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Hello Ladies: Well Cherri is a tall, cheerful, mature closeted dresser living in a small northern Canadian town. I am happily married and have a wife of many years that even though she knows about my hobby prefers not to participate. all that being said i have been a lurker here for a few years reading and enjoying the articles and finally decided drop in and say hi. I hope i can make a contribution in some small way. I have always had an online presence but because of my location have never been out dressed enfemm and have been happy for the most part chatting or video chatting to fill my need for sharing and enjoying my hobby. so to parafrase the Lone Ranger... High heels ans lipstick Away!!!

a more recient picture
a more recient picturecherripittGlamming Up
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still fiddlig about with my camera
still fiddlig about with my cameracherripittGlamming Up
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A current Photo
A current PhotocherripittCasual
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A earlier pictue
A earlier pictuecherripittMakeup
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simply messinng about
simply messinng aboutcherripittGlamming Up
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