I have dressed for many years, first partially, which slowly grew into Genivieve .   It has, however, always in private and by myself.  Genivieve was the perfect example of the phrase, “all dressed up and no place to go”!  That, however, was soon to change.  Recently, I had made contact with a couple of other girls in a city where I would be attending  a three-day conference.  We made plans to meet up, and they were gracious enough to pick me up from my hotel.

All that day, it was impossible to pay attention to the program at my conference.  I simply could not wait for the day to be over; I was so ready for Genivieve to have a night on the town.  As soon as the conference concluded for the day, I nearly ran back to my room to get ready.  I had my outfit picked already out; all that remained was to do my nails and my makeup and to get dressed.  Trying to paint my nails, my hands were trembling.  Was it in excitement or in fear — both feelings were evident to me.  Questions and concerns were running out of control through my mind.  Would I be laughed at, or ridiculed?  What would I do if that happened?  I would be lying if I did not say that I was becoming more fearful and unsure as the time of my meeting drew near.  Finishing my nails, I was able to relax as I waited for them to dry.  Settled and back in control, I put on my lingerie and got dressed.  I had chosen to wear a black pencil skirt, red sparkle top, and a black blazer with dark hose and black pumps.  It was nothing extravagant, just elegant and reserved — perfect for the occasion.  Dressed, I began my makeup.  I paid extra special attention tonight to my makeup.  It needed to be the best as I possibly could accomplish — you only have one time to make a first impression.  I donned my wig and jewelry before spritzing myself with perfume.  I put my lipstick, my compact and a few essentials in my purse, and sat down to wait.  I was as ready as I could be.

The waiting almost killed me.  By the time that my new friend arrived, my butterflies felt like eagles!  I was scared, but determined — no oversized butterflies were going to stop me tonight.  After a quick greeting, we walked out the door together and she drove me to meet the other girls at a TGI Friday’s.  The girls were wonderful from the beginning, welcoming me like we have been friends for years.  They let me sit on the inside in a booth to protect me. We enjoyed few drinks before dinner.  I was starting to relax and become less apprehensive.  Even the waitress loved us.  She chatted us up like any other group of girls.  She even asked us where we got our shoes.  No one else in the restaurant paid any extra attention to us!   As we visited, the other girls made me feel so feminine.  One asked me who had done my makeup.  When I replied that I had done it myself, she said, “Honey if you worked on your voice you would pass anywhere!”  They even complimented me on my mannerisms and the way I carried myself.  I was beaming; I have never felt so much like Genivieve.  The rest of the evening was wonderful.  I felt so feminine and so accepted.

After returning to my hotel, I took a few moments to reflect on my wonderful evening.  To think how long I have wanted to do this, and how I have let my fears prevent me until leads me offer some advice.  Girls, if you have the desire to go out, please go!  It is fun and rewarding.  I wish that I had not waited so long to do what I so dearly love! In life, our biggest regrets will not be the things we did.  It will those things we wanted to, do but did not!


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  1. Terrim 2 days ago

    Great story. Going out with other girls like yourself is a big step. All those fears you had disappear. To talk to others like yourself is something that we all need to do. It takes away the guilt that many of us have.
    Huggs Terri

  2. Tanya 3 days ago

    That sounds wonderful! I hope someday I can be so lucky to have such a wonderful experience.

  3. Hi girls;
    The story was wonderful and a wonderful
    Experience with you, theirs not greater feeling
    Than being the woman you want to be, you have put a lot time and sacrifice in being who
    You are. I’m Cynthia and 62yrs to this day I
    Still get butterfly’s and I dress femmes every
    Day you made the first step, congratulations
    Your on your way. Cynthia

  4. Janet Ellis 2 weeks ago

    I dream of the day that I can share a girls night out with others. I love being a woman so much and it would be a dream come true

  5. Gerri Valentine 2 weeks ago

    Congrats, now you won’t be able to stop. All the fears are in your head, no one cares what you wear. Go out and enjoy being yourself.

  6. Sophie Frenchie 2 weeks ago

    Genivieve, thank you for sharing you experiences with us. I am sure that many others here would be happy to do the same once they have found the courage. Those who have already done similar will understand your feelings too.

  7. christopher queen. Aka Krystal Queen 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations on your first experience. I hope you have continued support and encouragement from your friends and family

  8. Joanna 3 weeks ago

    Thank You for sharing your wonderful story Genivieve! As I read it I remembered many of the same feelings my first time out. Fear, guilt, anguish, apprehension all running across the full spectrum. Once I stepped out that door, a whole new world opened up. Once I settled into a rhythm and found my head space, all those fears vanished. The earth didn’t open up and swallow me whole and the sun was still shining the next day. But perhaps, maybe just a little brighter.

    You are so right, don’t wait, Just Do It !

  9. Jennifer 3 weeks ago

    That is some what I am but do not have Confidence .

  10. andrea 3 weeks ago

    Well done honey it gets easier from now on

  11. Joann 3 weeks ago

    hi gen thats great i am glad you got to go out maybe when we get to grther again we can plan a day in duluth or some other place your girl friend joann

  12. PrettyTina Naso 3 weeks ago

    Great story sweetie, love the story & so proud of you. Sounds like you girls had a great night!!

    Hugs Tina

  13. skippy1965(Cynthia) 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing your story an d congrats on your first night out. Hopefully, it was the first of many to come. While there is always a bit of nervousness, it gets easier and easier each time. It’s wonderful to be able to be yourself out in the world!

  14. Krista 3 weeks ago

    What a lovely story Genivieve! Thanks so much for sharing. And great advice!
    Looking forward to reading more stories from you about your adventures.
    Hugs, Krista

  15. Giselle Reeves 3 weeks ago

    so proud of you Genni

  16. Bobbiann Lee 3 weeks ago

    Am so proud of you. You finally done it. And Bobbiann day is coming soon again.

  17. Kara Kelly 3 weeks ago

    I’m glad that you had such an awesome evening. So happy for you.

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