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by scarlett398

In the upper right corner of this photo is a copy of my Sexy Redhead and me while I'm in a suit and tie in Handsome Husband mode. To the left of my upper thighs is a photo of my furry baby girl who's our three year old Corgi doggie who also goes by the name of Scarlett. Right above my right heel and gold buckle to that heel is a photo of one of our former buff colored Corgis named Madison. Madison jumped over the Rainbow Bridge approximately 5 years ago and she's been in our hearts and minds since this photo was taken of her the first day we brought her home from the breeder. Her knickname was "Maddy Cat"! To the right of Madison's photo is a big white "S" that lights up when you turn on the light switch on the back of the "S". The "S" stands for "Sexy Redhead" which is one of the knicknames I use when I talk to or with my wife for refer to her on one of my CDH notes. Below the "S" on top of that black two drawer filing cabinet is a large manilla envelope which contains some large XRays of my left leg from the knee down. There's still a titanium rod running down the middle of my tibia bone from my knee to my ankle. Someone from the Budweiser softball team in 1978 slid into me while playing softball for the base team and while I was turning a double play which won the game for us in the bottom of the seventh inning of the championship game in a big softball tournament in the heart of Little Rock Arkansas. Both leg bones, the tibia and fibula, were snapped in half 5 inches above my left ankle. In front of that envelop is a big fat black pig my Sexy Redhead plans on hanging up out on one of the garage walls. Sorry about the rambling, Girls, I just felt a need to point out all of the details displayed in this photo.


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Rachael Starr
Rachael Starr (@rachael271828)
1 month ago


As always, your pics are classy and elegant. (Of course, a black dress is always a good choice!) And, the stories you tell are both joyful and tearful describing life events. You do bring a smile to my face with every pic.

xoxo. Rachael

Charmagne Stewart
Active Member
Charmagne Stewart (@charchar1959)
1 month ago

You look fabulous in both modes, Miss Scarlett. Because you have such natural beauty. <3

Peggy Sue Williams
Trusted Member
Peggy Sue Williams (@catgurl)
1 month ago

Blond hair and a black dress always suit you nicely, Scarlett! Sheer black pantyhose and black stilettos, you are ready to step out, dear.

Thanks for the explanation of various things in the photo, and it looks similar to our lower rec room.


Peggy Sue

Linda mm Magliore
Trusted Member
Linda mm Magliore (@belinda-c)
1 month ago

A very lovely dress and a very lovely, detailed and informative tour of the different elements that go to make up the background of this gorgeous image.

Megan Santini
Trusted Member
Megan Santini (@megansantini)
1 month ago

Oh, my eyes went due north of your upper thigh!

Shreya Shah
Active Member
Shreya Shah (@shreyashah)
1 month ago

You looks more feminine then your redhead

Danielle Wayne
Trusted Member
Danielle Wayne (@daniellegrl)
1 month ago

wow. those legs are stunning as always girlfriend. I really like this photo. so beautifully done,

Alicia Dalmas
Alicia Dalmas (@alicia75019)
1 month ago

Bjr/hello you are a beautiful lady I love your photo

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