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I hope Cupid left you a box full of your favorite chocolates...



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Married, 70 something, MtF heterosexual Crossdresser. I am happy in my skin! I am a male who finds exhilaration experiencing the feminine mystique through this phenomenon called Cross Dressing. My goal is to be inconspicuous ... to blend in. When recognized; I want it to be as a classy, proper lady. My wife is now mostly understanding and accepting of June. She doesn’t particularly care to see me en femme. However, she is now offering to critique June's appearance through photos, and has self-appointed herself to June's CDH photo post selection committee. Strange isn’t it…she doesn’t want to see me en femme, but will review my photos!? I hope to meet others for friendship. It does not matter if you are in your closet, or like me, have found the door knob and stepped out. If you are happy in your skin, I'd be interested in meeting online, socially, in public, groups, en femme or in drab. There is a caveat, however. I may not respond to an online/site member friendship request, or invitation to meet personally, if you have not completed your CDH profile form, including your profile Bio, and posted a public photo…including your face, at a minimum. I respect and value friendships. Because I have been the target of inappropriate, lewd and unsolicited advances; for both our benefits, I will not accept friendship requests that do not meet these requirements. I want to share, and also seek, experiences with other like-minded souls. To that end, I promise I will not extend a friendship invitation for the sake of adding another number to my list. While I am not a prude, neither will I respond to requests or comments including lecherous overtones. I am a retired degreed engineer, and manager from the aerospace and defense sectors. I enjoy fly fishing, tying my own flies, playing guitar, model railroading, hiking, camping, bicycling, working with wood, helping others, my Jeep, ... almost as much as I enjoy experiences as June. I live part time in OK, and part time in CO. The rest of the time my wife and I are rambling around in our 5th wheel RV enjoying life in these great United States; hiking all the National Parks, and meeting truly wonderful people! Unless you have been out there, the pictures you see are not even close to the beauty and splendor of this country. I have met others of us along my travels. Some en femme…some not. These experiences have been truly wonderful! I was first exposed to this phenomenon in my late 30’s. I was challenged by someone I knew professionally to join them as a female appearing person in an experiment. I was, at first, repulsed! Then, later allowed myself to be talked into giving it a go. Even though I was “made up” by an experienced artist, and the clothes were selected for me to fit the occasion, I saw myself in the mirror looking like a dude in a dress, and backed out of the challenge. But I was infected by that first peek in the mirror… that distorted vision of someone trying to look like someone they were not...and the sensations of it all. I wanted back into those clothes and makeup. I wanted to improve my presentation and to gaze longer than a peek at the reflection in the mirror. I wanted to prove to myself that I could step out in public. And yes, I wanted to feel those sensations, again! Along the way, June has evolved from dressing indelicately, to way too conservative, to a look that presents June as you see today…a classy, proper lady. Even when dressed casually. As you view my photos, I hope you will agree that is how you see June. That doesn’t mean I am “prim”, and don’t have fun. I can do/be both. If you don’t agree, please let me know. If you do agree, please let me know. I like constructive, and positive feedback. June is on a Continuous Improvement journey. As I explore the feminine mystique through the thrills of this phenomenon called Cross Dressing; I ask for your help as you view my photos, by inviting you to offer suggestions/comments on what you see might be improved. Until we meet, I wish you warm regards,

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Trusted Member
4 months ago

Such a lovely lady… as you say ”your own kind of Beautiful” in my eyes just so beautiful and the smile says it all thanks for sharing…

Sophia Taylor
Trusted Member
4 months ago

Happy Valentine’s Day June! You look very beautiful and festive.

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