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Karyn Lobelia

I was married at 20 and had never cross dressed, but had always been considered as feminine and often taken facially for a " girl ". This was my wife's second marriage and she recognized that I had often been called " too pretty to be a boy " by her friends . As I was always very appreciative of women's styles, she suggested that I start wearing ladies versions of men's styles and to wear my hair longer . Our friends and my co workers were supportive of me becoming more femme . Eventually , I started doing my nails in French Nails , and wearing natural makeup . As this progressed , I really noticed that I was flattered by being perceived as my wife's girlfriend in public . When , I decided to go femme full time at work and in public is was very easy for me because of the support of our friends and my co workers , since I worked at a liberal University . Once I started enjoying the flattery of being an attractive women , it was a much harder decision to totally transition. This site made a big difference to me in making that decision.

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  1. Mary Elizabeth Jordan 2 weeks ago

    You are a very Beautiful Woman and Blesse to have a Wife that accepts you. I pray that my Wife will accept me soon.

  2. Deedee Delano 3 weeks ago

    Are you still married? Your wife must be a fabulous lady to help you transition.

  3. ashley kate 1 month ago


  4. Patti Parker 5 months ago

    Proud lady

  5. Patti Parker 5 months ago

    Most beautiful

  6. Diane Brashear 6 months ago

    Just too cute!

  7. isis 7 months ago

    you´r a fortunated girl and a nice woman.Congratulations!!

  8. Jaimelynn 9 months ago

    Have to agree with Crystal here Karyn…looks an awful lot like Elle Fanning looks…maybe you could try and be a stand in double for her if she ever needs one.

  9. Crystal 10 months ago

    I’m pretty sure that is a picture of Elle Fanning.

  10. Patti 11 months ago

    I love love love that outfit!! I want it! You look so good

  11. Stephanie Cross 1 year ago

    Most excellent results for your efforts. Very well done.

  12. debbie 1 year ago

    a well put together outfit that is to dazzle both men and women.

  13. Amy Vanessa 1 year ago

    You look awesome.

    • Misti 6 months ago

      You are like something out of a fashion magazine. Very sweet…

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