Hi there girlfriends, it’s Scarlett! I love communicating with you lovely ladies in the chat room and through private messages. It’s simply so much fun exchanging stories and ideas with girls who always have one thing totally in common, the thrill of wearing women’s clothing! So many of us started crossdressing in one way or another when we were little boys.

In my humble opinion, I think we should come up with a more positive word than “drab” when referring to ourselves when we are in guy’s/men’s clothing.

The word “drab” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as the following: As an adjective used to describe something which is dull, monotonous, and uninteresting. Other adjectives used in place of the word drab are: cheerless, colorless, dingy, dismal, dreary, flat, gloomy, gray, lackluster, mousy, shabby, somber, and uninspired. Pretty depressing words, aren’t they?

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Personally, when I make the transition from Scarlett to a handsome guy wearing men’s clothing, I more positively refer to myself as being in “handsome husband” mode instead of being in “drab.” My reason is simply that I firmly believe my sense of style doesn’t wither or wane when changing wardrobes from Scarlett to handsome husband as my sexy redheaded likes to call me. A term she lovingly uses when talking to her other buddies about me. It’s one of several other sweet names to call me by when she’s talking directly to me as well.

You see girls, ever since I was a little boy, I’ve had a gifted, natural sense of style. When my mom would take me to Parisian’s on the west side of Birmingham, Alabama at a shopping center strip called Five Points West, she would always allow me to pick out my own clothes for the beginning of a new school year. There was never a limit placed on me as far as price or the number of items I could choose. I was one of the few boys my age who actually loved to shop, which has stayed with me to this day. Scarlett loves to shop and my wife does too! It’s one of the fun things we love to do together on date nights, as well as enjoying dinners and movies together.

Now girls, something would happen around the beginning of each school year which made me really proud of my sense of style, even back then. Shortly after the start of school, to my surprise, most of the guys would be wearing the same clothes I’d picked out for myself a week or two before school started.  So I guess even as far back as Elementary or Junior High I had become somewhat of a fashion trendsetter. And my mom, dad, two sisters, neighborhood boys, and my classmates considered me to be a very well dressed young boy and someone to emulate. “Drab” would be the very last adjective any of them would use to describe my  style of clothing or footwear! The same is true for me to this day while in men’s clothing of any type!

Every day when I leave the house dressed as my wife’s handsome husband, whether it be in casual or professional attire, I always consider myself to be someone who is a handsome husband in stylish clothing rather than someone who is drab. Why even my gym workout clothing is sharp and very stylish! I never look like a guy who just got out of bed and threw the first thing on he could find; definitely not the guy who walks out the door without taking the time to consider  whether the clothing he chose is paired well together or not.

I love all of my Crossdresser Heaven girls. We all love, support, and encourage each other! This is the best crossdressing site on line by far! We are extremely lucky to have each other to talk to and lean on for advice, stories, tips, knowledge, and help!

I am simply encouraging you to think of yourself as being better than just “drab” while dressed in men’s clothing. Try using some word or phrase that’s a bit more positive sounding such as “handsome husband,” which I use when I’m wearing my men’s attire. There is a crossover between dressing stylishly as either a man or a women, learning the underlying techniques to help you stand out…in the good ways. I hope to share some of those tidbits in another article.

The adjectives linked to the word drab in the beginning of this article and covered in Webster’s Dictionary’s definition are words I would never ever use to describe myself when dressed as a guy! Words like dull, monotonous, uninteresting, dreary, dismal, lackluster, or shabby will never be used to describe me in my men’s clothing. I know that it has become the word of choice for many, and that’s okay. I strive to look good whether in a suit or a dress; it doesn’t fit my perception or the reflection I see in the mirror.

I hope I have helped you in a way that will make you feel so much better when you have to take those pretty things off and change into handsome husband mode rather than just being in drab. We all get down a bit when it’s time to transition from getting our girl on to putting our guy back on. It’s just more fun and exciting being a girl than it is being a guy! But don’t bother taking yourselves down even further by referring to yourselves as being in drab. I bet all of you girls out there are more handsome than drab when you are in guy’s/men’s clothing!

Maybe the next time you feel like printing out the word “drab” to maybe describe yourself when out shopping for pretty girl’s attire of any sort, you might instead try describing yourself in a better light. Rather than using drab, even though you would feel so much better  shopping while getting your total girl on, use some other term that is more uplifting! We need think of ourselves, regardless of what we wear, in the most positive ways we can.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to send me your thoughts and comments in response to my article.

With much love, XOXOXO


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I love the thrill of cross dressing and based on the CDH girls' comments in response to my posted photos, I must be pretty good at exploring the feminine side of myself. I find it sexy, sensual, exciting, challenging, and ever changing. I'm so very blessed now to have as much money as I want to spend on Scarlett and can now, for the very first time in fifteen years, actually purchase dresses, tops, and skirts while shopping with my wife! I never thought that would ever come to fruition! I can now store all of Scarlett's things in our huge dream home when just a short period of time ago, it would all have to be kept in a temperature controlled storage unit. I love Crossdressing Heaven and know it's the classiest and most tasteful cross dressing site on line. All the girls are full of support and encouragement and if folks come to the site with alternate motives that aren't in line with our founders rules and regulations, they are quickly deleted from our site. Vanessa Law, our founder, keeps this site classy at all times. She has much help from her Ambassadors, Chat Room Monitors, Photo Monitors, Article Editors, and many more personnel to keep this site classy, encouraging, and supportive.
  1. Davina Evans 4 months ago

    Just read this post. Very thought provoking. I have used Drab since being on CDH and you have changed me as I will not use this word again in that context. From now on “Male Mode”.
    Thanks Scarlett,

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 months ago

      Thanks baby doll! I’m surprised at how many other girls, based on my article, will not refer to themselves as being “DRAB” when in “Male Mode” or as I call it “Handsome Husband” mode! That’s what my wife, her coworkers, and her buddies call me – Sandy’s Handsome Husband! I guess they think I’m the prettiest of all of the husbands of anyone else at work!

      Love ya Girl Friend and have a wonderful weekend! Photo shoot coming up next week! I promise!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

  2. Carolyn Kay 4 months ago

    Hi Scarlett,
    I responded to your article and you wrote me back. Your response made me think a little more about the whole drab idea. Like I told you men’s clothes are not exciting at all to me. However, after your response it made me reassess. I went out to a function this weekend and instead of just throwing on a suit I made it work. I bought a salmon color shirt, a tie with multi colors is salmon in it, and a new jacket. I took some time to get ready and off I went. One of the first persons I ran into said I look “Dapper”, I thought that a good descriptor. So Scarlett maybe we should have multiple terms: drab – for very plain male dress, dapper – for sharp men’s dress, then get into all the descriptors we use for our female attire. Just a thought, hugs, Carolyn

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 months ago

      Hi there Carolyn!

      Great to hear the first actual success story resulting from my article and the wearing of some sharp, up to date men’s clothing that got you classified as “Dapper” right out of the gate!

      Wow Carolyn, I’m happy in some way my article inspired you to go out and purchase a new shirt and tie with some sharp colors to match up in the two new articles of clothing and it worked on the very first try!

      I do love putting on one of my 12 to 15 slim cut suits and deck the rest of the outfit up with the best of the best. I get asked questions by some people who don’t know me when I show up to give a speech or a presentation somewhere if I’m a politician or a preacher and I always ask them why they asked me that question and their answer is always something like – “Well, it’s the way you’re dressed so sharp and also your voice and the delivery of your material! You sound like a politician or a preacher and look more like a really sharp politician. And the way you work the crowd and ask them questions. It appears you don’t have a nervous bone in your body when up in front of a large group of people like we had today!”

      I take in all that as very high compliments and thank them very much for saying those things about me! I do know how to throw some clothes together both as a girl and a guy and it’s something I’m very proud of Carolyn. Just like you probably felt proud when someone came right up to you and said, “You look Dapper today!” It has to give you some sort of pride in yourself doesn’t it!

      We have to spread this news to the rest of the girls on this site who continuously refer to themselves as “Drab” when dressed in men’s clothing of any type!

      Carolyn, I’m so glad you took the time to write my back and tell me about your “Dapper” compliment! You’ve actually made my entire day today! Way to go Girl Friend!

      Love ya! XOXOXO Scarlett

  3. Fiona-Ann Moss 4 months ago

    Wow! Scarlett, this is almost an article within an article lol. Definately very thought provoking and i can relate to many of the things you said in your reply to one of our members. Thanks for sharing and oh! enlightening us all!! 🙂

    Fiona xxx

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 months ago

      Thanks a bunch, Fiona, and so happy you took the time to read my novel of a reply on one’s response!

      I went way overboard but the word “Pedigree” set me off and I just had to get a few things off of my chest!

      Thanks again for reading my response and understanding why I had to get after it because of not only my rough start during my early adulthood by living in that car and stealing lunch meat to survive, but understanding things didn’t get much easier after that because of having zero help from anyone but me out there in that cruel cold world.

      It took a ton of hard work and a boat load of education gotten all of the hard way with top grades throughout all college degrees including going back to high school.

      God somehow wanted to make an example out of me to inspire others.

      Most others who started out in those conditions are either dead now from a drug overdose decades ago or are living in conditions which are very tough to live in now such as terminal homelessness!

      Love ya, Fiona! XOXOXO Scarlett

  4. Carla Jones 4 months ago

    I never really thought of myself as drab when in guy clothes. I always picked out colorful shirts to wear, such as pinks, light blues and other colors. I would match the shirt with a cami that looked great under the shirt. Really the only item that I considered “boring” were the shoes but kept them clean and neat. I did wear women’s pants quite often because they fit me better than the male trousers. Even in male mode I tend to wear feminine fashions that are closer fitted with darts and other sewing that allows it to fit better.

    It was an excellent article to read and think about.

    • Author
      Scarlett398 4 months ago

      Thanks Carla, I’m so happy you enjoyed the topic of my article and I really enjoyed reading your response! You are definitely not a “DRAB” kinda girl!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

      • Carla Jones 4 months ago

        My mother had a huge influence on me, she was always dressed to the nine’s and wanted me to enjoy what I wore.


      • Author
        Scarlett398 4 months ago

        Carla, folks like us that had mom’s like ours were extremely blessed!

        XOXO Scarlett

  5. Tiff Any 3 months ago

    Beautifully put Scarlett , I to take pride in my male side, my wife appreciates that , she now says more femme based compliments to me whilst dressed as her stylish husband, Tiffany

    • Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Good for you Girl Friend! Glad I have another in the handsome husband team! Yay, Tiff!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

      • Tiff Any 3 months ago

        It’s part of how we work together

  6. Bettylou Cox 2 months ago

    Fascinating article, Scarlett, as is everything you post; but I must be honest with myself. My male side can accurately be described as “slovenly”; Drab is a compliment by comparison. Fortunately, Bettylou cares much more about her appearance, and makes the effort to be presentable at all times. Perhaps that is why my femme side seems to dominate, now.

    • Author
      Scarlett398 2 months ago

      That’s so funny BettyLou! Well I do take pride every time I walk out the door and a girl or a guy as to how I present myself to the rest of the world.

      I always love hearing from you and so glad you like my photos and my articles.

      You are a real treat!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

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