Having kept Rebecca a secret for so many years, when I retired last October I knew that it was time to give her freedom. I began by visiting Manchester in the north of England for a few days. I took more female items (clothes, makeup and shoes) than male. I was still rather secretive for most of the trip, dressing female as Rebecca only in the hotel room.

During my stay, I twice visited a shop called Transformation. On my first visit, I purchased two wigs and natural silicone breasts. On my second visit on the last day, having checked out of the hotel I went to the shop for a make over. I had everything I needed. I had taken some of my own female items to the shop with me. When the make over was finished, I stayed downstairs in the shop so that Rebecca would be visible to others, rather than sit upstairs in a lounge they had for customers use.

Before I left for the journey home to Northampton, Eileen, a member of staff, wanted to take a couple of pictures. I had a necklace I really like but I had left it in the car. So I just said to her “I’m going to fetch it” and with that I left the shop, walked to my car and returned with the necklace. I hadn’t been at all bothered about being outside in a suburb of Manchester dressed as Rebecca. After the photos, Eileen said “it’s a shame you can’t go home as Rebecca”. I replied “What a good idea” and quickly changed into my own female clothes. I left the shop and returned to my car.

Heading off down the road, I glanced down at the petrol gauge. It read three bars. I guessed that it would be touch and go to make it home without making a stop to fill up. Still I continued on my way.  I left Manchester and headed south on the M6 motorway eventually switching to the M6 Toll road to avoid Birmingham. I rejoined the M6 and then the M1. A further glance at the petrol gauge told me that I wouldn’t make it without a stop for petrol. I was near Coventry, so I visited the nearest motorway services. I pulled into the filling station and got petrol and a sandwich as I hadn’t eaten. I felt quite at ease despite the fact I was forced into making the stop.

So there you are; this was the start of my journey of bringing Rebecca forward in my life and so much more has happened since. I would so much like to share more of my journey. Recalling it all makes me so happy.

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Hello, I'm Rebecca Anne and since October last year when I retired I have opened up my feminine world. I live in Northampton In England and am pleased to say since I came out as transgender I have had support from a number of people - my best friend who I first met thirty two years ago, when I told him his reaction was to invite me for Sunday roast dinner with him and his partner - saying come dressed as you feel most comfortable. Some of my Neighbours have given a lot of support too. The hardest thing was telling my Daughter, she said she needed time to take it in and asked that I refrain from dressing femme in her presence, the last time we spoke on the subject she said the same but used I not ready yet which was encouraging. My Son still lives at home and before I could tell him he came home early one day from work and walked in on me sat dressed femme - he asked why are you dressed like that ? I told him because I want to, it is something that goes back Townsend was young. (Ten years old). His answer to my reply was a casual -well if that's what you want carry on. I took that as his acceptances. After my return from my latest visit to my 91 year old Father ( he's 92 in September) on 22nd July I have dressed femme for all but two periods of two and a half hours in the company of my Daughter and Son in law. She told me during the first period that my Son had spoken to her about me and that he was missing the Father and Son moments.

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  1. Kim Dale 1 week ago

    Interesting to read about retiree experiences. I’m 24 months away from my own and looking forward to living much more openly than I have in the recent past!

  2. Jessica 2 weeks ago

    Wow, I love your story. Keep them coming. I’m living vicariously through them.

  3. Terri Anne Knoan 3 weeks ago

    Rebecca Anne, Love your story and postings. I am looking forward to retirement. Loving my opprotunities to dress. Thank you for your encouaging story. So much fun shopping and interacting as en femme.
    Best wishes Rebecca.
    – Terri Anne

  4. dynette 3 weeks ago

    how much damage do you think were doing as we get deep into this

  5. Rebecca…..encore, encore and bravo. Great stories….am sooo happy for you! Looking forward to more tales of high adventure and daring do!

    Lady Veronica – KTI

  6. Renee T 3 weeks ago

    Such a beautiful story Rebecca Anne. I know that there are a lot of us, (myself included) who would love to take the drive like you did and show the world what you really feel inside. Would love to hear more about Rebecca Anne and her new adventures. And hopefully your daughter will slowly accept Rebecca Anne as part of her life.

  7. Ashleigh 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging story. I am glad all wen well for you, and that you enjoyed your time. The first steps are always the hardest.
    I have often said that if we go about our business quietly and with confidence, few if any people take notice. Most folks are so wrapped in their own little worlds that they don’t take the time to notice, or if they do, most don’t care enough to react.

  8. rachael 3 weeks ago

    hi all,interesting to see the way your lives have changed,mostly for the good,when I first met my late wife20 years ago now,i told her within 2 weeks of meeting,she said get changed and let me see how you look!her first comment was if you are going to do this then you really need some help lol!She was the greatest support,and from then on we had such great times,,she even made me go to my first transgender event!Slowly as time went be ,and my confidence grew time to tell neighbours ,etc was due,they were great ,and Rachael was now fully “out”went everywhere as ladies who lunch,great fun,Sadly this was to change,as we were burgled and Sue said we had to move,this happened 5 years ago now,but within 6 weeks of that move Sue fell ill,and 10 days later I lost her,a very rare and I was told,incurable Cancer!i went into meltdown,losing her broke me,and Rachael was far from my my thoughts ,it took some time,3 years ,nearly to get out and about again,and sadly I moved to an ultra conservative area,a private estate with only15 other properties,i was very nervous about telling them ,but had to be done,so that cats out!done have any contact with them,and they have no impact on my life,so eh ho life is good !my very next door neighbours have been great,in fact first time rachael knocked on there door,they said they had seen my going out,thought I was rays new lady friend lol!Now am fully “out”again,and know that’s what Sue would want?made lots of new friends in Cambridge,and out a LOT! quizzes,pub nites,social events,ets,even out with gg,s,as Rachael,totally accepted,and once again life is bearable,though still miss my mate!Now know that I have a life to enjoy and not endure,though have been have gd,and was due to go to charing cross,have now decided that there is no need,happy to be who I am,,be accepted by daughter,as I am,but son not so,in fact rarely see him,or granddaughters.Sorry to ramble on a bit,but thats me!dizzy lol!

  9. Cass 3 weeks ago

    Hi Rebecca,I know Manchester well,some20 odd years ago I travelled up to the Albany Clinic which is opposite ,or was then Transformation.
    This was after a divorce and was given Premarin.
    Moving on,I started again on Hormones thru an endocrinologist in USA by pellet form.Super results but expensive.
    After that I came out to my Dr. who was reluctant to prescribe Hormones but did the blood work,and I bought estrogen on line.
    Made me feel more complete,and a hell of a lot calmer.
    Sure starting late will never give you as much changes but mentally it really helps.
    Now back and retired in the UK,still getting the hormones ,because the wait time for Gender help goes for years in the future.
    My time is now,not waiting any more

  10. Sarah Mack 3 weeks ago

    Thank you very much for your story I really enjoyed it I looking forward to my retirement so I can do the same

  11. Author
    Rebecca Anne 3 weeks ago

    I said in an earlier post that I would reflect more on both of my Blackpool holidays. So I’ll tell you about my first one this time. I booked a hotel in North Blackpool, this is the area where the LGBT community flourishes. The four evenings during my stay were spent in two venues. The Flying Handbag and Peek A Booze. On the first evening I sat and watched karaoke singers but didn’t go up myself that was in P.A.B. The second evening in the F.H. I had my first night disco dancing dressed femme until 3am. I loved it! On the third evening I returned to the F.H. for karoke again until 3am. This time I got up to make my karoke debut. I chose Eternal Flame, my only mistake was I tried to sing it in a too high voice and it must have sounded gross, still I got plenty of encouragement to have another go and a bit later I was called up. I chose Fix you the Coldplay song this time and I nailed it despite the long instrumental in the middle during which I didn’t know what to do. I had a third go towards the end of the night ( early morning) singing one of my favourite Beegees songs – I started a joke, I know the words of this song off by heart and so this rendition went down really well! In the daytime on my first holiday I took a trip to Cleveleys by tram on the first full day, this was somehow forced on me as one of my banks had closed their branch in Blackpool centre and the other Blackpool branch was out near the motorway. I got a 24 hour tram ticket and as it happened the bank at Cleveleys was adjacent to the tram stop. After going to the bank I looked around and did some shopping, had lunch in KFC. Then got the tram back. The next morning I went by tram to Blackpool pleasure Beach before my ticket ran out. I wore ladies jeans and a sports bra under my ordinary bra to hold my silicon breasts in place. ( they weren’t glued on). I got a wristband and rode some of my favourite rides. My all time favourite the Grand National roller coaster was as I remembered it only it felt a lot bumpier and cramp. I had fun on a ride called the Steeple Chase when I had to be helped up onto the horse it took a few minutes. After I had been on about eight rides it started to rain so I decided to go on the indoor rides. I had my photo taken before I went on the Wallace and Grommit ride and came away with two souvenir Keyrings. I then had a Crystal ball reading which was interesting but expensive. About this time I’d had enough of the Pleasure Beach as it was still raining. So I left and went to an attraction just adjacent to it. This attraction is one of those scary ones with actors/actresses hidden inside who jump out at you. I got chased by a mad woman who jumped off a bed, she was made up like the girl in the Exorcist! On my third and last full day I went shopping in Blackpool I was looking around the indoor shopping centre and I went into the Next store I was looking at the women’s clothing when the lady who was overseeing the changing rooms area, asked me if she could assist me. I told her I was looking for a dress and a cardigan she couldn’t really help though because she was visiting from anther store and she said she was unfamiliar with the layout. I found the items I wanted and took them into the changing room and tried them on. Changed back into my own clothes and went and paid . I then returned to the changing room area and asked the lady if I could change back into my new clothes, then I walked out of the store wearing them both! On that last full day out I had lunch and tea in town. I went to two different Italian restaurants. I know I shouldn’t have but who cares! Anyway on the Friday I headed home, via Manchester and a visit to Transformation to restock my hormones and antigen. I had had a fantastic time and booked to return to the same hotel, same room the following month. I will reflect on that trip next time.
    Rebecca Anne xx

  12. jill vail 3 weeks ago

    thank you for your story I can relate to it as I am retired and have all this free time to embrace my femme self for I am transgendered

  13. Author
    Rebecca Anne 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone , thank you to those who replied to my maiden article on crossdresser Heaven and my later post that followed it, I’m pleased you enjoyed sharing my first steps after I came out Transgender, I appreciate the kind words posted in the replies! I can tell you all that I had a second make over in Runcorn in Cheshire three months after I came out and it was a Bridal make over. When it was complete I was told to open my eyes and I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. I looking stunning!!! Again I had some of my own female clothes with me, so again I changed into them and drove home. No problem with needing petrol this time. Since this second makeover I have had two holidays in Blackpool, completely femme, I left all my male apparel at home – had a great time on both visits. Will reflect more on them another time

    Rebecca Anne xx

  14. Rozalyne Richards 3 weeks ago

    Hi Rebecca thanks for sharing your story with us I’m just coming up to my retirement too maybe it’s time i brought Rozalyne out of the closet, hugs and kisses Rozalyne x

    • Author
      Rebecca Anne 3 weeks ago

      Hi Rozalyne happy retirement when you you reach it shortly, I can tell you coming out just after I retired was the right thing for me to do! I have been so happy and now I live as Rebecca Anne 99% of the time. I am awaiting an appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic, but it isn’t until June 2020. In the meantime i’m just carrying on as I have been. Getting my hormones privately from Manchester and enjoying life.
      Rebecca Anne x

  15. Leonara 3 weeks ago

    Rebecca, thank you for sharing your journey with us at CDH. That is what we do best here … Unconditional support.. It seems as we reach retirement, our inner feelings of femininity come to light (it happened to yours truly) .. My journey is still in the early steps waiting to see where it will take me. I hope you find yourhappiness .. Please PM me any time… Leonara

    • Author
      Rebecca Anne 3 weeks ago

      Hi Leonara, hope you are enjoying your early steps and that you aren’t having any bad times. I have been very lucky in that I haven’t had any negative reaction so far. I just try to blend in best I can. One area I have had help is in retail, I have made friends with one or to staff who work on the cosmetic counters, they have helped me with my make up and given me coaching on how to apply it better myself. One of them flew to Las Vegas last week and was married at the chapel of flowers last Wednesday, only her fiance Mark was with her. I watched the ceremony on the internet. They were very happy and she looked lovely, funny enough her name is Rebecca Anne but she was Becks at the wedding. I have also found a clothes shop where I have been made very welcome , so much so that I wrote a poem about them. I have purchased four dresses and a petticoat from there so far. They sell clothes from the forties/fifties era. I love the style even though I was born in 1951. They are having an event after official shop hours for the LGBT community this month, ticket only entry, I am going to go in the hope of meeting some like minded girls. I’m looking forward to it! Anyway I go everywhere now. I even have gym membership as Rebecca. So my advice is the more you hit the outside world the easier it becomes. So Good Luck in whatever path you choose.
      Rebecca Anne x

  16. Billiejo Patton 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for your story i enjoyed it very much

  17. Deety (D.T.) 3 weeks ago

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing your story. It is lovely to know that somewhere nearby there is another retired Northamptonian enjoying her time. Maybe on day we will meet, maybe we already have done and not known it… All power to you and my love and kisses

  18. skippy1965(Cynthia) 3 weeks ago

    Congrats Rebecca Anne on allowing the world to share the true you. May your future years allow you the freedom to continue blossoming! Thank you for sharing your story with us and may you inspire others to follow their dreams!

  19. Frances walker 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone Happy Easter I have more beliefs then christian.I had to say But none of my beliefs detour me from my love for crossdressing. I know god loves me just the same I’am affraid of some peoples reaction But with cdh and my faith I know Ican overcome this love to you all thanks

  20. Leslie 3 weeks ago

    Well done Rebecca Anne. It must be so nice to come out the way you have. I guess there are difficulties but you find release from being open and sharing. Thank-you. Leslie.

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