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The stores below offer great variety, whether you’re looking for everyday cotton panties, lacy bras or silk slips you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Highly Recommended – Bare Necessities: Bras, panties, slips and camis in a variety of styles – from everyday to seductive goddess. Great prices and wide range of sizes.

Hanes: Comfortable bras and panties in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Crossdresser Heaven - Find Your Tribe
Fredericks of Hollywood: Sexy bras, teddies and lacy nightgowns. Drive your woman (or man) wild in bed!
Highly Recommended – Her Room: High quality lingerie at affordable prices. Great selection of styles and sizes, including plus size lingerie.

Just My Size: Specializes in plus size lingerie that is comfortable and flattering for the larger woman.

Silkies: A selection of everyday bras, panties and comfortable camis.

Victoria’s Secret: I’m sure you’ve heard of them – buy online to avoid the teenage girls at the mall

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  1. emily lynn smith 3 years ago

    thank you Vanessa for sharing these tips on hells and clothes and lingerie for us girls and for allowing us girls to be girls and now I know what to look for when I go shopping for clothes and heels and lingerie thanks for the tips

  2. Kelsie Hutchins 3 years ago

    Where can we shop that uses discreet delivery? Where I live has a community mailbox, so when a package shows up that says on the label that it contains women’s clothing, what size etc., with a man’s name on it, it tends to raise eyebrows. Any tips on where I might shop to avoid this and unwanted catalogs, etc.?

    • sissywife 3 years ago

      The breast form store is very discret but limited selection most of the cross dressing stores are very discreet but why not enjoy your self and shop at Macy’s Dillards etc it is exciting and most of the sales people are very understanding and do not want to offend you also excellent selection

    • JackieOhNo 3 years ago

      Try using your initial ,or
      Try to miss Smith. % your name
      (I think. % means in care of)

      • JackieOhNo 3 years ago

        thatnamer hat was for kelsey

  3. helloulla 3 years ago

    thank you

  4. joan59 3 years ago

    Am new to cross dressing more. Have been wearing panties on a regular basis. Wearing lingerie nighties evening gowns to bed. Expanding my horizons. Looking forward to your help and support in this area. Looking forward to hearing from u.

  5. Vanessa, I can’t thank you enough for all the information you have compiled here. I’ve learned a ton in the last couple hours, met a lot of lovely ladies, and treated myself to some new outfits!

  6. george mcvicker 3 years ago

    Dec 4 2015——Hi there i love your website very much.//

  7. stephanie 3 years ago

    I live in England and we have lots of Charity shops….I find a lot of my female clothes very reasonable prices…..No-one thinks anything less of me when I talk about wearing female clothes. In fact one shop locally has a lady who tells me how to mix and match tops and skirts…..So do not be shy …go with the flow

  8. Michelle Brown 3 years ago

    I also have shopped fully dressed as a woman and I must say its great.I know I will never completely pass as a woman but99% of the sa’s out there are great to deal with.Should you encounter a problem ,thank them for their time,pick up your purse and walk out of the store.

  9. JENNIFER 3 years ago


  10. carla may 3 years ago

    I’m new to sharing my cd secret to other people so would like to get advice and chat to other cd xx

  11. Madeline 3 years ago

    I prefer silky lacey lingerie stockings suspenders myself. On occasions a corset to give me a slim figure. I purchase them mail order or from the local lingerie stores. Thanks for the tips and advice every one

  12. JENNIFER 3 years ago

    Recently, I heard that Fredrick’s of Hollywood is “Going Out of Business”, is it true??

  13. JENNIFER 3 years ago

    I love going shopping at our local mall, Town East Mall, east of Dallas, Texas, checking out the lingerie department in each store. I always check their nylon panties, Classic, high waist briefs, in pink, white, pastel yellows & blues, in size 10-12( I like panties with a bit more room, just like the first time I tried on a pair of my mothers, plus, when I get aroused, I’ll remain ‘contained’) I always check out the ‘Sales & Clearance Racks’ for great deals. Sometimes, I get a saleslady who knows that I’m shopping for myself, I’m hoping to find one that’s “Mature” & excited to help me find the perfect fitting lace bra, panties, etc. (at her home??) I will often find some really feminine lingerie in my size & I can’t wait to get them home & change into them.
    I also like shopping at Marshall’s, Dress Barn, & others.

  14. Regan 3 years ago

    I’ve shopped at a lot of local stores here in northern Colorado , and have found that dressed as a man looking in women’s department sections, 99% of the women there are eager to go that extra mile to help especially when they learn you’re shopping for yourself. I’ve even had other female customers join in. I have 4 stores that are major chains, CATO, Payless shoes , Macy’s and JC Penny they all have clerks there who recognize me and rush to come over to help, my wife gets jealous because of how eager they are to help. It’s amazing how the female clerks are more excepting . Kisses. Regan

  15. Jonelle 3 years ago

    Great info, Thank You so much… New to this site and am so grateful…

  16. Monika Sweet 3 years ago

    I shop almost everywhere I see lingerie…lol sucker at it.

    My Favorites:
    1. Victoria’s Secrets: Very luxurious, expensive but seriously best stuff. The materials are fine, silky and staf is always helpful. They have got Double Push Up bra now and these fit so well and does the trick for most CDs without the need of a Breastform.

    2. La Senza: Great styles, good price, sexy and stylish… They got Double Push-up Bras as well. Tip: Just go one band size up and a cup size low while buying from La Senza Double Push up. For example: If you usually buy 36c with Breastforms… Buy a 38B instead in Double Push-up. This will give you the comfort around the band and the match the cup size for the 36C… No need to stuff anything in it anymore

    3. Nayomi: Probably a regional Brand but they have the best fitting Double Push Up Bra. The bra comes with 3 different straps that allows you to wear the same bra as Standard Push Up with straps on either sides, Cross Straps, Halter neck and the clear transparent straps for the off-shoulder dresses…. The above tip for a Band size higher and a Cup size lower is true for them

    4. Tchibo: they have the most reasonably priced Panties that are stylish, fashionable and comfortable… Downside… You have to dig through stacks of stuff to get what you really need

    • Monika Sweet 3 years ago

      Other Stores that I frequent are:

      H&M: Everywhere, decent stuff at decent price.. Most of my Panties, leggings come from there

      BHS: Another store that sells decent quality stuff… I like their Soft Shine Stockings and High waist panties..

      Debenhams: Little Expensive and less variety in terms of Double Push Up Bra… But their Lace BRas and Panties are good.

      • Jane Borden 2 years ago

        Fully agree with these stores-also Peacocks, where the bras fit really well and are very reasonably priced. Primark can be good-though bras only go to 38 and I need 40

  17. Stephanie 3 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have also shopped on Amazon, they are discreet and I find my billing is only to Amazon so covered the CC bill. I also have shopped at Yandy.Com

  18. Veronica 3 years ago

    I like Yandy, too, and love PantyhoseHQ and NY Lingerie for Palatino pantyhose! If you type in “lingerie” or “plus size lingerie” in Ebay, a whole slew of great choices pop up. You can use the left task bar to refine your choices. The hard part is not buying everything you see! Lingerie Diva is great, too! Can you tell that I am addicted to lingerie?!?

    • Kim Cummings 2 years ago

      PantyhoseHQ is a excellent source for the higher cost pantyhose. Bare essentials is also good.

    • Kim Cummings 2 years ago

      You and me both! Lingerie and high heels are so addictive. The sensuous feeling of our sexy lingerie, silky smooth pantyhose against the skin. It is quite a hot and sexy feel, isn’t it?

  19. Joanne Maes 2 years ago

    Thank you so much As a middle aged now woman i so glad to have your help.

  20. Jamies time 2 years ago

    I love to shop at Maurices the girls at store are so helpful and also Catherine’s plus size clothing store last time I went lady helped me find correct bra size to wear with my breast forms and tried on several clothes to fit best

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