on them and said they would be great for the days I don’t want to wear hosiery then she caught herself and laughing said never mind that day will never come bc you will always love/wear pantyhose.


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      For me I have to wear something over my legs. There is just something about the feel of having something covering freshly shaved legs. It feels great.

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      I wear pantyhose, tights and leggins as well but garter belts when going out a lot too. I have always had a problem of slippage with thigh hi hose so now wear my garter belt to hold them up giving me security.  I also love showing off with a peek a poo my straps with a short skirt or one with a slit up just to feel flirtatious

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Thigh highs for me, garters and nylons would be second. I just found a new company at lest new to me and I’m in love with there thigh highs, I put them on and wore them all day and night and they never moved. I highly recommend them, Vienne Milano.

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      Hi Meghan,  My legs are naturally hairless (yes I know, born that way).  I never shave and some of you may hate me for it but on the other hand if I don’t lotion and care for them they get real rashy, chafed  and banged up fast).  So, as a means of protecting my legs and providing support, I regularly wear pantyhose (usually L’Eggs Sheer Energy) or tights.  For 40 years I’ve done this daily but have learned to watch for the possibility of a yeast infection due to heat and moisture build up.  To protect myself I apply a light application of liquid foot spray to my nether region each morning before dressing.  That method has worked for me for years.  I do have a collection of vintage nylons and garter belts that I rarely use.  This is because I prefer tighter clothes and wiggle dresses for going out and I usually avoid garters to prevent the lines and bumps from showing through.  About the only time that you will see me in nylon stockings and a garter belt is if I’m wearing a long slit gown and want to vamp a little and show the stocking tops.   Thank you for this recent pole.     Marg

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      I wear pantyhose for practical purposes but love nylons and garters when feeling sexy or super feminine. Thigh highs are nice too but usually slide down so I wear garters with them too. The problem with garters and thigh highs is the thigh highs are thicker at the top with the pretty lacey patterns so you have to be sure the garter tabs are big enough to clasp them. Metal clasps seem to hold better than plastic ones.

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        Hi Michelle, just another item we seem to agree upon.


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        My first 3 garter belts included 3 different tabs.

        Although the belt itself was nice, one had lightweight plastic tabs of which one broke immediately. I had to dispose of it because the tabs can’t be replaced. The other 2 tabs were of chromed metal. One had sharp right-angled edges which can cut the nylon tops. The rounded metal tabs seem to be the best overall. They seem to be easier to do up, stay done up, and they don’t cut the material.

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      Hi Meghan, well, it’s sort of tough to choose just two as the only one I don’t – or haven’t – follow is the knee-hi pants option. And I don’t do that because my dressing time is often limited, so pants (although I do have girl jeans) is often not a desired option (likewise for a casual dress).  When I first seriously started buying my own clothes and dressing I was really into garters and nylons – loved pulling them up and attaching.  Eventually, to save time (both dressing and undressing) I added in thigh highs.  Pantyhose being easier to obtain and store (just a single item), and I wore those a lot.  But since I’m -thankfully not very hirsute, and my legs are mostly bare (see all my pictures here), and being time conscious, I seldom now wear hose.  I checked 2 but I wanted to check 4.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      Hello dear sisters,

      When you’re a woman full time, a working girl, practicality wins out when it comes to hosiery.
      I wear black pantyhose or tights almost everyday, often black leggings on the weekends. And here’s where I can brag a bit like Marg, LOL. I don’t have to shave my legs, there’s not a hair to be found anywhere. But I’m an older gal and when we girls start to age we get those nasty little spider veins on our legs – the reason for black pantyhose.

      When I was a younger girl I used to try out lots of different hosiery, sheer sandalfoot stockings and pantyhose in various shades, fishnet pantyhose or stockings, stockings with back seams, and thigh highs.

      A funny story to add for you to chuckle at. Last year when I had heart surgery, they prep you before and I had two young ladies shaving me from head to toe. When they got to my legs they were surprised to find nothing to shave and cried out, “No fair! A girl would die to have that!” Little did they know 😉


      Ms. Lauren M

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        Lauren,  if I may tell you my similar story with nurses before my spinal surgery, I was examined by two RN’s to be admitted to ICU.. they noticed my bare legs and that I didn’t do a good job in removing my toenail polish… they were very gracious and said “that will be our little secret”.  While I was lying in bed by myself one of the nurses came back to check on me and politely asked if I dress too… I admitted that I do. She remarked how many CD’s that she has observed over the years… we are not alone ladies… thanks for listening… warmest regards, Leonara

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          Thank You ladies for stopping by and reading my post .. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.. warmest regards, Leonara

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      I’m a pantyhose girl but have had stockings and garters in the past, I like the open bottom girdles with the garters, give a smoother look. During the cooler times I have pantyhose on like today with a nice sweater dress. During the warmer time have gotten to really like legging but always have knee-hi’s on just like the color. Have not had the other problems others have said because I almost wear panty’s under my hose unless I have a leotard or bodysuit on, don’t like my panty’s showing………

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      I grew up in the 50s/early 60s, prior to the wide availability of pantyhose. Therefore, my first experiences were with stockings discarded by my mother and sister, who was two years my senior. I went from digging them out of the trash bin to borrowing them to try on from their drawers, and returning them when I was finished experimenting.

      Mom wore hers with an open-bottom girdle My sister had what I’ll call a panty-garter, essentially a stretchy pair of what we now call boyshorts, that had garters on them to hold up the stockings.

      These were fun to wear, but I was thrilled when pantyhose became popular. For me, the sensation of the nylon against my bare skin was what it was all about — and the more nylon, the better! Why stop with your legs, when you can feel the sensuous material against your bottom and other areas of skin?

      These days, I wear pantyhose at least part of every day, and always in the evening and to bed. Sometimes, I’ll layer a pair of thigh-highs or gartered stockings over them for a special look or feeling.

      Very happy to have a wonderful, supportive wife who understands and accepts my feminine persona!

      All the best,


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      I wear pantyhose or tights everyday from the Canadian Thanksgiving until Easter, in other words – all day everyday in the cool weather. I can get away with wearing them most days in May and September too – it is just the hot summer days that I go without. But when going out in complete feminine attire, I wear pantyhose on summer nights too.

      I just love both the tight feeling on body and the look in mirror. But I also like the practicality. I used to like stockings and garters more than pantyhose when I was younger. However as I get older, my motivation more and more is try to look like an attractive woman – and not necessarily one dressed in lingerie. I find that pantyhose and tights are the easiest and most comfortable way to make your legs look feminine and make yourself feel feminine.

      Put me down as a hard core pantyhose and tights girl!!

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      I was cross dressing in the 1950s & 60s.  During that time period, if a woman or young lady went outside the home, she wore a dress or skirt, heels, stockings, and a girdle with garters to hold up the stockings.  I had two female mentors, young ladies a few years older than me, and I recall going out cross dressed, wearing the very popular Playtex Living girdle and stockings.

      Back then, women wore stockings in the summer heat, with sandals, unless one was going to a picnic or to the beach.  I recall wearing pretty summer dresses, with several under garments, which included the Playtex Living girdle and stockings that eventually became warm and a bit uncomfortable in the summer heat.  The Playtex girdle was made of latex.  To me, I enjoyed being a girl, so I ignored being uncomfortable.  Beside, all the females were also wearing girdles and stockings.

      Around 1970 pantyhose became popular, particularly since girls were wearing miniskirts, and with pantyhose there was no problem with the top of your stockings being exposed, when sitting down, and the skirt rode up your legs.  I gladly made the switch, as did many girls of that time period.

      What am I doing presently?   I have everything in my wardrobe, since I love everything female!  I have stockings which I wear with gartered girdles, pantyhose, tights, thigh highs, pretty effeminate sox, fishnets, etc.


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      [quote quote=700625]The problem with garters and thigh highs is the thigh highs are thicker at the top with the pretty lacey patterns so you have to be sure the garter tabs are big enough to clasp them. Metal clasps seem to hold better than plastic ones.[/quote]

      I totally agree. Very difficult to get the plastic tabs to hold and/or not break. Metal tabs are much better but still not easy with the thicker lace. In the end I witched to crotchless tights, generally fishnet; easy to put on and great when going to the loo. Best, Marlene.

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        Marlene, love your style gf.

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      I’m enjoying the variety of replies and you can tell us older women from the age of Nylon of the 50-60’s to the younger crowd users under 40. By their preference. Keep the answers coming , I’m glad to see so much participation

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      I really can’t answer as I’m all over the board. I will go bare legged in the summer. I’ll probably wear pantyhose around mid spring and mid fall. But I’ve also been known to wear thigh high stay-ups. Occasionally I’ll wear stockings with a garter belt. In the colder months I’ll probably be wearing tights. I even have some heavy opaque stay-ups, although they tend to slip so I might add a garter belt. Sometimes I’ll wear tights, knee highs, or women’s trouser socks under pants in guy mode too.

      What I wear on my legs is really more about the occasion and weather.

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        Lynda Jones
        Baroness - Annual

        Good morning all you lovely Ladies, I love to wear Stocking with a Garterbelt, most of the time I am in tights, black or tan. love to going walking a local park in shorts and black tight or thigh highs, I have found some thigh highs stay up better, body adhesive will do the trick and, thigh high will stay up all day and night.

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        Karen Spudet

        I agree. It depends on the occasion, or the mood. What ever I decide it’s feminine feeling that they give me.

        Hugs Karen

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      Hi Meghan.

      I chose pantyhose because for me, I absolutely adore the feeling of pulling up Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose over my smoothly shaven legs, it always just sends chills and shivers of excitement through my body every time I pull on a pait. Plus, I love the snugness they provide around my waist and hips and how they help keep everything nice and smooth down front.

      But I also love the feeling of wearing garters and stockings, as that is something that is so completely and totally feminine and the feelings they provide are amazing!



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      Being 73 and new and out one thing more should be added to this list. The ones on your list are nice but the most comfortable soft and warm covering are my leggings and they don’t get runs.
      My nylons are for special times and clothes as they run if you wear them to often putting them on and taking them off.
      Just saying.


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      Thigh highs, for sure.As winter comes on, I’ve recently discovered knit leg warmers, had forgotten about those. So 20th century, but they help!

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      For me it’s hosiery of any kind!! Be it pantyhose,thigh highs, garters and stocking or tights I love them all!!

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        A ubiquitous renaissance woman who does it all!


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      Have tried them all, but pantyhose is, and always have been, at the top of my list. Tights too. I am a lover of colored hose, so tights gives the best selection, but I also love sheer hose, so I am always on the search for the latest and greatest that combines them both. Trasparenze Oleandro is one of my favorites, though I wish they would make one size larger. I’ve seen a couple of other brands, like CdR and Sivlia Grandi, but they are really glossy and I prefer something both softer in feel and look.

      If anyone has suggestions on other brands I would love to hear them! Oh, and Orublu had some pretty 25 denier ones (their all colours line) and Fiore had their Candy Cane line, but that one was limited to just a couple of colours.

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      I have 3 favorite styles of hosiery:

      1: Leg Avenue Lace Topped Gartered Nylon Stockings.

      2: My go-to, that I wear the most, Leg Avenue Sheer Suspender Hose. They are pantyhose without the pelvic panel/gusset. I have 3 different design numbers.

      3: In late 2020 I finally got bit by the pantyhose/tights bug. I found a pair of No Nonsense Great Shapes at Wal-Mart that I liked. First pair was too small; went up a size and bought two pairs. Then saw their Secret Treasure brand was on clearance, 1 to 2 dollars/pair; visited 4 stores in my area and bought 9 in mocha, 6 in cocoa, and 7 in mystic rose with a stitched-in rose design on the right leg. I also found a “shimmer/sparkle spot” pair in black. I also have 2 pairs of A New Day navy colored 50 denier tights from Target and 2 pairs of Massini grey tights from Meijer.

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        Yes, suspender hose is really nice too. And practical since it makes going to the loo so much easier. (Just make sure to put them panties on over the hose.:)) Miss O has a nice selection of colours as well.

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          Nothing wrong with having the panty under the hose; but it does sort of defeats the purpose.

          I would love to find suspender hose in white, red, and nude/beige/tan. I have only found black in stores.

          • #701166

            They are all over Amazon.

            Just do a search on suspender pantyhose. Honenna has some cheaper ones, but if you can afford it, Mila Marutti makes some really divine stuff. They gave a white, red and beige.

            Red is sexy. 🙂

            Oh, and I do not get anything from them for promoting them, but I have orderd many times from UK Tights which has a great selection and delivery is quick to the US. Don’t know if we are allowed to post stuff like this.

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          Yeah Girl- Stockings forever

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      Rayna Carlian

      bare, Bare, BARE! LOL

      I still have decent looking legs and I’m not a fan of how hose feels on  my skin.

      I prefer bare legs and I’ll likely stay that way 😉

      Have fun out there!!



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      Well for me I love tights or pantyhose..feel like they finish my outfit and somewhat some empowerment

      • #701229

        So girls here’s THE In the World to buy all your hosiery, All kinds,brand, styles, RHT, full fashioned, plain, seamed, Thigh Highs, tights, leggings. It’s in the U.K in the and you will pay a good steep price but you are getting the elite brands made in countries all over the worldThey accept American$, conversion figured in and then you pay shipping, So, save up your first communion money and treat yourself 😉👍

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          That link say they are close after 22 years in business…?

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      Thigh Highs is my preference.  So easy to do your business in a bathroom and get reassembled which I’m sure women waiting in line outside really appreciate.  I find nylons and garter belt similarly advantageous to wear when in a sexy mood.  Love the pull by the stockings on the belt when walking in heels.

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        That’s exactly why this girl finds stockings and garters so glorious a feminine feeling 👍There is nothing more sensual and arousing that that taunt tug pull of garters pulling on stocking tops when walking 👍You can never get that sexy sensation with pantyhose or Thigh Highs- go girl😉

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        You got that feeling Right 👍girl! No more sensuous feeling

    • #701387

      I started out wearing tights and pantyhose as my first suspender/garter belt was a cheap one from Amazon which wouldn’t stop slipping over my narrow tush, thus defeating the object! Since then I’ve found far better retro belts that do the job and I now love to dress in stockings, bra, and knickers – especially under a long lounging robe! It’s the best thing about being a home girl. x

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      Hi girls,
      My choices for this survey were pantyhose and nylons with garter, my favorites are pantyhose, I just love them, I find them one of the most feminine and sexy pieces of clothing and they are a must have in my wardrobe, and of course I have many pairs of pantyhose, both smooth black like fishnet, I also have some in nude and white, and in second place are the nylon stockings with a garter, I find them very sexy and elegant at the same time and I love to see and feel the garters pulling the stockings with any movement that you make with the legs, for this reason these are my choices,
      Greetings to all girls

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        I liked your reply, especially an agreement with me on feeling the taunt tug of stocking tops against the garter with every movement

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Wearing any kind of hosiery during the long SoCal summer is a sweaty and uncomfortable proposition.  I would prefer to go bare as Rayna does.  Unfortunately I have to wear support hose because of old injuries to my legs.  Most support hose is godawful ugly.  The only brands that look good come from Italy and are expensive.  Oroblu and Solidea.  At least they offer a good selection of tights, thigh-highs, and stockings.

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      I voted pantyhose and I think my preference is based on feelings similar to my desire to wear firm control girdles. I just like the feelings of confinement through my midsection.

      • #703201

        To each their own Kimmie👍 There are other ways of feeling that mid section confinement and tummy tucking. And still leave your bottom open to pee. Waist cincher, All-in-One with bra and garters all together, Merry Widow or Basques, girdles with garters, corsets etc. all with garters that you can wear with nylons and feel that sensuous feminine sensation of pull on your stocking tops, or wear Thigh Highs with any of the above 😉

      • #703208

        I like my panty hose too but they run so easily so when at home I were leggings especially for lounging which are tight and soft and warm and very restraining and they only go to my ankles so they don’t get caught on things so easy as nylons.

    • #707911

      I voted Gartered Stockings.
      While I do love pantyhose and that was my first experience of nylon wearing as a teen I love the feel and aesthetic of stockings with a beautiful garter, especially if it matches the bra and parties I’m wearing too.

      • #707934

        I will add you to my ‘ Stockings Girlfriend list ‘ and send out a PM 👍



    • #710806

      Pantyhose is my first choice.  They go all the way up.  I like the garter as well.

    • #710862
      J J

      It all depends on the situation. For sexy, garters and stockings hands down. For casual dresses and sundresses bare, freshly shaved legs. With pants I may just wear knee highs, and almost never wear panty hose. Thigh high are my most commonly worn hose due to convenience.

    • #719511

      Thank you! That’s my favorite. That tug is really something I can’t resist.

      • #719700

        There is nothing more feminine and sensuous feeling than that tug with garters pulling up your stocking tops!

        • #719701
          Misty M.

          Amen to that

        • #719702

          You most certainly have my vote. I have been wearing a 6-strap garter belt for years but decided to find an 8-strap. I patiently waited the 6 weeks for delivery. I was excited as hell when it arrived. I had a brand new pair of fully fashioned stockings to wear just for the occasion. As luck had it I had a support group meeting to go to that evening. Just walking out to my car was nearly arousing feeling them all tugging. It’s one of the principal reasons I quit wearing pantyhose years ago.

        • #719967

          I agree with you Meghan, but the slow slipping of a summer cotton dress over smooth bare crossed legs is also one of life’s most sensual experiences!

        • #720155

          I have yet to get me a garter belt , but plan on getting me on soon. I love to ware pantyhose in suntan color. N I have some thigh high stockings stay up n cling to thigh high stockings.  I have just. A week ago went it to a hippy shop dressed. The first time. It felted good to get the first time done. Ready for my next steps ….

        • #721061

          [postquote quote=719700]
          Meghan, I must agree with this, despite my confirmed ‘PH Girl’ status, feeling that suspender-tug is something that is uniquely feminine and thrilling.

    • #719638

      For me it really depends on what I am wearing. If I am wearing jeans or slacks I will wear knee highs or trouser socks so that my shoes still fit properly. I will go with thigh highs and sometimes a garter if I am wearing a skirt and feeling sexy (might give the unexpected peak) I have quite a few shorter dresses that I wear pantyhose with due to not wanting to show my garter belt and wanting that secure hold in the middle area. I agree it is a pain to use the restroom and they get hot but sometimes it is what a girl needs, a we all pay the price for looking our best sometimes.

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      J J

      It depends on quality or quantity…my absolute favorite thing to wear are stockings and garters. They are just so, so sexy. That said, I rarely wear them unless I am totally dressed up, which is not often. Most of the time I just flash my barely legs, be it in shorts or a skirt, casual dress.

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      Gartered stockings…

      I’m in my 70s and grew up wearing seamed stockings, and then seamless nylon stockings. Pantyhose came out in the 60s, and I disliked the garments by the way they fit. I enjoy the plain knit, non stretch stockings over the stretch stockings and pantyhose. They look sexier and look great with garter belts or girdles. They feel like lingerie, smooth and slick, It’s easier to use the restroom with  stockings. No need to pull down a waist line garment to sit…

      This style of stocking went away for a few years, as modern women preferred pantyhose, and stretch stockings were about the only style of stocking available. Around Y2K time, a couple of manufacturers started to make plain knit nylons, but the recession around 08-09 caused the company to sell out and not produce this style of stockings in the States. Of course I bought some of these, and I enjoyed the feel once again of vintage nylons. I remember the owner saying she was not going to manufacture nylons anymore, that people were trying to eat and feed their families and couldn’t afford nylons with the economy the way it was.

      Again, I was without a source for the nylons I so wanted to wear. Around 2012 or so, I found that manufacturers making this style were across the pond. England and France were making not only reinforced heel and toe stockings, but also making full fashioned nylons in a multitude of colors and back heel seam styles. I bought a lot of these stockings…I was afraid the economy might take a turn and another nylon manufacturer might have to stop producing these. So far, this supplier has stayed in business and sells garter belts (suspenders) and panties (knickers) along with a huge assortment of stockings from short to extra long, RHT and seams. I absolutely love these nylons, and I wear them every day in underdressing, and when I go to events dressed to the nines.

      As I look back, I’ve enjoyed wearing women’s clothes all my life. I grew up with a desire to wear nylon stockings on a full time basis. I’m just really happy that they still make this style of stocking …even if I need to order them from overseas. I’m sure that if any of the younger crossdressers had a chance to try these nylons, they would be quite happy with the fit and feel. What a wonderful subject, thank you, ❤️💕Roella

    • #719965

      I’ve been wearing all these options since I was 15, and have a wealth of experience to draw on! I’m also 6 feet tall.

      First of all……..shave legs. My nylon wearing depends on mood and length of skirt, or neither of those things, but I selected stockings then pantyhose. Hold-ups and knee-highs are fun from time to time, but don’t do the same job as stockings and pantyhose.

      To wear stockings, they should be the traditional non-stretch type held up with either an open bottom girdle, 4,6 or 8 strap suspender belt or waist cincher. Rago makes the best, because once on, they don’t budge. The best stockings seem to be made by Gio (RHT or seamed) or Secrets in Lace. The key element is have the correct length for a little bit of tug and slither up the legs. Since perception of sizes seems to vary it’s best to stick with one manufacturer.

      The most efficient pantyhose is sheer to waist CdR. They are light fitting, very sheer and stays on my hips. They feel magnificent with a sweater dress and boots. Mela Crystal is another option; they do have a compression panty, but still stay on hips, are very sheer and also very durable. They work well with mini skirts, dresses and also under jeans. I have lady jeans and men’s button up jeans.

      Bare legs are never an option. My CDing was founded on a nylon fetish and, after my wife died, having an entire wardrobe to choose from plus store my own stuff meant I could see little point in not indulging my fetish.

      • #720002

        So sorry about the loss of your wife😢 I too am an ardent Nylon Stockings fetishist and have been since early teens, rejecting pantyhose entirely. I was born and raised in the 50’s and 60’s during the going era of wearing wearing gartered stockings. I am a complete vintage retro girl when it comes to wearing undercover lingerie and stockings. It looks and feels Luscious 💜

        • #720831

          Meghan, I’m with you.  As another over 70 cross dresser, the thrill of a nice lace garter belt or girdle attached to nylons is wonderful.  I also enjoy feeling the sensuous tug of the straps as I walk in my guy jeans.  I’m a ladies lingerie lover who loves looking at my legs in nylons.  I’m a secret dresser mostly in the privacy of my bedroom but will wear lingerie under my guy clothes on short trips to restaurants and on errands.  Long live nylon stockings!


    • #720055

      I often think this depends on the era you grew up and your own early experiences. I’ve always enjoyed wearing tights (mainly the thicker kind, rather than the thinner “pantyhose” nylons – appreciate there may be a definition difference between the UK and the US), and whilst they may not be as lavish as stockings or other lingerie, I just find them incredibly comfortable (and comforting).


      • #720145

        Thank You , I prefer pantyhose for my self. I grew up in the 60s n 70  , when all the gril wore pantyhose. It’s just been a part of me every senses. Iam now in my 60s n  injoy cd ing everyday. Pattik

    • #720176

      Bare legs for me. Stockings when the look demands it. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like the other options – I’ve tried them all at some point. Another vote for thick tights over sheer hose, to make a short outfit wearable in the cold.

    • #720514

      Garters and stockings in the cooler months but since I now keep my legs smooth and hairless year round I just love bare legs with a cute sundress.

    • #720518

      I am firmly in the tights\ pantyhose and knee high camp.Have loved tights since I was a young boy.When I was about ten a lot of the girls at my primary school used to wear tanned hosiery.I so envied them.When I was twelve I finally got up the nerve to try on a pair of my mum’s tights.It was my first real cross dressing experence.I felt so girly fifty one years later I still love my hose.I dress as Roberta about four or five days a week.I love my dresses and skirts and never fail to wear hose with them.My all time favourite are black opaque tights in either forty or sixty denier in the spring and summer months.With the spring coming on in the UK I will be wearing more pairs of natural and nude tights usually fifteen denied.Marks And Spencer’s over my side of the pond sell lovely flesh colored tights in a shade called Illusion.They are reasonably priced and always make my legs look glamorous.I love the thought of wearing stockings but knowing me being a little bit impractical would bound to ladder them. I have a couple of pairs of smart ladies pants and wear knee highs or ankle highs with them.They always give my outfit a smart look.My wife who is fully accepting and encouraging of my crossdressing buys knee and ankle highs for us both on a regular basis.

      As much as I love tights I do think it’s silly to wear hose in the summer months.I do go bare legged then.Durng that time I wear cute floral print long skirts as I don’t like seeing my bare legs.Not that they are not shapely by any means.




      • #720538

        I totally agree with you Roberta,  I always wear some kind of pantyhose and tights in the cooler weather with skirts and dress’s and knee-hi with leggings, I like to have a bit of color with tan or taupe color.

      • #720627

        I think a lot of us have been there Roberta. My favourite months are Autumn/Winter as I can get cosy in lots of nice outfits and match with them tights/pantyhose when I get the chance.

        I find it more difficult in Spring/Summer, as any secret outings are more difficult in the longer daylight hours and people aren’t wearing as many layers.


    • #720519

      I’ve pretty much worn them all at one time or another.  I much prefer thigh highs over panty hose for the ease of getting them on/off.  Which brings me to a question: can any of you girls offer tips or techniques for getting pantyhose on?  It is always a bit of a struggle for me.  Because once you start them on one foot, then you need to stretch the damn things to the other foot.  I find the need to go through some acrobatics/contortions to do this.  Once they are on the feet, it’s relatively easy to pull them up, switching back and forth between one leg or the other.  Help!

      • #720643

        The way you described putting on panty hose is about the only way to do it. One foot at a time and work them up your legs.

    • #720707

      I occasionally wear sheer, black stockings for more formal outfits. I certainly liked to wear them more when I was younger. These days, I feel that bare legs is the best look with most of the dresses I own.

    • #720813

      “they make you into a unsanitary sweaty stinky stuffed sausage that is binding and confining”

      Funniest thing I’ve read all week. Thank you, Meghan!

      • #720931

        But oh so true😉👍 Pantyhose was the invention of the Devil 👿 to start a trend towards anti- feminist fashion. After that came bare legs and open toes which are ugly! Save those of  us who choose the vintage retro wearing of genuine nylon stockings with garters😉

    • #720840
      Audrey W

      Hi Meghan, what a fun topic. In warmer weather bare legs for sure.  I use self tan on my legs and my wife really thinks my bronze legs are quite attractive.  We travel to the Caribbean frequently and for us “ghost legs”, tung in cheek,  are a fashion disaster.  In warmer weather and especially on vacation I primarily underdress  in women’s Bermuda or golf shorts and an athletic under armor lose fitting contour top and women’s sandals.   On the lighter side and much to my wife’s chagrin, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments from waitresses hotel staff etc. on my legs.  When this happens, she typically rolls her eyes and with a smile on her face says please don’t encourage him, his head is big enough as it is.   As a personal side note I really love women’s sandals. So many styles to chose from and they really make ones legs look super.

      Also,  in the cooler months and anytime I wear boots, I’m usually in a pair of pantyhose.  Sadly since I only underdress, unless I’m inside the house, they’re covered up by my jeans or slacks.

    • #720948

      I love hosiery of all kinds, from pantyhose to stockings with garters, to thigh highs, to tights. I am a big fan because I think it is just sexier than bare legs. I prefer pantyhose and tights because I need a little extra shaping help, not going to lie, but thigh highs are fun and I wear them as well.

      That being said I live in Houston, Texas and in the Summer pantyhose are just not going to work. I go bare legs in the heat with flat or high heeled sandals and sometimes wedges. When I do though, I use self tanner because I do not want the real thing to make sure my legs are not pasty and I am more religious about my pedicures in the summer because if you are going with an open toe shoe those toes need to be pretty and painted at all times.

      There is a product you can buy on Amazon I used before, it is a spray on product that gives the impression you are wearing nude hose. When I go out I use it sometimes, it is made by Sally Hansen and it is called something like Air Brushed Legs. Gives a real pretty finish and does not rub off on your skirt or dress.

    • #720965

      I am a pantyhose girl when in dresses and in jeans its knee highs.In the 50s and 60s and 70s every lady ,young and not so young,wore hose.I tried to talk to my Mother when I started dressing ,but she wouldnt discuss it.I always had a feeling she knew about my dressing.She has long since passed and now ,when I am dressing I can hear her say”Dont forget your pantyhose Michelle.A lady ,even a part time lady like you,must wear your pantyhose.”Even in the Arizona heat,Michelle always wears pantyhose while in dresses.Who am I to say no to Mom?LOL.

    • #721040

      I have read on the when’s and why’s  of hosiery and have learned when girls reached a certain age when they transitioned from girlhood to young woman hood there was the expectation/requirement placed upon them by their mother like that was placed upon them by their mothers that they were not considered to be properly dressed and were never to leave the house unless they were wearing a suitable girdle and stockings.  A young woman would just automatically with strict enforcement from the mothers wear a girdle and stockings each day even if they weren’t leaving the house and they would do this rain, hail or shine, regardless of what the temperature might be and there was no expectations.  As Pantyhose came about the same rule was applied, as a girl transitioned from girlhood to young woman hood she would ditch the girls tights for ladies pantyhose, her mother would tell her the same she was not considered to be fully dressed unless she was wearing her pantyhose, some exclusive girls schools it was and still is part of the school uniform that from a certain age or grade it was/is required to wear pantyhose year round regardless as it would of been to wear a girdle and stockings, it was and is still believed by teaching the young woman this at a young age it is a practice that will stick with her for life.  As Clara I will admit I do like the feel of garter/suspender stockings, it does make me feel very femine, my current girdle doesn’t have suspender loops on it but I have a new one coming, I do have a hi waist suspender belt but either the garters are too long for the stockings or the stockings being too long for the garters and they are nto detachable so I can swap them out for shorter ones.  I will have to order some shorter stockings to go with that.  In the meantime as Clara the practices of above I have described I always were pantyhose regardless with my skirts and dress, I never wear trousers or shorts as ClaraI just do not believe I am properly dressed and it is not the right thing to do going out without stockings or pantyhose on.

    • #721059

      I do occasionally delve into the world of stockings and suspenders, but I’m a confirmed tights – I mean pantyhose – girl. For me, it has to be always pantyhose!

      Never bare legs. I mean, what’s the point of that?! 😜

      I am so glad I live in a temperate climate where I can wear PH all year round.

      • #721183

        As someone who knows the NE, and has experienced the “breeze” up the Northumbrian Coast, I can confirm tights are often a requirement 😊 (although many do go without for a night out in one particular city)

        Joking aside, tights/pantyhose are such a feminine item that it doesn’t surprise me that many want to wear them at every opportunity.


    • #721065

      Great poll – for me, there’s no wrong answer here: love the ‘pull’ feel of stockings/suspenders, but mostly default to hold-ups (thigh-highs). Normally with a miniskirt, it’s tights (pantyhose), especially in winter when it’s colder. Love the feel of hosiery on my legs, especially when freshly shaved.

    • #721228
      Lucy Bancroft

      It’s tights (pantyhose) for me.
      I just love the feel of them, and have done for about 50 years
      I have some stockings, and I do like them, but as I’m in the closet at home I find that I mainly only wear them if my SO is away.
      I’m not a fan of bare legs. Last year was my first full year dressing, and I did go bare legged during the summer, but wasn’t that happy.

      • #735263

        Stockings w/garter for sure when dressed for going out etc. Pantyhose especially Berkshires brand. Thigh highs are great too, so yes. Can’t lose! I wear pantyhose under my pants whenever and that is totally nice.

    • #735315

      I voted for bare legs and pantyhose.  First choice is bare legs as living in the south that’s pretty much all you see on women.  Pantyhose was the second choice as its what I did for a dressy occasion when I picked dark hose to go with a black skirt.

    • #735417

      My go-to is knee-highs but it’s tights in sub-freezing weather and bare legs with shorts and sandals all summer.

      I sit in the sun to soak up Vitamin D and did so in shorts for the first time recently. My legs are so white! Swimming four times a week seems to have bleached them a bit.

    • #735454

      Stockings with garters are still my first love but recently bare legs have captured my soul. Both are heavenly.

    • #735493

      Originally my go to was very opaque tights. however since my legs naturally have very little hair, I have really enjoyed my bare legs. However if I feel the need to cover my legs, I do prefer a garter and stockings.



    • #735526

      Garters and stockings and thigh highs got my vote, although I do have a tan pantyhose. Both are sexier, in my mind.

      My shoes sales friend gave me a tip about buying reliable stockings, since I mentioned that the ones that I had, so far, ripped too easily. She suggested the Sheertex brand. They guarantee their products not to rip and they do have excellent customer service if you “run” into issues. They have been very generous with me. All of their stockings are designed to stay up on their own, however. Most of the materials are black (their patented material may be based on something akin to kevlar, not positive), although they made a special batch of skin tone pantyhose, recently.

      Get on their mailing list so that you can catch their frequent sales.

      Even still, to protect any stockings, I went to a dollar store and bought a pair of cotton gloves, so that there is less chance of causing runs.

    • #736079

      I normally wear opaque tights in Autumn, Winter and into Spring , then go bare legged in summer

    • #735429

      I do own that gear, too, and for that very reason.

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