Transgender Passengers

TSA recognizes the concerns that some members of the transgender community may have with certain security screening procedures at the nation’s security checkpoints. TSA is committed to ensuring all travelers are treated with respect and courtesy. Screening is conducted without regard to a person’s race, color, sex, gender identity, national origin, religion or disability.

Prior to the Airport

Making Reservations


TSA verifies identification through Secure Flight. When making a reservation, you are encouraged to use the same name, gender and birth date as indicated on your government-issued ID. Read additional information about identification.


Packing Baggage

All baggage must go through the screening process.  If a traveler has any medical equipment or prostheses in a carry-on bag, the items will be allowed through the checkpoint after the traveler completes the screening process. If a bag must be opened by an officer to resolve an alarm, the traveler may ask that bags be screened in private.

Contacting TSA in Advance

Prior to a flight, you may contact the TSA Cares helpline at (855) 787-2227 with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at a checkpoint. You may request the assistance of a passenger support specialist, who will provide assistance when you arrive at the airport.


While at the Airport

Travel Document Checker

At the checkpoint, present your government-issued identification and boarding pass to the TSA officer who will ensure the identification and boarding pass are authentic and match.


You will be screened by walk-through metal detectors or advanced imaging technology.

Advanced imaging technology uses automated target recognition software that eliminates passenger-specific images and instead auto-detects potential threats by indicating their location on a generic outline of a person. The generic outline is identical for all passengers.


AIT Screening Process: When you enter the imaging portal, the TSA officer presses a button designating a gender (male/female) based on how you present yourself. The machine has software that looks at the anatomy of men and women differently. The equipment conducts a scan and indicates areas on the body warranting further inspection if necessary. If there is an alarm, TSA officers are trained to clear the alarm, not the individual. Additional screening is conducted to determine whether a prohibited item is present.

En Femme Style

Pat-Down: If you cannot or choose not to be screened by advanced imaging technology or a walk-through metal detector, you will undergo a pat-down procedure instead. You may also undergo a pat-down procedure if you alarm the screening equipment and/or at random. If a pat-down is performed, it will be conducted by an officer of the same gender as you present yourself. Screening can be conducted in a private screening area with a witness or companion of the traveler’s choosing. Please see additional guidance for prostheses.

You may request private screening or ask to speak with a supervisor at any time during the screening process.

Requesting a Pat-Down: You may request to receive a pat-down instead of AIT screening. You may request to have a pat-down in private and be accompanied by a companion of your choice. You may bring your carry-on baggage to the private screening area and may request a chair to sit if needed. You will not be asked to remove or lift any article of clothing to reveal sensitive body areas.


Contact Us

If you have witnessed unprofessional conduct or experienced an inappropriate screening process at a security checkpoint, you may request to speak with a supervisor at the checkpoint. You may also submit your concern to the TSA Contact Center.

If you have experienced discrimination, you may email or submit a civil rights complaint.

More information at: website.


This information was downloaded by Wanda Full in order to identify concerns of the transgender community regarding airport security rules and regulations. The concerns may apply to cross dressers as well.

If you have any unique airport security experiences that you might want to add by responding to this article and tell us how you were treated as a member of the transgender or cross dresser communities, please feel free to send in your story.


Wanda Full, CDH member and photo administrator here at Crossdresser Heaven





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Wanda Full

I'm a Professional Clown and Magician, at a recent convention there was a dinner for "students", I thought it might be different and fun to attend as a schoolgirl. I received many compliments from entertainment professionals, and what was given the confidence to try something new. I've always been a makeup guy, I hadn't considered it could go further. It's an interesting journey and there is an amazing community. I jumped in with both heels. Thanks for the acceptance and support. Dragaversary Nov 9, 2017: Update: Since I have explored the CD scene and accepted it as my own. I have been dressing frequently, and have had the need to come out to the world. I did so the first week of April 2018, and it has been exhilarating, exciting, and mostly satisfying. There are some that still don't know, but I'm working toward releasing Wanda into the wild with no inhibitions. I would like to meet up with other local CD's on a social basis. Update: Finally came out at work fully Sept. 5th 2019. A great weight was been lifted after over a year of gradual change. ..Look out world, I'm loose! Further Update: I came out to the world on facebook Thanksgiving Day (no one seemed to care), so it's out there. I had to give up my commission as Managing Ambassador to focus on my greater heath and wellbeing, it was getting to be too much. I hope to see you all in chat soon! Further Update 2: Got a handle on my ailment, gained some new perspectives and started my Transition Journey. HRT is quite an adventure, I will say. Can't wait for the Apocalypse to end, this Gurl needs to go dancing! Surround yourself with those that motivate and inspire, not those the are negative and critical. Everyone stay safe until then, and be a good human. Further Update Aug 21: 1-1/2 years into transition, have gone from "Boy brain" to "Girl brain" and have ridden the emotional rollercoaster. Living full time as the woman I was born to be, and loving every moment. Slight glitch in my transition timeline was a near fatal auto accident in January, where an impaired driver hit me head on at high speed. As a result, end of July I received a new hip and am recovering from that horiffic injury currently. The inability to wear pumps for the last 8months is killing me! I can't wait to walk again and get back into the fold. I'm thinking of all my sisters in mind and spirit, and can't wait to get back into CDH, As always, be kind and be a good human. Hugs, W

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skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Wanda-thanks! I have flown twice in full Cyn mode and one in  stealth Cyn mode. For a fun read about the stealth mode trip see the article I wrote  . The next two times -in full Cyn mode-I used TSA pre check.  First time was 2 minute walk through with no questions asked.  The second time I was random picked to be Body scanned and carryon searched.  No biggie though-very polite. Biggest thing is ALWAYS use your legal ID regardless of what mode you’re traveling in.  They do  NOT mess around! Don’t try to use false ID! Be polite… Read more »

Robin Kliment
4 years ago

I’ve flown pretty enough times I don’t bother counting anymore. I’ve NEVER had an issue presenting F with a M ticket and ID. My standard comment at the ID check now is “No one ever takes a good picture at the DMV". Always remember to dress to disappear in the crowd though.

Dorothy Brinson
Active Member
4 years ago

This is good information to know. I will be flying this weekend for the first time since I was in the military. I plan on wearing my bra as I always have one on.

Steph Wild
3 years ago

Thank you for the great information Wanda! I am trying to plan a flight en femme which will be a first. I am very nervous about this since on my last trip I packed my breast forms in my backpack and was pulled out to have that bag inspected. The TSA lady was nice and it took like 10 seconds for her to confirm the contents and let me go. So not really a big deal. Next time I will be wearing them thus a big step with the added nervousness. My question is what should we wear on the… Read more »

Annah (Vincenza)
2 years ago

Just the thought of ever possibly trying to travel en fem is giving me palpitations and the sweats. I can barely bing myself to go out the back door as it is – fear sucks – but thank you for the read and everyone’s commments

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