Anyone who watches soccer has noticed that today’s players wear a sports bra under their uniforms.

In fact, that top is a “gadget”. The piece has a small device with several functions: GPS, accelerometer, heart rate meter and others. Coaches use this data to improve team strategy and identify any “lazy” players. To avoid injuries, the sensor must be placed between two bones in the back. So, the best solution found was to attach it to a top.

At first, many fans were surprised to see the players wearing this item: “Are they wearing a bra?” But over time everyone got used to it…

I believe that the sports bra has other advantages, such as correcting posture. I think this should be the chance to popularize the sports bra inside and outside of sports.

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Imagine men wearing sports bras at the gym. In addition to improving body posture, it can help men with obesity and gynecomastia: sports bras tend to flatten the breasts. This can be important for improving self-esteem, for example.

Even outside the gym, a sports bra can be useful. You can replace tank tops or t-shirts under dress shirts with a sports bra: this may be more practical.

Those who like crossdressing can use the top as an alternative to practice with every day: sports tops, if well chosen, are very discreet and don’t cause as much controversy as a conventional bra.

A perfect sports top for this should have wide straps, in neutral colors, and it would be seamless. Furthermore, it must be comfortable. You will continue to be hugged as you are when you wear a bra but in a more practical and discreet way.

Men dressed in sports tops could also become popular in gyms, with pieces similar to those worn by football players: tops with sensors capable of measuring performance during physical activity. This would help a lot in training.

The sports bra is a piece that can greatly help crossdressers and non-crossdressers: in addition to improving posture, comfort, and improving physical performance, sports bras can be a good tool for crossdressers to enjoy every possible moment even when wearing men’s clothing.

If more men adopt sports bras, it is also possible to popularize, even if in a little way, crossdressing. This may help reduce taboos and prejudices against crossdressers, helping to form a healthier and more tolerant society.

Additionally, men who adopt sports bras for physical activities or simply to replace tank tops may develop a curiosity for crossdressing, beginning their desire to explore new experiences.

It’s interesting how women may react to a phenomenon like this: seeing soccer players wearing sports bras, seeing men at the gym wearing sports bras, and seeing their own boyfriend or husband wearing one… maybe, he borrowed hers.

More interesting: imagine sports tops with “masculine” cups that simulate a muscular chest… would they be successful?

– Have you ever worn a sports bra?

– Do you wear sports tops under men’s clothing?

– Do you think sports bras can become popular among men?






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Corinna Courage
Active Member
16 days ago

For my daily gymnastics I wear a sports bra, girdle pants, tights, and a yoga jumpsuit,
and so gymnastics is a lot of fun to me! I feel so girly, it’s wonderful!  😀 

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